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Palm Trees In Wisconsin? FOX News Busted Again With Fake Video

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March 10, 2011: RT America Editors / (Russia Today) RT America via YouTube – March 8, 2011

At 1:56 of the video used by FOX News, there are palm trees in Madison, WI… 

Welcome to “Fair and Balanced” journalism in America… – SJH

As teachers and students protested for three weeks in the state capitol of Wisconsin in a fight to let state workers keep their collective bargaining right, FOX News created facts that were far from the truth to push across their political agenda, fabricating poll results, broadcasting fake video, and spinning stories about reporter abuse. RT’s Anastasia Churkina reports…

FOX News Lies About Wisconsin Protests

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: This is as disgusting an example of corporate media propaganda being used as a weapon against the unsuspecting population as it gets… Wake up, people! – SJH

Link to original video below…

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