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Rothschild’s And The Holy Grail Bloodline Of Illuminati Kabbalists

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July 31, 2010: David Livingstone / Illuminati Conspiracy Archive – August 22, 2005

Jacob Rothschild, the current head of the Rothschild dynasty, has intermarried with the Sinclair family, forging an important alliance between the head family of the Illuminati, and the supposed descendants of the Grail family.

As has been popularized recently by Dan Brown in the Da Vinci Code, or before him by the Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the Stuarts of Scotland are supposedly descended from King Arthur and Jesus Christ. These families are of course not descended from Jesus. The idea is preposterous. But they are related to the Holy Grail, and they are not Christians, but Kabbalists.

In reality, they, like all the aristocratic bloodlines that form the core of the Illuminati, are descended from Guillaume de Gellone of the eighth century AD. Guillaume’s father was Rabbi Makhir, among the Exilarchs who ruled the Jews in Baghdad, who was sent West after a dispute over the successorship. In France, he took the name Theodoric, married Alda, the aunt of Charlemagne, and was appointed “King of the Jews” in the region of the Languedoc, with his capital the city of Narbonne.

Narbonne then became the heartland of the Medieval Kabbalah. The Kabbalists of Narbonne seem to have been responsible for instigating the Crusades, in order to retrieve sacred texts that had been buried there, but which had been unaccessible because of first the rule of the Romans, and then the Muslims. Once Jerusalem was conquered, a Kabbalistic order of knights known as the Templars conducted excavations, and discovered the text of the Sepher ha Bahir, which revived the lost mystical tradition, and set off the cultural revolution of the Medieval Kabbalah.

Another aspect of the penetration of these Kabbalistic ideas was the heresy of the Cathars. The Cathar foothold was in the region of Tolouse, the bastion of the descendants of Guillaume, also known as the family of the Guilhemids, several of whom were ardent defenders of the heresy. However, the Cathars have been idealized by numerous Illuminati propagandists as having been innocent victims of Church persecutions, but the Cathars rejected the God of the Bible, in favour of the worship of Lucifer and practiced witchcraft. It was the Cathars who influenced the heretical aspects of the Templars, for which the order was disbanded in 1307.

Part of this Kabbalistic revolution was the legends of the Holy Grail, which included Cathar and Templar themes, and formulated in the region of Aquitaine, another stronghold of the Guilhemids. The Holy Grail, or San Greal, should have been translated as Sang Real, or Royal Blood, because it referred to the sacred bloodline that supposedly issued from Guillaume de Gellone, and ultimately King David, but which in reality, was understood to represent the descendants of the Fallen Angels, and their leader, Lucifer.

The Sinclairs were descendants of Guillaume de Gellone, through his great-great-granddaughter, Poppa of Bavaria, who married the Viking leader, Rollo Ragnvaldsson. Among Rollo’s descendants was William the Conqueror of Normandy. The Sinclairs, or St. Clair, were given various other castles around France. However, they all went to England with the Conqueror. One Sinclair, though, named William, did not like the Conqueror, so with some other discontented barons, he went to Scotland and placed himself in the service of King Malcolm III of Scotland.

Malcolm III King of Scotland was the father of David I “the Saint” King of Scotland. In 1128, soon after the Council of Troyes, Hugh de Payens, the Templars’ first Grand Master, met with King David I of Scotland. King David later surrounded himself with Templars, and appointed them as “the Guardians of his morals by day and night”.

David married the grand-daughter of Lambert II, the brother of Godefroi de Bouillon, leader of the first crusade, and the sister of William the Conqueror. Godefroi’s younger brother, Eustace III, married David’s sister, Mary Scots. Their daughter married Stephen I King of England, the son Adela de Normandie, the daughter of William the Conqueror. Adela’s brother, Henry I King of England, married David’s sister, Editha of Scotland. Their daughter, Mathilda Empress of England, married Geoffrey V, Comte d’Anjou, whose son Henry II married Eleanor of Aquitaine.

King David granted Hugues and his knights the lands of Balantrodoch, by the Firth of Forth, but now renamed Temple, near the site of Rosslyn. And, legend has it that, when the Templars came under trial, their leader, de Molay, arranged for the Templars to return to Scotland, where they assisted Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn.

Robert the Bruce claimed the Scottish throne as a great-great-great-great grandson of David. Walter Stewart, the sixth High Steward of Scotland, also played an important part in the Battle of Bannockburn. Walter Stewart then married Majory, daughter of Robert the Bruce, and their son Robert II of Scotland was heir to the House of Bruce; he eventually inherited the Scottish throne after his uncle David II of Scotland died.

In Scotland, the Templars served Robert the Bruce as members of the Scots Guard, of which two prominent families were those of the Stuarts and the Sinclairs. Henry Sinclair was a supporter of Robert the Bruce, and one of his descendants, William Sinclair, designed Rosslyn Chapel, a church in the village of Roslin, replete with occult symbolism, and believed to be one of the sites where the Grail might be buried. Finally, the Sinclairs became the Hereditary Grand Masters of the Masons of Scotland.

After Queen Elizabeth died without an heir, she was succeeded by the son of Mary Queen of Scots, James Stewart I of England, also known as King James. It is for this reason that the Freemasons of the eighteenth century conspired to back the Stuart cause, after their last monarch, James II Stuart, King of England, was deposed, and replaced by William of Orange. The Stuart cause then became the essence of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which regarded the Stuarts as the inheritors of the Templars, who had rescued the secret tradition of the East, otherwise known as the Kabbalah.

