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Audi’s Eco-Fascism Green Police Super Bowl XLIV Advertisements

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February 8, 2010: Kurt Nimmo / Infowars – February 8, 2010

Incandescent light bulbs, plastic bags, orange peels, Styrofoam coffee cups, Jacuzzi hot tubs — these are crimes against the environment, according to automaker Audi. On Sunday, during the Super Bowl gladiatorial event, Audi ran a series of ads depicting an eco Gestapo cracking down on citizens engaged in serious crimes against the environment.

One of the ads depicts a police checkpoint where the Fourth Amendment is wantonly violated. In the recent past, such illegal checkpoints were used to find drunk drivers. In Al Gore’s Brave New World, they will be used to search for criminals drinking out of plastic bottles.

The “lighthearted” ads are designed to send a strong message — there are green crimes and it is acceptable for government to respond in police state fashion.

Governments around the world have already established Green Cops. In the UK, the Green Gestapo have the authority to call on the Environmental Agency’s national network of hundreds of pollution inspectors. New York City’s Department of Environmental Conservation has a team of twenty officers called the “Green Police” and they have the authority to enforce environmental regulations and issue citations to environmental violators. For instance, the Green Police have the authority to pull over vehicles that are not complying with emission standards.

At first glance it appears Audi is merely cashing in on the eco frenzy to sell its low emission automobiles. The larger agenda is to get the plebs accustomed to the idea that their lifestyles are crimes against the earth and in response government must tax, fine, and even arrest violators. It is part of a propaganda effort to soften citizens up to a global carbon tax and fascist police state methods in order to enforce the a new green orthodoxy…

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Having other obligations, I was only able to watch the last 6 minutes of the game when the ad from Audi came on. I literally jumped up out of my chair as others laughed, waiting and knowing my impending response to that blatant police state Gaia worship propaganda. Unflipping believable!SJH 

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Super Bowl XLIV: The New Orleans Saints Defeat The Colts 31-17!

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February 7, 2010: Steven John Hibbs / The Tonka Report (TTR) – February 7, 2010

Congratulations to the Saints, the city of New Orleans, and the entire Gulf Coast region that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. I can only imagine what Bourbon Street is like tonight as Mardi Gras approaches.

As much as I love sports, baseball and football in particular, having played both at a very competitive level and understanding the benefits of athleticism, sportsmanship, discipline, comraderie, and the commitment to excellence, I can only hope that as much passion that was just expended by the millions of fans in this nation on a game, will inturn eventually be channeled into reclaiming this once great Republic.

A true warrior and hero is not the players in the game contended tonight, but in those who have the courage to seek truth, defend liberty, protect the innocent, and uphold the Constitution at all costs… Who Dat! – SJH

Written by Steven John Hibbs

February 7, 2010 at 10:52 pm