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Book Of Poetry: Subtle Message To All Those So-Called Christians

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February 14, 2011: Steven John Hibbs / The Tonka Report (TTR) – February 14, 2011

Placed in the corner of an old bookshelf
Covered with cobwebs and dust from the years
Forgotten prose near Shakespeare and Poe
Lay a book of poetry bound in black leather

Authored by One through the quills of many
Ancient writings within guilded pages
The Sword of Light passed down through the ages

Published for those who believe and rejoice
The end of the world’s satanic devise
A promise to those who make the wise choice
Eternal life by the grace of Christ

Pray for the people who pled to not know
The Word of God in the Bible they owned
Never once read by their eyes now dead

Trembling where they go…

Steven John Hibbs (Copyright 2002) Please share at will…

Written by Steven John Hibbs

February 14, 2011 at 10:52 pm

We Are All In The Crosshairs: Destruction Of American Civilization

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January 13, 2011: Steven John Hibbs / The Tonka Report (TTR) – January 13, 2011

The most oft asked question I get after revealing the information to people as to what is really happening in this world is this: What can we do about it?

My answer is this: Get your spiritual house in order. After that, the usual obvious things such as are pertinent to survival in a complete economic collapse, subsequent implementation of a police state including martial law, and impending world war. All are currently on the globalist’s agenda and verily imminent as the web continues to spin.

The denial and optimism I encounter are counter productive to the truth of the situation we all are now faced with. People across this country are jobless, homeless, hopeless, and on the cusp of desperation. As a consequence, those with a sense of false security are falling deeper into the trap of deception.

This in turn is manifesting into a deeper divide between those already ruined and those who believe they are actually immune to the total onslaught of our civilization. This is not only exasperating the situation, it is perpetuating the lie as the wheels of the elite barrel directly over all who are in their way.

The seemingly rich are living in a dream world. Those who have already lost their jobs and homes are the actual reality. Why? The rich are not rich at all. Their money is as worthless as the paper it’s printed on. Their property is in reality, not truly their own, as is evident when ever this criminal government deems otherwise.

Meanwhile, the elite utilize the manufactured economic collapse in order to seduce the youth to enlist in the military. There are no other opportunities other than to risk life and limb to fight in illegal wars of genocide for the confiscation of resources and land that by all rights, is not theirs, and never was. Yet, what are the options? Crime?

Ironically, those committing the most grievous of crimes are those in the councils of government, banking, and the worldwide corporatocracy, yet are rarely, if ever, held accountable for their atrocities. Where is the outcry from the people? Have they all been seduced by the magic of Satan?

And thus I say, get your spiritual house in order first. Then maybe, God willing, we can defeat the forces designed to destroy us all: rich and poor; black, white or brown; Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or whatever… We are all in the crosshairs.

And now, the second leg of my journey begins… – SJH

Written by Steven John Hibbs

January 13, 2011 at 1:37 pm

America Through The Looking Glass: Journey On A Greyhound Bus

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January 8, 2011: Steven John Hibbs / The Tonka Report (TTR) – January 8, 2011

Rather than get porno scanned or sexually molested by the TSA, I decided to take a Greyhound bus cross-country. This was the first leg of my four part 5000 mile journey… I was shocked at how many people were traveling by bus nearly a week after the New Year. The stations were packed, there were numerous delays, buses were sold out, and extra buses and drivers had to be called in at nearly every stop in order to accommodate the overload in what Greyhound continually apologized for by saying it was due to the end of the holiday travel season.

However, with the exception of a group of soldiers whom I’ll mention later, not one person ever mentioned to me, nor did I overhear anyone say, that they were returning home from the holidays. They were all going somewhere. Did they opt to ride instead of fly due to the TSAs unconstitutional police state tactics? Because the savings to take Greyhound were insignificant compared to flying at the time.

Anyway, having crisscrossed America countless times, I couldn’t help but notice on this trip just how rundown and seemingly desolate so many of the cities and towns appeared to be that we had either passed by while on the highway or when we actually stopped in a town that was a scheduled stop. It eerily reminded me of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand… “Who is John Galt?”

Maybe part of it was that I was not flying at 30,000 feet or preoccupied with actually driving myself, and maybe it was also due to the fact that there was no snow anywhere and thus everything and everywhere was a dreary and brown painting of bare desolation.

If my recollection serves me correctly, this may have been the only time I had ever traveled between the upper Midwest and the far Southeast in January and saw no snow along the entire trip, even though it was unseasonably cold all the way down to Florida. But there was more to it than that.

The highways were typically strewn with litter, mostly old food packages, tossed out coffee and soda cups, plastic bags, beer cans and broken bottles which all stood out on the barren landscape like beacons of poverty atop the lifeless terrain. And every so often a handmade cross with a name written on it had been erected marking the death of yet another unfortunate motorist along the roadside.