Since the late eighteenth century, however, the Illuminati have come under the leadership of the Rothschild family. The founder of the dynasty, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, ordered his sons to marry only their first cousins, continuing the careful intermarrying practiced by their predecessors. However, the first exception was Hannah, the daughter of Amschel Mayer’s son, the notorious Nathan Mayer Rothschild, who married the Rt. Hon. Henry Fitzroy, a direct descendant of Charles II Stuart King of England, the father of James II.

More recently, however, is the great-great-great grandson of Nathan Mayer, Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, who married Mary Serena Dunn. The mother of Mary Serena was Lady Mary Sybil St. Clair-Erskine, who was the daughter of James Francis Harry St. Clair-Erskine, 5th Earl of Rosslyn.

Jacob Rothschild is the current head of the UK Rothschild family, having inherited the fourth baronetcy from his father, Victor, an eminent zoologist, and sometime MI5 agent and friend of KGB agents Anthony Blunt and Guy Burgess. Jacob resigned from the family’s bank NM Rothschilds in 1980, run by his cousin Evelyn, and started RIT Capital Partners. He is chairman of Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild foundation, which built and gave the Knesset government buildings and the Supreme Court to Israel, and chairs the Jewish Policy Research, dedicated to promoting issues affecting Jews worldwide. Yad Hanadiv was also responsible for building and granting the Knesset government buildings, and the Supreme Court of Israel, which prominently features Masonic symbolism and the pyramid and all-seeing eye of the Illuminati.

Jacob Rothschild was a close personal friend of the Princess Diana, and maintains strong personal and business links with Henry Kissinger. He knows Rupert Murdoch well, having been friends since the Australian newspaper proprietor first came to the UK in the 1960s. His country estate has been a regular venue for visiting heads of state including Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Margaret Thatcher received French President François Mitterrand there at a summit in 1990. He hosted the European Economic Round Table conference in 2002, attended by such figures as James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank, Nicky Oppenheimer, Warren Buffet and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: And earlier this month both Murdoch and Schwarzenegger gave keynote addresses to the Bohemian Grove attended regularly by Kissinger and the global elite– SJH 

Schwarzenegger, Murdoch Give Keynote Speeches At The Bohemian Grove

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The Vatican Opens Its Secret Archives To Dispel Dan Brown Books

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July 31, 2010: Nick Squires in the Vatican / The Daily Telegraph – May 27, 2010

After centuries of being kept under lock and key, the Vatican has started opening its Secret Archives to outsiders in a bid to dispel the myths and mystique created by works of fiction such as Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons.

The archives, until now jealously guarded from prying eyes, provide one of the key settings in Brown’s thriller, in which Harvard “symbologist” Robert Langdon, played in the 2009 film by Tom Hanks, races against time to stop a secret religious order, the Illuminati, from destroying Vatican City. In the movie, the Secret Archives are portrayed as a hi-tech cross between the Pentagon and the lair of a James Bond baddy, complete with bullet proof glass and swish steel elevators. In reality, the archives rely on disarmingly old-fashioned technology, with a creaking metal lift connecting different floors and millions of documents catalogued in 1,300 parchment-bound inventories dating back centuries.

They have been open to carefully vetted academic researchers for more than 100 years, but in the last few months the Vatican has granted tours to select groups of journalists and members of the public, allowing a glimpse into one of its inner most sanctums. The Daily Telegraph was invited on the most recent tour this week, along with about 25 enthusiasts from around the world who earned their places by buying a recently published, lavishly illustrated book on the archives.

The archives are housed in a fortress-like wing of the Vatican behind St Peter’s Basilica, with the avenue leading to the building watched over by a phalanx of Swiss Guards in ceremonial uniform and officers from the city state’s own police force, the Gendarmerie.

The two-hour visit revealed more than 52 miles of shelving in an underground, concrete- walled bunker, as well as exquisite 16th century wooden cabinets packed with priceless parchment letters sent by princes, potentates, heretics and heathens to the Holy See. They include correspondence between the Vatican and some of the most prominent figures in history, including Erasmus, Charlemagne, Michelangelo, Queen Elizabeth I, Mozart, Voltaire and Adolf Hitler.

One of the most elaborate is a letter sent by English peers and bishops to Rome in 1530 demanding to know why Pope Clement VII was taking so long to annul the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. It bears 83 signatures, below which dangle 81 official seals on red cord.

The oldest document in the archives dates back to the 8th century, while others relate to the trials of the Knights Templar from 1308-1310 and the enrollment of the first contingent of the Swiss Guard in 1505. The archives’ custodians are at pains to dispel the conspiracy theories and aura of intrigue fostered by Brown’s hugely popular page-turners.

“The word ‘secret’ is not quite right – it comes from the Latin ‘secretum’ which in fact translates more accurately as ‘private’. These documents are the private archives of the Popes. We really don’t have many secrets,” insisted Marco Grilli, the secretary to the prefecture of the archives. When pressed, however, he admitted that there is a section which really is secret and that remains off-limits to historians and academics.

