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Citizens Of Europe Rage Against The Machine As Americans Belch!

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November 28, 2010: Eric Blair / Activist Post – November 28, 2010

Austerity measures drive 100,000 protesters to the streets of Ireland, and another 100,000 in Italy as Europeans continue to rage against the international banking machine…

The international bankster regime seeking to colonize Western nations through debt is now meeting resistance from Greece, to France, to Ireland, to Italy, to Spain, to Portugal, and to the UK.

These new protests in Ireland and Italy follow a crippling 2-week strike in France where citizens took over fuel refineries and other vital infrastructure, more strikes in Greece which took over the Acropolis, and a massive student protest in the UK that caused physical damage to government buildings. All of these protests were sparked by governments reducing benefits or increasing fees and taxes on a population that had little to do with the private gambling of banks.

These European protests are intensifying as the international bankers move to collect their “pound of flesh” through austerity and sale of public assets.  As Europeans are becoming acutely aware of the dubious plan to loot them and the anger at their corrupt elected officials for bowing to banks has reached a boiling point.  In all cases the governments are enforcing austerity measures on the people after the private banks over-leveraged themselves to the breaking point, threatening to bring down entire nations.

For years the bankers churned out easy credit to these nations while they invested public and private funds into worthless credit default swaps and derivatives. As if orchestrated to perfection, they pulled the plug on those toxic assets, essentially bankrupting the more fragile developed countries, followed by calling their debts due.  Now they’re demanding that European governments be forced into IMF bailouts that impose drastic austerity measures on the populace.

By forcing tax increases and reducing benefits for the citizens of sovereign nations, the IMF is essentially rewriting their laws.  Well, it appears that the citizens of Europe have had enough.  The massive protests, strikes, and riots that have swept through the streets of many European countries have resulted in growing calls to reject the bailout money used to prop up failed banks and corrupt governments.

The protesters are getting support from someone who is experiencing the outcome of resisting public bailouts of private banking debts.  The President of Iceland recently remarked that they’re in much better shape than Ireland because they let the private banks fail and their currency naturally devalued, allowing them to regain some competitiveness relative to their neighbors:

“The difference is that in Iceland we allowed the banks to fail,” Grimsson said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Mark Barton today. “These were private banks and we didn’t pump money into them in order to keep them going; the state did not shoulder the responsibility of the failed private banks.”

UK’s Libertarian politician, Nigel Farage, once viewed as a fringe player, is now getting international recognition for forewarning his European comrades about the troubles in the system.  He’s quickly becoming a hero to the banker resistance as his credibility reaches new heights for being proved right — much like his U.S. counterpart Congressman Ron Paul. His rants in the European Parliament are going viral on YouTube as the people are waking up to their servitude to banks and a lack of true democracy and sovereignty.

Nigel Farage speaks with such confidence against the EU, as he should, given that a recent mainstream media poll showed 99% of UK citizens want out of the Euro.  The battle against the banking cartel is clearly happening with Europe as the spearhead.  As Europeans continue to fight back against corrupt international banksters, lazy Americans continue to live with a much lower standard of living and do nothing to challenge the system.

The rage in Europe and quiet streets in America is causing the euro to fall against the dollar.  The dollar was all but declared dead in the lead-up to the Fed’s QE2, but now the eurozone debt crisis has taken center stage.  The European Council is set to meet again this December to amend the Lisbon Treaty to essentially legalize more bailouts.  Some insiders are calling it an impossible mission to get all European countries to agree on fair amendments.  The outcome of these December meetings will assuredly be pivotal in determining whether the euro “experiment” will survive.

If it crumbles, so then does the structure for a global currency.  Indeed, the front lines in the battle to conquer plans for a global currency and the end of sovereign nation states is being waged by the angry citizens of Europe.  Bravo comrades, keep up the fight!

Nigel Farage: Just Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?!