Dilapidated billboards advertising their outdated products or services from days long past left a lasting image of a once thriving country now succumbing to decay, as did the countless empty shops and store fronts in the strip malls along the way.

On occasion there was a glimmer of hope with fleeting signs of some semblance of a bygone American quality of life as I noticed a spattering of golfers hitting the links, which more resembled poorly designed martian landscapes in a low-budget sci-fi movie in the January emptiness of vacant dormancy.

Heading up into the carved out mountains of Tennessee showed evidence of once great engineering feats from decades ago. A time when America still actually created and built things. Today this country only builds insurmountable debt and poverty while creating nothing but unending wars and destruction.

The mountains were also surprisingly absent of any snow, even as giant icicles dangled from the cliff sides as we passed through the man-made canyons as potholes continually rocked the bus with bone jarring jolts. Another sign of perpetual decay in an America that once stood as a pillar of progress and ingenuity. A country the world round that others once strived to emulate, is now a skeleton of greed.

The sky is no longer the deep dark blue of my youth, but rather the all too typical milky white haziness we have all become so accustomed to as chemtrails slashed the sky with their poison that were clearly visible literally every mile along the way until the leaking horizon kissed the ocher earth.

The stars overhead in Georgia however were unusually bright, until you looked down to 45 degrees from the horizon where they disappeared behind the manufactured wax paper that now shrouds the atmosphere in a ghostly white. The bus rolled on… “I said be careful his bowtie is really a camera.”

On one of the buses there was a group of Army recruits returning from the holidays to Ft. Benning outside of Atlanta to complete their basic training. While having a smoke at one of the stops somewhere in Tennessee, or maybe it was Kentucky, I told them about the notorious School of Assassins (School of America’s) at Ft. Benning.

The young men, most just boys really, looked at me sheepishly and repeated a phrase that all of us who have served in the military have heard before… “We don’t know anything. We’re on a need to know basis.” I laughed, told them I was a former Marine and that I understood completely.

I then went on to say that I wanted them all to remember one thing during their tour of duty, “Remember the oath you all took… to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against both foreign and domestic enemies.”

I then said, “There’s a lot of bad guys running this country.” Most were silent, but a few chimed in in unison and said, “We know.”

They were all seemingly good kids, much like I was at that age when I joined, but if deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, they will invariably return vastly different, if at all, than the innocence I encountered during our journey that day.

While traveling through Florida I engaged in a fascinating conversation with a gentleman who admitted to being a Master Mason after I brought up Freemasonry and the Illuminati while in another conversation about the Bible with someone else. I was pleasantly surprised with his knowledge concerning the Masonic and Illuminati symbology on the back of the dollar bill, as well as many other aspects of secret societies and the New World Order.

We talked for hours while several others listened intently as we discussed everything from Project Blue Beam to the Bible to the Federal Reserve to the slaughter of Palestinians by Israel and a number of other related topics as the bus rolled on from Ocala to Orlando at three something in the morning. I hope a seed was planted amongst them who were listening. That is how liberty grows.

Finally, in Orlando, America reared its ugly police state fascism during a four hour layover before heading to Melbourne. I had just traveled via Greyhound through six states, totaling 31 hours at that point with no searches or violations of my Fourth Amendment.

I walked in the station from the bus platform, put the bulk of my luggage at my next departing gate, then walked past two gun toting rent-a-cops searching incoming passengers from the front entrance and walked out to the smoking area with my laptop and another small back pack.

I had a smoke and walked past the people in line being searched, since I had obviously already been in the “secure” zone, when the shortest of the two rent-a-cops told me to stop and go to the end of the line to be searched.

I said that I had just walked out to have a smoke, when he repeated in a contemptuous tone to get back to the end of the line. Needless to say, after 31 hours of riding buses, I was incensed at this point. I waited nearly 20 minutes before it was my turn to empty my pockets into a tray, place my laptop and bag on a table, then stand spread eagle as I was wanded both front and back, then asked to remove my hat.

The shorter of the two rent-a-cops, who was the officer in charge of this Stasi checkpoint, had that typical psychopathic attitude of superiority burning in his napoleanic eyes. He rifled through my personal belongings in both bags, then checked the contents of the tray, including looking inside my cigarette pack.

Afterward, when nothing of interest was found and my bags and the tray were handed back to me, I asked this little prick, “So, are you going to do this every time I go out to have a smoke during the next four hours?” He responded flatly, “Yes.”

I then said in a rather authoritative tone, “So what you’re telling me is that I can’t smoke while I wait here for the next four hours until my bus arrives without getting searched every time I come in… Correct?”

“No, go ahead and smoke. We’ll just leave you out there until the end when we’re done searching everyone else…Do you have any knives?” “Nope.” I answered just as flatly as he had earlier. “Do you have any drugs?” “Nope.” I took my belongings and walked away letting him clearly know by my glare of contempt and disgust that I was not at all pleased with this unconstitutional treatment.