It contains papers relating to the personal affairs of cardinals from 1922 onwards, as well as centuries of annulment of marriages. Whether there are any bombshells lurking in these confidential files is a matter known only to the Vatican. Nor do scholars have access to any papal papers from after 1939 – the beginning of the papacy of the controversial wartime pontiff Pius XII, who has been accused of turning a blind eye to the Nazis’ extermination of the Jews.

While the recent scandals over clerical sex abuse have only confirmed the Vatican’s centuries-old bunker mentality, the Secret Archives seem to be forging a different approach. “We were amazed by the access we were given and the speed with which the whole project was completed,” said Paul Van den Heuvel, of VdH Books, the Belgian firm which published the glossy volume of high-quality reproductions of 105 documents. “The Vatican is beginning to realise what an incredible asset it has.”

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: I read both Dan Brown’s novels, Angels And Demons and The DaVinci Code, as well as watched both movies. Entertaining, yes. Biblically speaking however, they are a joke. Mary Magdeleine was neither a prostitute, nor was she ever married to the Lord Jesus Christ. Historically speaking, albeit somewhat consistent with actual historical accounts, they are again misleading. Dan Brown was chosen to fabricate a fantastic whitewash as cover for both the Illuminati and the Vatican in light of the tremendous research that has surfaced over the years portraying the intimate relationship between the Illuminati, Vatican, and the occult – much like this article was, as did the blockbuster movie National Treasure provide cover for the Freemasons who also share their history and occult connections to the aforementioned secret societies, including the Knights Templar. Why not open the real secret archives? What is the Vatican hiding? Just look at their corruption, because it’s far worse than what’s being reported by the complicit mainstream media! – SJH

What Does The Word Vatican Mean?   

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Oil Spill Tragedy Of Historic Proportions: Reaches Lake Michigan?

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July 30, 2010: Deborah Dupre’ / Human Rights Examiner – July 29, 2010

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: WGN radio (Chicago) reported this morning that oil spilled in the Kalamazoo River has now reached Lake Michigan! – SJH

Michigan’s Kalamazoo River oil “spill,” believed to be over one million gallons, is possibly leading the nation toward both tragedy and dictatorship with military powers of historic proportions under Obama’s National Emergency he declared,  now with American troops poised for urban duty and Canadian troops on 72-hour stand-by.

This latest “spill” is possibly a military leap not for mankind, but for the New World Order that it serves. Why the delayed response? Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is “sharply criticizing efforts to contain the spill” and warning of a “tragedy of historic proportions” if oil reaches Lake Michigan, only some 80 miles downstream according to AP. The oil is almost half-way there. (Detroit News)

The United States remains under the National Emergency that President Obama declared after the government manipulated H1N1 swine flu ‘pandemic’ data, as Dr. Mercola and NVIC’s Barbara Loe Fisher alerted Americans. 

At any moment, under today’s National Emergency, President Obama could dismiss certain regulations and much more, such as quarantine of large numbers of people. (See: Ron Paul address to Americans: National Emergency increases president powers, D. Dupre, Examiner, October 29, 2009)

U.S. combat troops were stationed on U.S. soil to “assist” with civilian vaccinations, Since the Gulf oil and Corexit poison operation began, the stated reason for U.S. troop active duty build-up in the Deep South and Costa Rica is to address drug traffic.

Oil gushing from the underground pipeline connecting the U.S. to Canada poses a new emergency health threat, one involving all life in the area, including human. It increases the probability that presidential powers under the National Emergency will be used. 

Warnings issued to Kalamazoo and surrounding area residents are that “this oil is highly toxic with benzene, a carcinogen, and to stay away from the water – the fumes are strong apparently – and not even to try to help wildlife,” according to Kalamazoo resident, Dr. Joetta Carr. Workers on the scene are very “tight-lipped” according to an Examiner reliable source there.

Time will soon tell whether the Michigan oil spill is yet another step towards the U.S.-backed aim of a New World Order through the Defence Department’s Full Spectrum Dominance.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Again, WGN radio (Chicago) reported this morning that oil from the spill has indeed reached Lake Michigan! – SJH

TTR UPDATE 1: I’m still waiting and searching for confirmation to collaborate the WGN report. Nothing further has been said concerning the oil reaching Lake Michigan– SJH

TTR UPDATE 2: WGN has now just reported that oil has not reached Lake Michigan… – SJH 

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Obama Signs $59 Billion Dollar War Spending Bill For Afghanistan

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July 29, 2010: Associated Press Editors / Associated Press via FOX – July 29, 2010

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is signing legislation to fund his troop surge in Afghanistan.

Before Congress passed it on Tuesday, the bill was stripped of money for domestic stimulus programs. Obama was signing it in a low-key Oval Office session Thursday.

Democratic leaders had to rely on Republican support to pass the $59 billion measure, which provides money for 30,000 additional troops in Afghanistan and other programs. With Pentagon leaders warning that money for the troops could run out as early as Aug. 7, the House accepted the Senate’s pared-down version of the legislation.

The bill favored by the House would have included billions of dollars to help keep teachers on the job, provide aid for college students and enhance border security.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: And there you have it. Have you figured out yet that it’s the same freakin’ party as the Republicans with a different color? If you go to buy a new Mustang, and one is black and the other is red, it’s still the same damn car beneath the facade of its different color! Meanwhile– SJH

$8.7 Billion Dollars In Iraq Funds Not Accounted For: Audit

$2.3 Trillion Dollars Missing From The Pentagon 

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Oil Spill Passes Morrow Lake And Now “Halfway To Lake Michigan”

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July 29, 2010: Eric D. Lawrence and Christina Hall / Free Press – July 29, 2010

The president of the Canadian company responsible for the spillage of possibly 1 million gallons [emphasis mine] of oil into the Kalamazoo River apologized today “for the mess we have made.”

