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DHS: Al Qaeda Cave Dwelling Ninjas Resurface For Holiday Season

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December 16, 2010: Intel Hub Editor (Alex) / The Intel Hub – December 16, 2010

As expected, right on cue for this holiday season by DHS and the CIA with their annual booga, booga cheer! – SJH

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security are following leads and raising the terror level as Al Qaeda threatens new attacks during the Christmas holidays.

This is almost laughable. These supposed terror threats are in reality completely exaggerated scare tactics used to push the threat of non existent cave dwelling ninjas.

Al Qaeda [the base] was created by our government to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, as [has been] admitted by multiple mainstream news outlets.

Iraqi officials have claimed that captured insurgents have told them of a plan to commit suicide attacks in the United States and Europe. This has prompted government officials to contact state and local authorities about the threat and to remain vigilant and look for any suspicious activity.

CBS/AP – “Counterterrorism officials are tracking threats to the U.S. and Europe from al Qaeda and affiliated groups during the holiday season but have not yet seen evidence of specific plots aimed at the U.S., authorities said…

“The FBI and Homeland Security Department have alerted state and local law enforcement to be wary of suspicious behavior and to regularly change security measures to interfere with any terrorist plans. The warning was sent in a Dec. 15 bulletin obtained by The Associated Press. It did not include information about specific plots or intelligence.”

CBS News and The Associated Press are reporting that these terror threats are unfortunately keeping Americans on edge. What is clear is that the government and these media outlets WANT Americans to be on the edge so they can continue their illegal TSA measures and police state tactics used in the name of fighting terror…

“There is specific intelligence of attacks being planned against Europe during the holiday season. While intelligence officials have not uncovered specific details of threats aimed at the U.S., they cannot be ruled out, according to U.S. officials speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss security matters…

“Still, the spate of attempted attacks against the U.S. in the past year – particularly the Nigerian man charged with trying to take down an airplane last Christmas Day – has U.S. officials on high alert.”

What does the lame stream media not understand? Last year’s Christmas Day Bomber was let on the plane by a well dressed intelligence official. This so called conspiracy theory was later confirmed by the State Department.

We must remain ever vigilant throughout the Holiday season as the possibility of a staged event has increased exponentially.

Update: Interpol has confirmed they have been warned of Al Qaeda terror plots in the United States and Europe. Let the fearmongering begin! []

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