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Do What? ‘Do Nothing’ Website Becomes Latest Internet Sensation?

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February 6, 2011: Times Of Malta Editors / Times Of Malta via – February 4, 2011

A website that invites users to log on and do nothing has become a web phenomenon. The website, has received more than two million visitors since launching 10 days ago, according to its creators, entrepreneur Alex Tew and developer Ben Dowling.

Users arriving at the site are presented with a sunset view and the sound of ocean waves, together with a countdown that resets to two minutes if the mouse or keyboard are touched. Not everyone is up to the challenge, though, explains Tew.

“Only 38 per cent of visitors are managing to take a step back and do two full minutes of nothing, which I think highlights the point of the site.”

Mr Tew, 26, previously found internet fame in 2005 after making $1m with his Million Dollar Homepage, set up to fund his university education. He now hopes his new site will provide an antidote to information overload.

“I read somewhere that our brains are being re-wired by the internet, because we get a little dopamine kick every time we check our e-mail or Twitter or Facebook and there’s a new update. So we’re all developing a bit of ADD, which can’t be good.” According to Mr Tew, the site has received more than 250,000 “likes” on Facebook… [Here again is the link to the actual website, good luck!]    

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: There’s a smartass in every crowd. Enjoy the Super Bowl. Go Pack! – SJH

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February 6, 2011 at 5:08 pm

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GW Bush Cancels Visit To Switzerland Amid Allegations Of Torture

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February 6, 2011: Reuters Editors / Reuters via The Raw Story – February 5, 2011

Ahem… Allegations of ordering torture?! – SJH

GENEVA (Reuters) – Former U.S. President George W. Bush, under fire from a human rights group over allegations of ordering torture, has canceled a visit to Switzerland where he was to address a Jewish charity gala. Bush was to be the keynote speaker at Keren Hayesod’s annual dinner on February 12 in Geneva.

But pressure has been building on the Swiss government to arrest him and open a criminal investigation if he enters the Alpine country.

Criminal complaints against Bush alleging torture have been lodged in Geneva, court officials say, and several human rights groups signaled that they were poised to take further legal action this week.

Swiss officials have said that Bush would still enjoy a certain diplomatic immunity as a former head of state. Leftist groups had also called for a protest on the day of his visit.

Keren Hayesod organizers felt the atmosphere had become too threatening because the protests raised the specter of riots that erupted in the Swiss city during the G8 summit in nearby Evian, the group’s lawyer, Robert Equey, told a Swiss daily.

“We didn’t want to put people and property in Geneva at risk. The gala is maintained but George Bush will not take part,” Equey told the Tribune de Geneve. “The (criminal) complaints did not weigh in the decision.”

Geneva’s chief prosecutor, Daniel Zappelli, has received criminal complaints about torture related to Bush, a court spokesman said. “We received a certain number of complaints. We will make no further comment,” Christophe Tournier told Reuters.

Torture is a crime under international law and human rights experts say the absolute prohibition is very clear.


Bush, in his “Decision Points” memoirs on his 2001-2009 presidency, strongly defends the use of waterboarding, a form of simulated drowning, on terrorism suspects as key to preventing a repeat of the deadly September 11 attacks on the United States.

Most human rights experts consider the practice a form of torture, banned by the Convention on Torture, an international pact prohibiting torture and other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment. Switzerland and the United States are among 147 countries to have ratified the 1987 treaty.

Dominique Baettig, a member of the Swiss parliament from the right-wing People’s Party, wrote to the Swiss federal government last week calling for the arrest of Bush for alleged war crimes if he came to the neutral country.

Rights groups had called a news conference in Geneva on Monday where Sami El Hadjj, a former Al Jazeera journalist and former detainee at Guantanamo, was to speak on Bush’s visit.

The World Organization against Torture has said that Switzerland is obliged under both domestic and international law to open an inquiry for acts of torture against any individual on its territory complicit in such crimes. “There are no laws that provide an exception for former head of states,” it said in a statement on Thursday.

The Geneva-based torture watchdog, which also issued its letter to Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey, said that there was a “compelling body of evidence about the U.S. policy of torture and ill-treatment” under the Bush administration.

The United States had not taken any steps to assume its responsibility to carry out a full independent investigation to bring those responsible to justice for torture, it said.

Navi Pillay, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, has said that the treaty on torture makes clear it is prohibited in all circumstances, including war, instability or emergency.

“And no one is left off the hook — neither the actual torturers themselves, nor the policy-makers and public officials who define the policy or give the orders,” Pillay, a former U.N. war crimes judge, said in a statement marking an international day in support of victims of torture, observed every June.

Decision Points: George W Bush On Waterboarding And Torture

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Why is this bastard not in prison for international war crimes?! – SJH 

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A Senior U.S. Marine Says ‘Multiple Platoons’ Are Headed To Egypt

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February 6, 2011: Nicholas Carlson / Business Insider – February 5, 2011

A senior member of the US Marine Corps is telling people “multiple platoons” are deploying to Egypt, a source tells us.

There is a system within the US Marines that alerts the immediate families of high-ranking marines when their marine will soon be deployed to an emergency situation where they will not be able to talk to their spouses or families.

That alert just went out, says our source. This senior Marine told our source that the Pentagon will deploy “multiple platoons” to Egypt over the next few days and that the official reason will be “to assist in the evacuation of US citizens.”

Our source was told that “the chances they were going over there went from 70% yesterday to 100% today.” We’re keeping these people anonymous because both would get in trouble for sharing this information with the press.

On Friday, the Pentagon announced it would move “U.S. warships and other military assets to make sure it is prepared in case evacuation of U.S. citizens from Egypt becomes necessary,” according the the LA Times.

State Dept Orders Mandatory Evacuation Of All U.S. Citizens From Egypt

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Can’t imagine that this will go over well with the Egyptian people! – SJH

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