Enbridge President Patrick Daniel said the company takes “full responsibility for the cleanup,” during an afternoon press conference in Battle Creek on the spill and cleanup process.

He and EPA officials said no oil has entered Morrow Lake. An EPA official said there is no danger to Kalamazoo. That contradicts earlier reports from Gov. Granholm, a Comstock Township official and at least one lakeside homeowner that oil had in fact reached Lake Morrow. Robert Hainer Jr., who owns property on the lake, told the Free Press on Wednesday he could smell a strong odor of oil and saw an oil sheen on the lake Wednesday afternoon.

But Daniel and Susan Hedman, regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, said there is no sheen on Morrow Lake. Ralph Dollhopf, EPA on-scene coordinator, said that barriers have been set up to keep oil away, with a containment on the upstream end of the lake and contingency containment on the downstream end of the lake. The dam is on the downstream end of the lake. Daniel said Enbridge is willing to spend “whatever it takes” to clean up the spill and to the satisfaction of the people in the area and regulators.

Enbridge officials said 17 booms have been set up and 16 more may be put in place to collect an estimated 819,000 gallons of spilled crude. Daniel said the company was not aware of the leak on Sunday night despite 911 calls about a gas odor in the area. He said the company became aware of it Monday.

About 30-50 homes have been recommended for evacuation near the leak near Marshall. County and state officials continue to monitor about seven other nearby areas. There is a drinking water advisory for about 100 homes within 200 feet of the river in Calhoun County and bottled water is available for residents.

Officials said while the some of the oil has been removed, more response is needed. Air and water will continue to be monitored for volatile chemicals such as benzene and boats will continue to do surveys of the water. Officials said it will be a couple of months before all the oil will be cleaned up.

Earlier, authorities said oil from this week’s Michigan pipeline spill has breached the dam at Morrow Lake in Comstock Township and is at least halfway to Lake Michigan [emphasis mine]. Crews continued today to try to stop the oil from spreading, but they had hoped to make a last stand at Morrow Lake.

Meanwhile, the Battle Creek Enquirer reported on its Web site that health officials are suggesting evacuations for 20 to 25 homes near the original oil spill site. Comstock Township Supervisor said the discovery of the dam breach was made Wednesday during a helicopter fly-over of the area. A news conference was held at 3 p.m. today in Battle Creek, to release more details about the spill and cleanup and response. At the conference, the Environmental Protection Agency said it would continue to bring in resources.

Lisa Williams, a contaminant specialist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said 17 geese, two swans, one turtle, one belted kingfisher and one muskrat have been recovered and are being cleaned. Williams said very few dead animals had been recovered. She directed anyone interested in volunteering or has experienced issues connected with the spill to call a special hotline at 800-306-6837. Wildlife officials have cautioned people not to approach oil coated animals, but rather to let professionals handle them. The Battle Creek Enquirer also reported that the odor from the spill caused Kellogg Co. to stop production in Battle Creek.

NTSB Hopes To Get A Look At Pipeline Today

Meanwhile, the section of pipeline that may have leaked as much as 1 million gallons of oil into a Kalamazoo River tributary has yet to be excavated, although work is apparently under way.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board hope to get a look at the pipeline today, according to Peter Knudson, an NTSB spokesman. The agency is investigating what caused the spill reported Monday afternoon. “The biggest challenge right now is we can’t get to the pipe,” he said.

In addition to its five investigators in Michigan, the NTSB has also dispatched an investigator to Canada to review maintenance records and other materials at the offices of Enbridge, the responsible oil company. Oily water has flowed downstream from the spill site near Marshall at least as far as Comstock Township near Kalamazoo.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Ecologically speaking in terms of geographics, the damage from this latest oil catastrophe will play out to be every bit as devastating as the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster– SJH 

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Treason: Pelosi Blocks Independent Gulf Oil Disaster Investigation

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July 29, 2010: Connie Hair / Human Events – July 29, 2010

The latest version of the CLEAR Act is slated for a floor vote in the House this week as Democrats look for ways to use the Gulf oil spill as a means to pass elements of their unpopular energy agenda. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) stripped out authorization for an independent investigation into the Gulf disaster. 

The Natural Resources Committee unanimously passed the amendment in committee markup July 14 offered by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) that would establish a bipartisan, independent, National Commission on Outer Continental Shelf Oil Spill Prevention. Unlike the commission set up by President Obama — packed only with environmental activists and no petroleum engineers — the commission unanimously approved by the Natural Resources committee would be comprised of technical experts to study the actual events leading up to the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Not a single member of the committee voiced opposition at the bill’s markup.  The Senate has also approved an independent commission. “To investigate what went wrong and keep it from happening again, the commission must include members who have expertise in petroleum engineering.  The President’s Commission has none,” Cassidy, the amendment’s author, told HUMAN EVENTS after the announcement.  “It defies common sense that this amendment passed unanimously in committee, only to be deleted in the Speaker’s office.”

Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.), top Republican on the Natural Resources Committee said the Obama administration’s commission was set up to protect the President. “By deleting the bipartisan, independent oil spill commission that’s received bipartisan support in both House and Senate committees, Democrats have shown they are more interested in protecting the President than getting independent answers to what caused this tragic Gulf spill.  Some of the biggest failures that contributed to the Gulf disaster are the direct responsibility of the federal government and by deleting this bipartisan, independent commission, Democrats ensure that only the President’s hand-picked commission will be digging into any failures of his own Interior Department appointees.  There is widespread agreement that no member of the President’s commission possesses technical expertise in oil drilling, and several are on the record in opposition to offshore drilling and support a moratorium that will cost thousands of jobs,” Hastings said.

The bill also sets up myriad regulations and new standards and laws for drilling that have nothing to do with offshore drilling. “Even more outrageous is this bill’s attempt to use the oil spill tragedy as leverage to enact totally unrelated policies and increase federal spending on unrelated programs by billions of dollars. What does a solar panel in Nevada, a wind turbine in Montana, uranium for nuclear power, or a ban on fish farming have to do with the Gulf spill? Nothing — but the spill is a good excuse to try and pass otherwise stalled or unpopular new laws,” Hastings said.

Another member of the committee, Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), pointed out the hand-picked Obama commission is just getting underway with no findings or recommendations made. “This ‘fix it’ bill is being rammed through without an accurate and full understanding of what actually went wrong. The Presidential Commission is just barely beginning its work, no investigations are yet concluded, and the failed [blowout preventer] still on the ocean floor, yet we are voting on a bill without knowing what went wrong,” Fleming said. 

“Furthermore, at a time when Washington should be focused on creating jobs, this bill will do just the opposite by hampering future energy development and stifling job creation along the Gulf Coast,” Fleming added.  “This knee-jerk legislation — coupled with the Administration’s damaging Moratorium on offshore drilling — will worsen, not help, the situation.” Yet the House is poised to vote this week on the CLEAR Act, likely Friday. “This bill has less to do with preventing another spill than it does preventing domestic energy production,” Cassidy said.

UPDATE: House Republicans released bullets on the CLEAR Act this morning breaking down some of the measures included in the bill, including:

– Imposes job-killing changes and higher taxes for onshore natural gas and oil production. It fundamentally changes leasing onshore by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, which affects not just leasing for natural gas and oil, but also for renewable energy including wind and solar. Forest Service and BLM leasing are shoved into the three new agencies that are replacing the former Minerals Management Service (MMS).

– Creates over $30 billion in new mandatory spending for two programs that have nothing to do with the oil spill (the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Historic Preservation Fund). In the version of the bill headed to the House floor, Democrats added brand new language that expressly allows this $30 billion to be earmarked by the Appropriations Committee.

– Raises taxes by over $22 billion in ten years – with the taxes eventually climbing to nearly $3 billion per year. This is a direct tax on natural gas and oil that will raise energy prices for American families and businesses, hurt domestic jobs, and increase our dependence on foreign oil. This tax only applies to U.S. oil and gas production on federal leases – giving an advantage to foreign oil and hurting American energy jobs.

– Requires the federal takeover of state authority to permit in state waters, which reverses sixty years of precedent. The mismanagement, corruption and oversight failures of the federal government are being used as justification to expand federal control by seizing management from the states.

– Allows 10% of all offshore revenues – an amount possibly as high as $500 million per year – to be spent on a new fund controlled by the Interior Secretary to issue ocean research grants (ORCA fund). There is no requirement that the fund is used for the Gulf region or anything related to oil spills or offshore drilling. These funds can be earmarked. More at the link.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Is everyone beginning to put the pieces to the puzzle together given the series of articles that I’ve posted in the past few days? They are all related… War, terrorism, energy resources, natural resources, environmental disasters, illegal immigration, drug wars, economic collapse, climate change fearmongering, CLEAR Act, Agenda 21, depopulation, eugenics, fall of America, global government… Get It! – SJH    

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Michigan Oil Spill – 1 Million Gallons Now Threaten Lake Michigan

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July 29, 2010: Emma Graves Fitzsimmons / The New York Times – July 29, 2010

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — More than one million gallons of oil may have spilled from a pipeline into the Kalamazoo River this week, significantly more than the pipeline’s owner initially estimated, federal officials said.

Response crews worked to contain the oil as officials from the Environmental Protection Agency released their estimate of the size of the spill. After the pipeline began leaking on Monday, its owner, Enbridge Energy Partners, put the figure at about 800,000 gallons. “The Kalamazoo River is a fast-moving river, and E.P.A.’s focus right now is on preventing oil from the Enbridge spill from affecting sensitive shorelines and, ultimately, keeping the oil out of Lake Michigan,” the E.P.A. said in a statement.

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm expressed growing worry on Wednesday that the oil spill, believed to be among the largest ever in the Midwest, might reach Lake Michigan if containment efforts were not strengthened. “It would be a tragedy of historic proportions if this reached Lake Michigan,” Ms. Granholm said. She said Enbridge’s response to the spill had been “wholly inadequate.”

The leak came from a 30-inch pipeline that carries millions of gallons of oil each day from Griffith, Ind., to Sarnia, Ontario. The cause of the leak was being investigated. Patrick Daniel, the chief executive of Enbridge, said he did not think the oil would reach the Great Lakes. Enbridge is Canadian owned, but based in Houston.

