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Tellurium 129: Evidence Of Periodic Chain Reactions In Daiichi #1

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April 6, 2011: Dr. Arnie Gunderson / Fairewinds Associates via Vimeo – April 3, 2011

This validates the NY Times article posted below that TEPCO is exasperating the problem! – SJH

Recent press reports have discussed the possibility that Fukushima Unit 1 may be having a nuclear chain reaction.

New data released by TEPCO indicates that even though Fukushima Unit 1 was shut down during the March 11 earthquake, it appears to have “gone critical” again without human intervention.

The detection by TEPCO of short-lived radioactive isotopes substantiates the existence of this inadvertent criticality…

TEPCO Data Provides Evidence Of Chain Reaction At Fukushima #1 

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: In otherwords, this catastrophic nuclear disaster is just heating up and is only going to get worse as time passes. As I said from the beginning, this will dwarf Chernobyl… – SJH

The Battle Of Chernobyl (2006) – Full Version

Link to original article and video below…

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