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American’s “Arrogant Complaining” Of TSA Are Possible Terrorists

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April 15, 2011: Uploaded by  / YouTube – April 15, 2011

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Will someone please tell me what the fuck country I live in now! Was this little 6 year-old girl below considered in the profile of a terrorist? Dammit, people, how much more? – SJH

TSA Gropes 6 Year-Old Girl

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Confirmed: Fukushima Reactors #1 And #3 (MOX) Indeed “Melted”

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April 15, 2011: David McNeill in Tokyo / Irish Times – April 15, 2011

Fukushima’s Reactor #3 contains MOX (mixed oxide) fuel, meaning it contains plutonium. If there were a Level 8, this would be it– SJH

SCIENTISTS say the fight to bring Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant under control could take three months or more, even if not hampered by further earthquakes.

The announcement comes after another day of aftershocks, including one with an epicentre about 25km from the Fukushima plant.

The head of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan, Takashi Sawada, said yesterday that fuel rods in reactors 1 and 3 have melted and settled at the bottom of their containment vessels, confirming fears that the plant suffered a partial meltdown after last month’s huge earthquake and tsunami.

Engineers have been struggling since to bring four reactors under control by pouring water onto overheating nuclear fuel, and that water is highly contaminated as a result. Mr Sawada warned the condition of the plant could worsen if another strong quake knocks out power to its cooling systems.

“That would destabilise pressure and temperatures inside the reactors and the situation would become extremely unpredictable again,” he said.

The nuclear crisis is adding to the political woes of embattled Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who yesterday inaugurated a council of experts charged with leading Japan’s reconstruction from the triple disaster, which has left 28,000 dead or missing and 150,000 people homeless.

Lawmakers and council members are debating a so-called “disaster tax” to pay for the cost of rebuilding, including an immediate 4 trillion yen (€33 billion) relief package. “All the people should support and share the burden,” said Makoto Iokibe, a senior adviser to the prime minister.

Ichiro Ozawa, a former president of the ruling Democrats (DPJ), however, led a withering attack on the prime minister yesterday, criticising his poor leadership amid Japan’s worst crisis since the second World War.

“The irresponsible way the cabinet is dealing , with Prime Minister Naoto Kan himself not exercising his leadership, could lead to further disasters,” Mr Ozawa said in a letter to the party.

Some lawmakers within the DPJ want Mr Kan to resign following a drubbing in last weekend’s nationwide local elections. Mr Ozawa said the elections had “served notice” to the prime minister.

Mr Kan faces growing criticism for what Mr Ozawa called “his slow response” to the nuclear crisis and his failure to take a harder line with Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco), the operator of the Fukushima plant. Tepco has frustrated and puzzled observers with its reluctance to reveal information about what’s happening inside the plant, or to speculate on its future.

The criticism has worsened since a rare press conference this week held by Tepco’s beleaguered president, Masataka Shimizu, who provoked reporters with a string of evasive replies about the state of the Fukushima plant. Toshiba, which built four of the plant’s six reactors, has warned it will take at least 10 years to decommission them, even if the damaged reactors can be brought under control.

Meanwhile, Japan’s Nuclear Safety Commission revealed this week that it had waited weeks to publish information on elevated radiation levels from the plant last month partly to avoid panic. “Some foreigners fled the country even when there appeared to be little risk,” said Seiji Shiroya, an official with the independent government panel. “If we immediately decided to label the situation as Level 7, we could have triggered a panicked reaction.”

Theoretical Physicist: Fukishima Daiichi Nuclear Facility Is A “Ticking Time Bomb”

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Kaku gives an honest and succinct interview on Democracy Now! – SJH

Melted Nuclear Fuel Settled At Bottom Of Crippled Reactors

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Scientists: Future Drugs Will Be Designed To Control Human Mind

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April 15, 2011: Ethan A. Huff / NaturalNews – April 15, 2011

Huxley’s “soma” from his book, Brave New World. And let’s not be naive, if they’re warning about this, it’s already reality… – SJH

It may sound like something out of a science fiction plot, but Oxford researchers say that modern conventional medicine is gradually developing ways to change the moral states of humans through pharmaceutical drugs, and thus control the way people think and act in various life situations.

These new drugs will literally have the ability to disrupt an individual’s personal morality, and instead reprogram that person to believe and do whatever the drug designer has created that drug to do.

“Science has ignored the question of moral improvement so far, but it is now becoming a big debate,” said Dr. Guy Kahane from the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics in the UK. “There is already a growing body of research you can describe in these terms. Studies show that certain drugs affect the ways people respond to moral dilemmas by increasing their sense of empathy, group affiliation and by reducing aggression.”

While this may sound good in theory, mind control is already a very dangerous side effect of existing drugs. Take the antidepressant drug Prozac, for instance, which has been known to cause those taking it to lash out in violent rages. One young boy murdered his father by beating him and stabbing him in the head, and hit his mother with a crowbar and stabbed her in the face, shortly after starting to take Prozac (…).

But the kinds of drugs Kahane and his colleagues are referring to imply designer drugs specifically designed to not only alter one’s mental state, but also to change the way that person thinks about situations from a moral perspective. The end result is literally a type of drug-induced mind control where human subjects will be controlled by someone else, and unable to make conscious decisions for themselves.

Research on the subject, of course, tries to paint the idea of mind-control drugs in a positive light, suggesting that they could be used to help make the world a better place. Just imagine less violence, more trust, and more love, they say. This rhetoric, though, is really just a ploy to further numb the already mind-numbed masses into accepting the idea as a good thing.

Aldous Huxley – The Ultimate Revolution (Part 1)


Aldous Huxley -The Ultimate Revolution (Part 2)

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: If you have never heard this interview with Huxley, now’s the time! – SJH

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