On Wednesday, Enbridge officials said they were doubling the amount of boom on the river to more than 28,000 feet. They also planned to double the number of workers responding to the spill to more than 300. The pipeline remained closed as officials examined the piece of the pipeline where the leak occurred. Federal regulators issued an order on Wednesday saying the company could not reopen the pipeline without approval.

Representative Mark Schauer, a Michigan Democrat, said he was angry that it took Enbridge several hours on Monday to report the leak after it was discovered. He said he feared that the leak may have started earlier on Sunday and that the amount of oil in the river could be much more than the company’s estimate. Officials from the Environmental Protection Agency said they were investigating the timeline of events surrounding the oil spill. They said Enbridge could be fined if it did not complete the containment and cleanup work.

In this city of about 54,000 people that is best known as the global headquarters of the Kellogg Company, residents could smell oil on Wednesday as black masses of goop streamed down the river. Chris Simmons, the vice mayor who had been leading the city because the mayor was out of town, called the spill “a horrible disaster.”

The city had worked hard over the years to restore the once dirty river, he said. “This river has bounced back from being mistreated in decades past,” he said. “We even had bald eagles come back. Now this is such a setback.” Officials have opened a rehabilitation center for birds and other wildlife. Some people have been sickened by the strong fumes.

Enbridge has paid for at least 30 families to stay in hotels after they reported concerns about air quality and other problems after the spill. Rachel Campbell said the smell of oil woke her up at 3 a.m. on Tuesday. Ms. Campbell, who is pregnant, lives about six blocks from the river in Battle Creek, and she said she had trouble breathing. “My eyes were burning, and my nose was burning,” she said. “It smelled like a diesel tanker had turned over in front of my house.” Enbridge paid for Ms. Campbell, her husband and their two children to stay at a hotel downtown.

But others were worried about whether the company would follow through with all their promises. David Pike, a 52-year-old auto mechanic who is building a home on the river, had his doubts. “How long is it going to take them to clean it up?” he said. “Right now, I’m frustrated. If they don’t fix this, it will turn to anger.”

Environmental groups were frustrated as well to see another oil spill after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Danielle Korpalski, a regional coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation, said the group would watch to make sure the company restored the environment.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: And in a few days the estimate will be 2 million gallons. See a pattern? – SJH

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WikiLeaks War Logs Anti-War Whistleblowing Or War Propaganda?

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July 29, 2010: Larry Chin / Global Research via Peace By Truth – July 29, 2010

Since the release of classified US military papers by WikiLeaks, the material has been aggressively spun by various political factions.

Meanwhile, virtually no attention has been devoted to investigating the source of this “leak”, or questioning the agenda behind it.

According to the Associated Press, a US official who spoke on condition of anonymity stated that the US government is not certain who “leaked” the 91,000 documents to the online whistleblowing website. Unlike a previous WikiLeak exposing the murder of Iraqi civilians in a US airstrike, nobody has been apprehended, arrested or  pressured by the Pentagon, the CIA or any US agency. The White House has expressed no intense concern. It did not block the release or deny the material. Government officials, led by President Obama, have almost casually dismissed the expose as nothing new.

The major mainstream newspapers that had full early access to the material—The New York Times, Der Spiegel and the Guardian—also had ample time to frame and steer the discourse surrounding it, and (particularly in the case of the White House-friendly New York Times) conduct damage control.

Leak As Anti-War Fodder

The new material obviously adds to what is already known for years: US forces are mired in a dirty and horrific war, and committing atrocities and war crimes. Corruption is rampant, allies are despicable and untrustworthy, and there appears no end in sight. For critics of US policy, the expose reinforces their tired call for the war to end. However, the value of these particular papers (in terms of turning public opinion against the war) is questionable. This is not a potent high-level Pentagon Papers-type leak, and today’s society is a far cry from the 1970s.

Today’s acquiescent, ignorant and grossly manipulated mass populace—one that fully embraces and supports the manufactured “war on terrorism”—wholeheartedly supports any and all means to “prevent another 9/11”. A decade of Bush-Cheney criminality and mass murder failed to trigger any interest from a general US population that has been shocked into servitude, and further brain-addled by ubiquitous corporate right-wing media. Another day, another massacre.

Leak As Imperial War Propaganda

Where the WikiLeaks papers gain significance is in the detail revealed about the operations of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence directorate (ISI) and, more specifically, the manner in which leading government figures and the media have interpreted these items. The ISI is being accused of “undercutting” US operations, “conspiring with” and aiding the “powerfully resurgent” Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, aiding the killing of US forces, and organizing “networks of militants” across the region. An all-out propaganda attack against Pakistan led by the White House is underway.

Essentially, Pakistan is being branded as a terrorist state and a worthy target of military attack, along with Iran, which is also fingered by the WikiLeak for backing Taliban militants within Afghanistan. Hamid Gul, former ISI chief and major regional player, accuses the US of orchestrating the expose to shift attention away from the US government’s “own failings”, in order to “force Pakistan’s hand on policy in Afghanistan”. According to Gul “they [the Americans] want to bash Pakistan, at this time to come up with this leak. I refuse to believe it is not on purpose.”

The Obama administration, eager for a pretext to escalate the Central Asia/Middle East (resource) war into Pakistan and Iran, has certainly found ammunition with the WikiLeak expose. Perhaps not coincidentally, the “leak” occurred just prior to a new $33 billion/30,000 troop surge for Afghanistan was signed in the US Congress, and ahead of a possible military attack on Iran, which former CIA Director Michael Hayden says is “inexorable”.

