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APF’s Plan To Operate Montana Prison Complex Has Been Terminated

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Paul Joseph Watson / Prison Planet – October 10, 2009

The saga of American Police Force and its plans to take over a $27 million dollar detention facility in Hardin Montana came to an end last night with the announcement that the deal was terminated, as the Governor of Montana slammed local officials for becoming “part of the conspiracy” by continuing their dealings with known criminals and con men such as Michael Hilton.

As we reported last week, the deal seemed destined to fail following revelations that the founder of APF, Michael Hilton, was a career criminal who had operated under 17 different aliases, spent three years in prison and still has $1.1 million in outstanding civil judgments against him. This prompted the Governor of Montana to launch an investigation into both APF and local officials.

“Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer upbraided Hardin officials for first striking a deal with what he called “con men” and then defending American Police Force after Hilton’s history emerged,” reports the Associated Press.

“They became part of the conspiracy. They became apologists,” he said of Peterson and others involved in the deal.

Schweitzer added that Hardin residents “need some people to represent them that have some business skills, that are honest and have integrity.”

As we stressed repeatedly, the refusal of local officials to admit that they were engaged in wrongdoing was never going to do anyone any favors. The hostile response that we received for merely emphasizing the fact that Hilton was a career criminal was indicative of locals living in denial of the fact that making deals with convicted con men was always going to turn sour.

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Investigation Could Sink APF Plans As Montana AG Demands Records

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Paul Joseph Watson / Prison Planet – October 2, 2009

The plans of American Police Force to boss the $27 million dollar detention center in Hardin, Montana as well as expand their presence across the country while training foreign troops inside the U.S. could be mothballed after Montana’s Attorney General launched an investigation and demanded the organization turn over all its records.

Suspicions that the paramilitary unit, which attempted to pose as law enforcement in Hardin last week by placing decals on SUV’s that read “Hardin Police Department,” is a cut-out or a front group for a larger company, may be realized after AG Steve Bullock ordered Hardin city officials to turn over all their documents related to their dealings with APF by October 12.

“His office made a similar demand of American Police Force, including information that would back up (Michael) Hilton’s claims of multiple defense contracts with the U.S. government and other agencies,” reports the Associated Press.

As we have highlighted, APF grandstands as a major player in the world of international private security, even claiming on its own website that it runs the U.S. Training Center, a Blackwater or “Xe” owned facility. This has led many to claim that the company is a shell or a front organization for something far more sinister, rumors that have only grown with APF’s blanket refusal to name its parent company.

The investigation was prompted by the revelation yesterday that APF founder “Captain” Michael Hilton is a career criminal and a convicted fraudster who has operated under no less than 17 different aliases. Hilton, a native of Montenegro, was sentenced to 6 years in jail in 1993 for “Such schemes you cannot believe,” according to Joseph Carella, an Orange County, Calif. doctor, namely a dozen counts of grand theft. Hilton has defrauded numerous different individuals to the tune of $1.1 million dollars over the past 20 years.

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What Is The American Police Force And What Is It Doing In Montana?

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Doug Stanglin / USA Today – October 1, 2009

A secretive California outfit called the American Police Force is taking over the 2-year-old, never-used prison in Hardin, Montana, that was briefly considered a possible spot for Guantanamo prisoners.

The story has many twists and turns. We recommend you read The Billings Gazette article for a primer on the story. KULR TV, of Billings, Mont., The Missoulian, and Talking Points Memo are also on the case.

APF’s website, which has been periodically unavailable (click here for a recent cache of their site), says it “leverages the talent and expertise of their extensive global network to provide local, regional, and national security solutions to the United States Government and other clients who are in need of customized private investigative services.”

Here’s its website pitch:

“Whether you are suspicious about a cheating spouse or concerned about a personal threat, APF’s team will employ their experience to fulfill your domestic investigation needs.”

In one odd twist, Becky Shay, a reporter for the Billings Gazette who has reported extensively on the Hardin Prison, quit her job and is now a spokeswoman for the group in Hardin. Except that she now mainly has “no comment” when pressed about what is going on.

Some other unusual wrinkles:

— Mercedes SUVs belonging to APF began showing up recently in town with magnetic decals that said “City of Hardin Police Department,” but later removed them.

— APF, which has mentioned using the facility for military training, refuses to offer any specifics until after a contract to take over the prison is signed.

— Albert Peterson, vice-president of Hardin’s tax-supported economic development arm that built the prison two years ago says people will be “shocked” when they learn the high-quality of the person who will be running the operation, The Gazette reports. “I did my background checks and my homework, and they’re legit,” he said, but won’t reveal the name.

–Peterson says APF hopes to begin filling the prisoner with inmates early next year, but neither he nor APF will say where the prisoners are coming from.

— The Gazette quotes local officials as saying “they have reason to believe” that APF is a spinoff of a “much larger security company that has contracts around the world.”

— Montana Rep. Bob Ebinger has joined other lawmakers in seeking questions from Hardin officials about the unusual deal. “Always when things are secretive, you end up getting everybody — on both the right and the left — making suppositions about what’s going on,”  Ebinger, a Democrat, tells the Great Falls Tribune.

— But KULR says APF’s founder, Michael Hilton, has a extensive criminal record and has “spent six years in a California prison.” The Missoulian says court records show he also uses the aliases Midrag Ilia Dokovitch, Midrag Ilia Dokovich and Michael Miodrag.

— And, for what it’s worth, the APF logo is almost identical to the symbol on the state flag of Serbia.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: The Serbians are reknowned as being some of the most notorious and deadly mercenaries in the world. The company APF is affiliated with is Blackwater, now known as XE…  – SJH 

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