This blatant violation of my Fourth Amendment happened two more times during the course of four hours with this little jackboot Nazi piece of shit searching me again and again each time I came back in from having a smoke.

The last time I was out smoking, I had just returned from getting a cup of coffee across the street, when this simpleton with a badge and a gun came up behind me outside and said, “I don’t believe I checked your ticket.” I said, “What? You saw it twice when I put it in the tray.”

He said, “I just did a ticket check of all the passengers inside and I did not check yours.” At this point I just pulled out my ticket and handed it to him. He inspected it, handed it back and turned to go inside where I was then promptly searched for the third time when I re-entered the station.

During the entire four hours I was inside the Orlando bus station, I just glared at him as he would periodically march around the area with all the self importance of an SS officer while always glancing over my way. So, I thought I would have a little fun…

I kept moving around to see if he was purposely watching me, and each time I moved he would look around to see where I was, and each time he did he was met with a glare until he would finally turn away. When he did, I would move again. These are the punks who are supposedly keeping us safe from the invisible boogeymen lurking amongst us? Welcome to Amerika!

I got on my bus without further incident, and when I arrived in Melbourne, a Limo service was awaiting to take me to my final destination on this leg of the journey.

It truly was sad as I peered out at America through the looking glass, a country I once honorably served as a US Marine and yet no longer recognize… – SJH

TTR’s “Just Because” – Polar Bears Playing With Spy Video Cameras

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January 4, 2011: Steven John Hibbs / The Tonka Report (TTR) – January 4, 2011

2011 will prove to be a difficult year for many, many Americans, myself included. Our country has been hijacked by Nazi-Zionist traitors who are hell-bent on destroying this Republic and creating a fascist dictatorship…

As I ready to embark upon a month long journey – where it will end I still have no clue – I can’t help but leave a bit of humor in my wake.

Until next time, enjoy the video! – SJH

Polar Bears Playing With Spy Video Cameras


Global Warming Fraud: Debunking Myth Polar Bears Are Drowning!

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The Christmas Truce In The Trenches Of WWI: December 24, 1914

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December 25, 2010: Wikipedia And YouTube / The Tonka Report (TTR) – December 25, 2010

Watch the video below! – SJH

The Christmas truce was a series of widespread unofficial ceasefires that took place along the Western Front around Christmas of 1914, during the First World War.

Through the week leading up to Christmas, parties of German and British soldiers began to exchange seasonal greetings and songs between their trenches; on occasion, the tension was reduced to the point that individuals would walk across to talk to their opposite numbers bearing gifts.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, many soldiers from both sides – as well as, to a lesser degree, from French units – independently ventured into no man’s land, where they mingled, exchanging food and souvenirs. As well as joint burial ceremonies, several meetings ended in carol-singing, or – famously – games of football.

The truce is seen as a symbolic moment of peace and humanity amidst one of the most violent events of modern history. It was not ubiquitous, however; in some regions of the front, fighting continued throughout the day, whilst in others, little more than an arrangement to recover bodies was made.

The following year, a few units again arranged ceasefires with their opponents over Christmas, but to nothing like the widespread extent seen in 1914; this was, in part, due to strongly worded orders from the high commands of both sides prohibiting such fraternisation.

The truces were not unique to the Christmas period, and reflected a growing mood of “live and let live“, where infantry units in close proximity to each other would stop overtly aggressive behaviour, and often engage in small-scale fraternisation, engaging in conversation or bartering for cigarettes.

In some sectors there would be occasional ceasefires to go between the lines and recover wounded or dead soldiers, whilst in others there would be a tacit agreement not to shoot while men rested, exercised, or worked in full view of the enemy.

However, the Christmas truces were particularly significant due to the number of men involved and the level of their participation – even in very peaceful sectors, dozens of men openly congregating in daylight was remarkable… (Read more below)

Christmas In The Trenches: December 24, 1914 – Stunning Image Collage And Ballad!

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: This is an incredible historical video of the WWI Christmas Truce in 1914 that is accompanied by an absolutely beautiful folk ballad telling the story. Listen to the lyrics! A must see… 

With that said, what this illustrates is that it is not the people who start the wars. It is the elite, the royalty, the bankers, and the industrialists who profit from the massacre of millions fomented through deception… – SJH

Link to Wikipedia source below…

Christmas 2010: What The Lord Jesus Christ Would Say To Us Now

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December 24, 2010: Steven John Hibbs / The Tonka Report (TTR) – December 24, 2010

The world has always been in a state of turmoil and chaos, either orchestrated or otherwise, but never has it teetered ever so precariously toward a scientific dictatorship as it does right now.

There is a darkness that has permeated into virtually every level of government, industry, media and religion that can only be described as satanic. As society becomes increasingly narcissistic, one needs only imagine where this is all eventually leading to.