The Glaring Omission

As accusations and attacks on Pakistan and its “terrorist ISI” rise in intensity, not one mainstream media report mentions the fact that the ISI is a virtual branch of the CIA, and one that operates on behalf of Anglo-American policy.

It is fact that the ISI, with full Anglo-American direction, has long been a driving force behind “Islamic militants” and “terrorists” throughout the world, including “Al-Qaeda”. The CIA and ISI have cooperatively fomented instability and tension throughout Central Asia and the Middle East, playing all sides for geostrategic gain. This “strategy of tension” is one of the hallmarks of the “war on terrorism”. The ISI was also directly involved with the false flag operation of 9/11.

According to Michel Chossudovsky: “The ISI actively collaborates with the CIA. It continues to perform the role of a ‘go-between’ in numerous intelligence operations on behalf of the CIA. The ISI directly supports and finances a number of terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda.”

If the ISI is responsible for terrorism, the funding and aiding of “Islamic militants”, and the killing of US forces, logic dictates that its big brethren—the CIA and officials in Washington—are also guilty and involved. The manner in which the ISI is under fire, while omitting any mention of the ISI’s guiding superiors in Washington speaks to a deliberate anti-Pakistan/pro-US bias.

Whose Political Weapon?

Until the source of this WikiLeak is revealed, along with the motive for the “leak”, all that remains is a political Rohrschach Test, open to interpretation. The ultimate beneficiary is whatever faction controls the interpretation. In the end, only Pakistan and Iran have been politically damaged, while the Obama administration has a new pretext to escalate and intensify its continuing resource war.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Mr. Chin just hit the nail squarely on the head. Excellent article– SJH

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New Study Shows Vaccines Cause ‘Brain Changes’ Found In Autism

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July 28, 2010: Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill / Age Of – July 15, 2010

Abnormal brain growth and function are features of autism, an increasingly common developmental disorder that now affects 1 in 60 boys in the US. Now researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Thoughtful House Center for Children in Austin, Texas, have found remarkably similar brain changes to those seen in autism in infant monkeys receiving the vaccine schedule used in the 1990’s that contained the mercury-based preservative thimerosal.

The group’s findings were published yesterday in the journal Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis.

They used scanning techniques that assessed both brain growth and brain function in the same animals over time. The research team was able to see differences in the way the brains of vaccinated and unvaccinated animals developed. Scans were performed before and after the administration of primary MMR and DTaP/Hib boosters that were given at the human equivalent of 12 months of age.

Throughout the study period, vaccinated animals showed an increase in total brain volume – a feature of the brain in many young children with autism – when compared with unvaccinated animals.  However, a specific part of the brain associated with emotional responses that is thought to be important in autism, the amygdala, did not show abnormalities until after the 12-month vaccines had been given.

In addition, after the 12-month vaccines only, the functional brain scans showed significant differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. These functional scans looked at the activity of receptors for morphine-like compounds (opioids) that may play a role in the brain of children affected by autism. Vaccine administration was associated with an increase in opioid binding activity in the amygdala compared with a decrease in the unvaccinated group.

The results indicate that multiple vaccine exposures during the previous 3-4 months may have had a significant impact on brain growth and development in ways that are consistent with the published data on autism. For the amygdala, the novel findings of abnormal growth and function appear to be a function of more recent vaccine exposures – the 12-month primary MMR vaccine and the DTaP and Hib boosters.

In an accompanying editorial Dr. Kris Turlejski, the Editor-in-Chief, described the findings as “alarming”, “support[ing] the possibility that there is a link between early immunization and the etiology of autism.”

In the same primate model, the research team has already identified delayed acquisition of vital brainstem reflexes in infants exposed to the thimerosal-containing hepatitis B vaccine on the first day of life, compared with unvaccinated animals. A larger, second phase study is currently underway to see if these findings can be replicated.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who is not a listed author but whose support in the design of the study is acknowledged, said “I hope the model will not only provide important insights into the origins of autism, but also ways of safely testing possible new autism treatments and vaccines.”

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: And for all those with children getting ready to attend school in the fall– SJH

New Immunization Required For Students This Fall 

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Judge Bolton Blocks Disputed Parts Of Immigration Law In Arizona

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July 28, 2010: Randal C. Archibold / The New York Times – July 28, 2010

PHOENIX — A federal judge on Wednesday, weighing in on a clash between the federal government and a state over immigration policy, blocked the most controversial parts of Arizona’s immigration enforcement law from going into effect.

In a ruling on a law that has rocked politics coast to coast and thrown a spotlight on a border state’s fierce debate over immigration, Judge Susan Bolton of Federal District Court here said that some aspects of the law can go into effect as scheduled on Thursday.

But Judge Bolton took aim at the parts of the law that have generated the most controversy, issuing a preliminary injunction against sections that called for police officers to check a person’s immigration status while enforcing other laws and that required immigrants to carry their papers at all times.

Judge Bolton put those sections on hold while she continued to hear the larger issues in the challenges to the law. “Preserving the status quo through a preliminary injunction is less harmful than allowing state laws that are likely pre-empted by federal law to be enforced,” she said. “There is a substantial likelihood that officers will wrongfully arrest legal resident aliens,” she wrote. “By enforcing this statute, Arizona would impose a ‘distinct, unusual and extraordinary’ burden on legal resident aliens that only the federal government has the authority to impose.”