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Ron Paul is the only American “counterpart” that can even remotely come close to MEP Nigel Farage’s patriotism and courage. The vast majority of people in our country are nothing but pathetic fools dragging America into the depths of war, debt, and generations of death and despair! – SJH

Pink Floyd: The Wall – Comfortably Numb

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6 Reasons To Start WWIII If You Are A Globalist: China Vs America

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November 28, 2010: Activist Post Editors / Activist Post – November 28, 2010

The average person can barely imagine why World War III would be anything but a civilization-ending event. 

And, yet, we have heard Neocons ramping up rhetoric that suggests a new world war would be a viable option to correct a dying dollar and economy. 

Or, perhaps it is simply a sound investment if you are a Globalist.

RAND Corporation documents point to a desire for total war abroad and at home

The recent reactivation of North and South Korea tensions could be a potential catalyst in an East-West World War scenario possibly involving nukes.  However, the next World War doesn’t necessarily need to be a conflagration; it could be a steady, slow, coldly calculated design to plunge the globe into austerity and totalitarian control through regulations such as those proposed by Codex Alimentarius and Agenda 21.

So, if one puts on the thinking cap of a sociopath, one might find the following 6 reasons are perfect to start World War III, by nukes or by stealth, and further the agenda of world governance.

Distraction: Regional conflicts both military and financial are being exposed as blatant economic looting and divide-and-conquer techniques.  Protests are erupting across the globe as people are waking up to their enslavement en masse.  Simultaneously, the high-tech police state is unfolding; endgame legislation is being passed to criminalize independence and control the Internet; and a reduction in the standard of living is minimizing the ability to purchase even simple distractions like cable TV

The greatest awakening is that an exponential number of people are beginning to realize that their voice has no meaning in the political arena.  The left-right political paradigm is in grave danger, and has been made even more glaringly obvious by recent actions such as Obama awarding the medal of freedom to Bush, Sr.  Add to this the calls for arresting Bush, Jr. as a war criminal (and the subsequent questioning of why Obama would not support such a trial) and we begin to see indications that people are seeing through The Quigley Formula.  With such a populist uprising against all forms of oppression, the time appears to be ripe for the ultimate distraction.

Boost the Dollar: The first thing that happened when shots were fired between North and South Korea was a flight to the dollar, just like every other crisis.  Russia and China just announced that they quit the dollar, and yet the dollar refuses to collapse despite fundamentals that are truly sickening.  It is almost as if there are too many crises for the Russia-China announcement to even matter.  Perfect timing.  Rather, it would be a fine strategy for the dollar to rebound before being dissolved into a global currency, as the dollar backs the premier world superpower. 

We now have a twin storyline of both financial and military wars leading toward the same goal.  This could be the beginning of a monetary and real WWIII strategy set up to coordinate a universal collapse to benefit global interests.  And let’s not forget on which currency it actually reads New World Order.

Global Hegemony:  The elimination of “rogue nations” is at the heart of the Globalist agenda, which seeks consolidation into the hands of a few powerful regions.  In fact, it has been the stated goal of The Trilateral Commission since its inception in 1973 under Rockefeller and Brzezinski.  Brzezinski’s response in 1974 to the question, What is The New World Order? says it all: “We need to change the international system for a global system in which new, active, and creative forces — recently developed — should be integrated.”  Since then, integration has been used to great effect by the U.S. to start wars where “terrorist” regimes can be subverted or dismantled, and their flags (resources) captured. 

China is in a similar position with the vassal rogue state of North Korea where they can cattle prod it to action when convenient.  China is now being pressured by the global community to rein in the regime.  Perfect, they can consolidate their holdings in a similar fashion to what the U.S. has already done with South Korea.  This new Korean conflict could have the perfect dual effect of the Western world running to the safety of the Anglo-American establishment (and the dollar), while the East seeks the backing of China to correct instability in the region.  And all the while Russia and Iran are there for a potential final solution.