The global elite believe they have already ascended to god-like status through their arcane knowledge via the occult. What they want is more power, more bloodshed, more sacrifice to their god, and ultimately our souls if at all possible. They are relentlessly driven like ring wraithes by the spirit of darkness that the Satanist Aleister Crowley correctly identified as Lucifer… “O Lucifer, son of the morning!” Isaiah 14:12 KJV

The police are now wrapped into the national security apparatus, trained and brainwashed to be ever vigilant against the elusive “homegrown terrorist.” People have been domesticated to accept more and more draconian police state measures. They are fearful and struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table as banks have coordinated their poverty by eliminating their livelihoods and confiscating their homes.

Meanwhile, “bread and circuses” keep them mindlessly entertained, docile, and distracted with porn, Pentagon designed video games, Fantasy Football, American Idol and Dancing With The Stars as al-Qaeda allegedly lurks in their closets, basements, or under their beds, awaiting to devour their children in the dark. 

Ask people what their Fourth Amendment is and they look at you like you just spoke Latin, as they have their DNA shredded in porno scanners and watch their wives and children sexually molested in US airports. We are spied on, monitored, tracked, probed and prodded to an extent that Hitler would gaze in fascist wonderment.

“We the people,” are on the cusp of utter societal collapse into the depths of a full-fledged oligarchy if the people don’t snap out of their daze and confusion. Alas, such is the fate throughout time of all nations in the course of their history when they lose their moral compass. Case in point…

When the Pope stated this month that as early as the 1970s that child sex abuse -which as we all know is also predominately homosexual within the bowels of the Vatican’s tentacles – was considered “normal” in both our society and the Church, did Catholics begin running for the exits in outrage?

Pedophilia is not only a crime, but both pedophilia and homosexuality are abominations and grievous sins in a Christian society except for those which are secret! Yet it is those very secret societies which have infiltrated Christianity and made a mockery of it. That is blasphemy!

When Israel murdered 8 Turks and a US citizen on the Mavi Marmara this year in international waters as part of the Gaza Flotilla to help deliver food and medicine to the impoverished Palestinians, was there outrage from Americans? That was a blatant act of war by Israel… Obama? Not a peep!

When Israel murdered over 1400 Palestinians in Gaza in 2009, many, no, most of whom were innocent women and children, did Christians around the world rise up in moral outrage? That is defined as genocide and violates the Geneva Convention and all the laws of humanity itself! Meanwhile…

CIA drones rain down on innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and over 1,000,000 innocent Iraqis have been slaughtered by US and NATO forces, all based on now indisputably proven lies, and yet the genocide continues unabated. 9/11 was a false flag attack to justify mass murder… Is that the Spirit of Christ?

And here I haven’t even touched upon the BP Gulf oil disaster, the global warming fraud, chemtrails, GMO food, vaccinations, aspartame, flouride, Korea, and a multitude of other conspiracies and crimes by the wraithes…

Enjoy that IPad or new video game, or maybe you got the Obama Chia Pet for Christmas this year, but whatever new trinket or toy you received, did you receive the Spirit of Truth? Did you even bother to ask?

What would the Lord Jesus Christ say to us now? I leave you with His own words this Christmas holiday season as society plunges into the morass of global depression, slavery, world war, and satanic despotism…

“But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” – Matthew 15:9 KJV

Palestine: The People Still Celebrate Christmas In 2010

I Wish Everyone A Safe And Happy Holidays In The True Spirit Of The Lord Jesus Christ… Amen!

~ SJH ~

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Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura: The 9/11 Pentagon ‘Attack’

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December 19, 2010: Steven John Hibbs / The Tonka Report (TTR) – December 19, 2010

Kudos to TruTV and Governor Ventura for once again going where no corporate mainstream media dare venture.

These are all valid points and questions he raises that those of us after having watched the events of 9/11 unfold, and then researching exhaustively ever since, have been elucidating and asking for nearly 10 years now.

Take a good look at the image to the right: Is there a Boeing 757 jet airliner visible anywhere? Where is the debris?

Besides the obvious facts of a cover-up, ie. no plane debris, no passenger bodies on site, an impossible flight path by unqualified pilots, phantom phone calls that could not have been made, $2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon the day before, all video tape immediately confiscated, etc., ad nauseum, the main point that Jesse brings to focus is this… Cui bono? Who benefitted!   

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura: 911 Pentagon Attack – (Full Episode)

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Nothing new was revealed here, except to those in a coma for the past 9 years. It’s time to face the facts, America… Or are you still too traumatized from learning Santa Claus was a lie as well?! 9/11 was an inside job… Our government murdered nearly 3000 of its own citizens on September 11, 2001, and over 1,000,000 innocent people in the consequent illegal wars ever since that horrific crime! SJH 

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