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Congressman Ron Paul Discusses The US MSM’s Iranian Nuclear Hype

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Campaign For Liberty

IAEA Chief ElBaradei States: Iran Is Not Developing Nuclear Weapons

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Press TV – September 30, 2009

IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei says he does not believe that Iran has a military nuclear program, adding that the lack of evidence to the contrary supports his belief.

“I do not think… Iran has an on-going nuclear weapons program. Whether they have done some weaponization studies, as was claimed by the US and others, this is one of the issues that are still outstanding,” ElBaradei told the Indian TV news channel CNN-IBN.

“But I have not seen any credible evidence to suggest that Iran has an on-going nuclear program today. I hope that they are not having one,” he added during the Wednesday interview.

The outgoing director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also touched on Iran’s construction of the Fordu nuclear facility. Elbaradei said that he talked to the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Ali Akbar Salehi, who informed him that the facility was far from complete.

“There are no centrifuges in the facility, there is no nuclear material, it is simply still just ready in term of cables and construction,” the IAEA chief quoted Salehi as saying.

Elbaradei also pointed out that the IAEA should conduct an inspection of the facility “as soon as possible.”

“Through that [inspection], again, [we can] provide assurance to the international community, that this facility is meant to be a facility devoted for peaceful purposes.”

ElBaradei also commented on the impending talks between Iran and the P5+1 (Permanent member of the Security Council plus Germany) in Geneva, and expressed hope that the meeting would “usher in a comprehensive, meaningful dialogue.”

“Recently, [Iran has] asked the Agency for assistance in getting fuel for its existing research reactor and asked the Agency to see whether we can be of help,” he said, expressing optimism about a possible deal between Iran and the West.

“I was quite pleased to see that there is a very large amount of goodwill on the part of the suppliers to provide fuel for Iran for its research reactor in Teheran. The world is keen, is ready to help Iran to make full use of nuclear energy for nuclear purposes.”

Earlier in the month, Iran wrote a letter to the UN nuclear watchdog, saying that it was constructing a second plant for uranium enrichment.

The Agency received Iran’s letter 18 months prior to the date set for the plant to enter operational phase. That is one year before Iran was officially obliged to do so, based on the IAEA document INFCIRC/153.

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H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccination: Are You Ready To Roll Up Your Sleeve?

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The Swine Flu Conspiracy

Paramilitary Force APF Controls Internment Camp In Hardin, Montana

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Paul Joseph Watson / Prison Planet – September 29, 2009

Following our earlier report about a paramilitary security force occupying a town in Montana, it has now become clear that the purpose of American Police Force is to boss a state of the art internment camp that some fear will be used to incarcerate American citizens, as reports come in of the private paramilitary unit setting up roadblocks and harassing citizens in Hardin.

A CNN report on the $27 million dollar facility in Hardin Montana states that it could become “Gitmo West” and be filled with detainees from Guantanamo Bay and other terrorists. Since a majority of the American people have now been designated as potential domestic terrorists by the federal government, fears are growing that the prison camp will be used to incarcerate citizens against their will during a flu pandemic or any other declared emergency.

The Two Rivers Detention Center is a state of the art facility, festooned with surveillance cameras and surrounded by razor wire and open land to prevent escape. The camp is also filled with riot equipment such as gas masks, riot helmets, shields and batons, as well as guns.

Since the camp is currently empty, a private paramilitary unit calling itself American Police Force has been hired by local authorities to boss the facility. However, as we reported earlier, APF, which has all the hallmarks of being another Blackwater, has virtually occupied the town, festooned their vehicles with police decals and started carrying out law enforcement duties.

According to an article carried on the Steve Quayle website, 75% of the APF agents will be foreign mercenaries after training is completed and the organization’s ultimate goal is to establishment a permanent presence in the town while scouting out another 30 U.S. towns for a similar occupation-style mandate. The writer claims that APF agents are already harassing citizens, setting up roadblocks and that they told a local business owner that they had a register of all the gun owners in the town.

All of this is of course completely illegal and unconstitutional. A private army cannot pose as a police force unless we’re talking about a third world dictatorship or a banana republic, which is what the U.S. has seemingly become.

It seems that Obama’s promise of a “national civilian security force” is being implemented as private mercenary armies are brought in to occupy American towns and set up internment camps for dissidents and people who resist a federal government takeover under the pretext of a swine flu outbreak or similar pandemic

We will have reports directly out of Hardin Montana over the next few days as we track this shocking development.

Watch the CNN clip and the KULR News 8 clip below. Further videos follow…


The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: The KULR News 8 clip has already been removed from YouTube due to “terms of use violation.”SJH

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Americans Will Support Coming Mass Murder Campaign Against Iran!!

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Kurt Nimmo / Infowars – September 29, 2009

It looks like an attack on Iran is a fait accompli. It’s just a matter of timing at this point. Reading the corporate media — and much of the so-called “progressive” media — one hears what amounts to a chant: Iran has nukes, Iran has nukes… or they will very soon.

In fact, Iran does not have nuclear weapons. It does not have the capability to build one solitary nuclear bomb, crude or otherwise. Iran has not enriched uranium to the point required to make a bomb. It has enriched uranium for nuclear energy. Iran’s uranium enrichment is less than five percent and consistent with fuel for a civilian nuclear power plant. Iran has imposed restrictions on its enrichment program including ratifying the Additional Protocol to allow more stringent inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency, operating the uranium enrichment facility at Natanz as a multinational fuel center with the participation of foreign representatives, renouncing plutonium reprocessing and immediately fabricating all enriched uranium into reactor fuel rods. The IAEA has repeatedly said Iran is not enriching nuclear-weapons grade uranium.

But this does not matter. The U.S. government and its European partners, Israel, and the corporate media have repeated the lie that Iran is building a nuclear bomb so often that millions of people believe it and think Iran is a threat. Even peacenik liberals who mistrusted Bush and the neocons now believe Iran is a threat. They just disagree on how this manufactured and phantom threat should be addressed.

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FOX Is Fomenting Another Unnecessary And Illegal War: Against Iran

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Brave New Films

The Tonka Report Will Be Silent For Several Days Due To Relocation!!

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Steven John Hibbs / The Tonka Report – September 25, 2009

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: I am currently relocating and will be offline for a few days. In the meantime, feel free to explore the ample information published on the site, as there are over 500 articles, videos, and documentaries to peruse at your leisure, not to mention the numerous links and hyper-links provided for indepth research. As soon as this move is complete, I’ll be back with a vengeance for truth, liberty and freedom. Peace and God bless to all… No Fear!! – SJH

Written by Steven John Hibbs

September 25, 2009 at 12:23 am