A “Feel Good” War:  For those not attuned to the larger Globalist agenda, America is in dire need of a feel-good war . . . another Nazi Germany-style threat possessing undisputed intentions of global dominance.  Enter China from stage left.  Communist China has not condemned North Korea for their latest actions, and has given early warnings to the U.S. about naval exercises in their “exclusive economic zone.”  If this continues, they only enhance their position as the perfect common enemy of the West. 

Those who are naturally opposed to Globalism see China as the prime example of the policies which will lead to global tyranny.  A war with China, or Communism in general, will give the West more than just a bogeyman in a cave, but one that truly is seen as a physical and economic threat to Western civilization.  Mass opposition to the lies that led to wars in the Middle East have all but exhausted the Bin Laden version of Goldstein pushed in that Orwellian storyline.  Time to roll out the real threat, as the Globalist agenda accelerates toward its endgame.

Investment in the Military-Industrial Complex: 54% of the U.S. Federal budget is spent on the military in all of its forms, as it continues to expand at warp speed overseas and on the streets of America.  Traditional weapons of physical destruction, as well as high-tech weaponry and mind-controlled soldiers straight out of science fiction are set to align with the surveillance and tracking capabilities of biometrics and predictive behavior criminology. 

New wars are always needed; particularly small-scale regional conflicts such as those suggested over and over again by Zbigniew Brzezinski and other Globalist geo-politicians.  However, their own writings indicate a time when the regional conflicts must morph into a global one in order to fulfill the final agenda of an integrated scientific global dictatorship which comes after the consolidation required by World War III.  The final war won’t have a name because it will be global governance unabashedly unleashed against the people it has systematically enslaved.  This final war has one goal:

Depopulation: This part of the agenda is still difficult for most people to grasp, but it is imperative to ask the question, What will global governance offer once its objectives of “order out of chaos” are achieved?  We need only look at the results on a country-by-country basis when Globalist organizations like the World Bank and IMF have taken over: more poverty, more sickness, and a decrease in life expectancy.  They already have been operating by stealth with soft-kill weapons designed to weaken resistance and cause sterility. 

The Russian geopolitical analyst, Konstantin Sivkov, who believes WWIII has begun already stated that, “History shows that the ‘elite’ of selfish civilizations do not get stopped by human sacrifices if there is a guarantee that they, themselves, will survive in bunkers.” They have the bunkers.

We may or may not hear WWIII announced on the evening news, but we can look for the signs of global consolidation that defines the agenda of the New World Order.  With every new conflict and every new piece of legislation it seems that those signs are becoming more obvious by the day.

The Day The Dollar Died

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: The Zionists are openly orchestrating the machinations for WWIII– SJH

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South Korea Rejected China’s Calls For Talks As Naval Drills Begin

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November 28, 2010: Sungwoo Park & Bomi Lim / Bloomberg Business Week – November 28, 2010

Nov. 28 (Bloomberg) — South Korea rejected China’s call to resume six-party talks with North Korea today, as it’s navy began maneuvers with U.S. warships amid threats of a “merciless” response by Kim Jong Il’s regime.

“Emergency” discussions involving the Koreas, China, the U.S., Russia and Japan should be held early next month in Beijing to address increasing military tensions on the Korean Peninsula, Wu Dawei, China’s top envoy for the negotiations, told reporters in Beijing today. The time isn’t right for such a meeting South Korean President Lee Myung Bak told visiting Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo today in Seoul, Yonhap News said.

North Korea “will deal a merciless military counter-attack at any provocative act of intruding into its territorial waters,” according to a Rodong newspaper commentary carried today by the North’s official Korean Central News Agency. U.S. and South Korean warships led by the aircraft carrier USS George Washington today began four days of drills in the region.