The judge’s decision, which came as demonstrators on both sides of the law gathered here, and after three hearings in the last two weeks in which the judge peppered lawyers on both sides with skeptical questions, seemed unlikely to quell the debate.

“I am disappointed by Judge Susan Bolton’s ruling,” Gov. Jan Brewer said in a statement. “This fight is far from over. In fact, it is just the beginning, and at the end of what is certain to be a long legal struggle, Arizona will prevail in its right to protect our citizens…I have consulted with my legal counsel about our next steps. We will take a close look at every single element Judge Bolton removed from the law, and we will soon file an expedited appeal at the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.”

State Senator Russell Pearce, a Republican and chief sponsor of the law, said in a statement that he was confident that the sections blocked by Judge Bolton will survive on appeal. “With past rulings supporting Arizona’s employer sanctions law, the courts have made it clear states have the inherent power to enforce the laws of this country,” he said. “I am confident that the courts will back the provisions in SB 1070 temporarily blocked by Judge Bolton.”

Judge Bolton’s ruling seemed destined to do fuel even more rhetoric on the campaign trail, with Arizona’s attorney general, Terry Goddard, who opposes the law and is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, quick to praise the ruling and condemn Gov. Brewer, a Republican, for signing it. “Rather than providing the leadership Arizona needs to solve the immigration problem, Jan Brewer signed a bill she could not defend in court which has led to boycotts, jeopardized our tourism industry and polarized our state,” Mr. Goddard said.

The ruling came four days before 1,200 National Guard troops were scheduled to report to the Southwest border to assist federal and local law enforcement agencies there, part of the Obama administration’s response to growing anxiety over the border and immigration that has fed support for the law.

Legal experts predict the case is bound for the United States Supreme Court. The law, adopted in April, was aimed at discouraging illegal immigrants from entering or remaining in the state. It coincided with economic anxiety and followed a number of high-profile crimes attributed to illegal immigrants and smuggling, though federal data suggests crime is falling in Arizona, as it is nationally, despite a surge of immigration.

Seven lawsuits have been filed against the law, challenging its constitutionality and alleging it will lead to racial profiling. The Justice Department lawsuit was among the more high profile, filed after President Obama and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. condemned the law. It also led to mass demonstrations in Phoenix, for and against it, and a national campaign by civil rights groups to boycott the state.

The Mexican government warned its citizens about traveling to the state and filed a brief in court supporting the lawsuits. Its human rights commission was sending inspectors to the border in anticipation of an escalation in deportations. But the law also has attracted support, with polls showing a majority of Americans support the notion of local police assisting in federal immigration enforcement. The Obama administration struggled to respond.

After the law was adopted, the administration defended its handling of the border and immigration while urging Congress to enact a sweeping change in immigration law. Justice Department lawyers argued that the state law amounted to regulation of immigration, the exclusive authority of the federal government. They said the law went too far in requiring local police to make immigration checks and that federal agencies would be overwhelmed in responding to the requests. 4In addition, they argued that the law could lead to harassment of legal residents and citizens who fell under suspicion by the police and could damage relations with Mexico and other countries the United States relies on for cooperation with law enforcement and other matters.

Judge Bolton, in her three hearings, at times did not sound open to the federal government’s arguments. “Why can’t Arizona be as inhospitable as they wish to people who have entered or remained in the United States?” she asked Deputy Solicitor General Edwin S. Kneedler last week. “It is not for one of our states to be inhospitable in the way this statute does,” he replied, echoing arguments from other lawyers who have warned against a patchwork of state and local immigration laws.

At another point, she asked, “Where is the pre-emption if everybody who is arrested for some crime has their immigration status checked?” She suggested the immigration agency could simply refuse to pick up someone referred by the police, a tactic federal officials have hinted could be their response if the law goes forward. But she seemed reluctant to accept that local police making the inquiry intruded on federal authority.

John Bouma, a lawyer for the state, said the law closely hewed to federal statutes and followed the intent of Congress to give states a role in enforcing immigration laws. He said Arizona was being irreparably harmed by the flow of immigration across the border — more people are apprehended crossing the border in Arizona than any other state — and the state should not be penalized for stepping in where the federal government has not. “The status quo is simply unacceptable,” he said.

But Judge Bolton seemed flustered by vague wording in the law and questioned, among other things, if people arrested for any crime would be detained for unusually long periods while their immigration status was being determined, as the law requires. She also questioned whether local police could arrest somebody without a warrant if they believe they have committed a deportable offense. Determining who gets deported is typically left to a judge.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Federal Judge Susan Bolton has ruled in violation of both the Tenth and Eleventh Amendments to the United States Constitution

10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

11th Amendment: “The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.”

This is treason by both the Obama administration for filing a lawsuit against the Sovereign State of Arizona, and Federal Judge Susan Bolton for prohibiting the aforementioned from exercising their Constitutional right of Sovereignty. If a US citizen travels to a foreign country and is stopped or apprehended for an alleged violation or crime, they must show identification and proof of national origin. You tell me where else in the world do foreign nationals have carte blanche to immigrate to another country illegally and then be given amnesty for breaking the law! That, my friends, is the epitome of treason by this illegal Federal government– SJH 

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