Residents of South Korea’s Yeonpyeong island, where four people were killed and 20 wounded in a Nov. 23 artillery bombardment by the North, were temporarily ordered to take refuge in bomb shelters today after more shelling was heard on the North Korean mainland. U.S. Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the U.S. is trying to prevent tensions over last week’s attack on the disputed maritime border from escalating into a more significant confrontation.

‘Focused on Restraint’

“We’re very focused on restraint and not letting this thing get out of control,” Mullen told CNN in an interview scheduled for broadcast on “Fareed Zakaria GPS” today and posted on the network’s Website. “Nobody wants this thing to turn into a conflict.”

The shelling of Yeonpyeong revived tensions that flared after an international inquiry concluded that North Korea torpedoed the South Korean warship Cheonan in March and following North Korea’s claims of advances in its nuclear program. North Korea said that, if true, reported civilian casualties in its artillery attack were “very regrettable.”

“But the enemy should be held responsible for the incident as it took such inhuman action as creating ‘a human shield’ by deploying civilians around artillery positions and inside military facilities,” state-run Korean Central News Agency said yesterday.

‘Defensive’ Drills

The U.S. called the naval drills, which include four smaller warships as well as the George Washington, “defensive in nature” and said they were initially planned before last week’s shelling of Yeonpyeong.

The nuclear-powered carrier, which holds about 85 aircraft and is served by a crew of 6,500, was last in waters off the Korean Peninsula in July as part of drills after the Cheonan’s sinking, which killed 46 sailors.

China’s Xinhua News Agency said Choe Tae Bok, chairman of North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly, will visit China Nov. 30 to Dec. 4.

The Korean won was Asia’s worst-performing currency against the dollar on Nov. 26, sliding 1.9 percent versus the dollar, as the risk of conflict deterred investment in the nation. The Kospi stock index fell 1.3 percent.

Shipping was warned to avoid an area of the Yellow Sea parallel to China’s northeastern city of Qingdao while gunnery exercises take place from Nov. 29 to Dec. 3, according to the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Qingdao lies about 615 kilometers west of Seoul.

China Influence

China’s Foreign Ministry warned against having the exercises in China’s “exclusive economic zone” without its authorization, Xinhua reported. The Pentagon reiterated that the U.S. military notified China of the planned exercise, as it has in the past.

President Barack Obama, along with Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan and South Korean President Lee, have called on China to use its influence to temper North Korea’s actions. China is North Korea’s main economic and political benefactor.

China has the most leverage with North Korea and “it’s really important that Beijing lead here,” Mullen said. North Korea’s actions destabilize the region, “and China has as much to lose as anybody in that region with the continuation of this kind of behavior,” he said.

The shelling of Yeonpyeong, which has a military base and a civilian fishing community, was the first attack of its kind since the 1950-1953 Korean War, which ended with an armistice rather than a treaty.

South Korea is considering reinstating North Korea as the “main enemy” in its defense guidelines, Yonhap News reported yesterday, citing a government official it didn’t identify. The term may be restored in a Defense White Paper following North Korea’s artillery attack, the Korean-language news agency said.

New Defense Minister

President Lee on Nov. 26 appointed former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Kim Kwan Jin, 61, to replace Defense Minister Kim Tae Young, who quit amid criticism that the military’s response to the shelling was inadequate.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi urged prevention of further escalation on the peninsula and vowed to “work toward easing the tension between the two Korean parties, as well as resuming the six- party talks” aimed at ending North Korea’s nuclear arms program, during a telephone call yesterday, according to an e-mailed statement from the Russian ministry.

The western sea border, demarcated by the UN after the war and never accepted by North Korea, was the scene of deadly naval skirmishes in 1999 and 2002. The North contends the border should have been drawn further south in order to include Yeonpyeong and four neighboring islands as part of its territory.

Press TV: Korean Tension High Ahead Of Yellow Sea Drills

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: North Korea did not sink the South Korean Cheonan as claimed! -SJH

The Sinking Of The Cheonan: We Are Being Lied To

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