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Criticism Runs Deep For President’s Gulf Oil Disaster Commission

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November 8, 2010: Harry R. Weber / Associated Press (AP) via Yahoo News – November 8, 2010

Critics of Obama’s presidential commission’s preliminary findings that largely supported BP’s internal probe of the Gulf oil spill questioned Monday how anyone could suggest money wasn’t put ahead of safety in the days before the disaster. “Why cut corners if it is not for money?” said Billy Nungesser, the president of oil-soaked Plaquemines Parish, La. Nungesser also challenged the statement from the commission’s chief investigator, who said he agreed with about 90 percent of what BP said in its internal report released in early September.

“I really feel for the families of these 11 victims,” Nungesser said. “Here they are hoping and praying that their loved ones lost would set some fundamental change and protection so things would be different. If we are gonna not be honest with everybody, including the American public, about what happened and why — then these people died in vain.”

Daniel Becnel, a Louisiana lawyer suing BP and others over the oil spill, said the commission’s findings about money not being a factor are “absolutely absurd.”…”The reason is it so absurd is because BP is known to paste over safety, especially if it involved money and downtime,” Becnel said. “They couldn’t afford any more downtime on that rig.”

According to testimony before a joint U.S. Coast Guard-Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement panel, the Macondo well project was nearly $60 million over budget days before the explosion. That panel has been paying particular attention to the issue of whether money was put ahead of safety. “They are pasting over because they know the government is going to be a defendant sooner or later in this litigation,” Becnel said.

In preliminary findings issued Monday, the first from an independent panel, investigators from the presidential commission supported many of BP’s own conclusions about what led to the disaster. The panel’s chief investigator, Fred H. Bartlit Jr., announced 13 principal findings, many of which seemed to track with investigations of the blowout, including BP’s.

Under commission procedures, Bartlit presented the findings to the seven-member panel. A report is due with President Barack Obama in mid-January.

Lawyers James P. Roy and Stephen J. Herman, who serve on a plaintiffs committee appointed by the court to help steer the many suits against BP and other companies, said in a statement that every time there was a decision to be made regarding the well’s operation, “BP, Halliburton and Transocean routinely chose ‘quick and cheap’ over ‘safe and prudent.'”

“The tragic result, for which BP, Halliburton and Transocean must be held fully accountable, is 11 dead, a region’s economy and ecosystem in shambles – and rogue corporations continuing to place profits over safety,” the lawyers said. Democrats in Congress also were weighing in on the presidential commission’s comments on Monday. Rep. Edward J. Markey, a member of a congressional panel investigating the spill, questioned the findings.

“When the culture of a company favors risk-taking and cutting corners above other concerns, systemic failures like this oil spill disaster result without direct decisions being made or tradeoffs being considered,” Markey, D-Mass., said. “What is fully evident, from BP’s pipeline spill in Alaska and the Texas city refinery disaster, to the Deepwater Horizon well failure, is that BP has a long and sordid history of cutting costs and pushing the limits in search of higher profits.”

 Revelation 8: Gulf Oil Catastrophe

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: This “commission” is no different than the 9/11 commission! For more related information exposing this cover-up and crime, read the articles at the link below… – SJH

Siesta Key, FL GOM Sample With 173 ppm Of BP’s Oil (Macondo Prospect)

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Obama Peace Dividend Is War Profiteering Amidst Land Of Gandhi

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November 8, 2010: Chris Floyd / Empire Burlesque – November 7, 2010

The Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama, who in his prize-claiming speech boldly claimed the mantle of Mahatma Gandhi, is now visiting India. And why has he made this pilgrimage to the homeland of his spiritual mentor? Has he come to drink more deeply of the wellsprings of satyagraha, to steep himself more thoroughly in the Gandhian principles of courageous, active, non-violent resistance to evil, to the Mahatma’s ceaseless dedication to the poor and the outcast?

No: he has come to seal the deal on the sixth largest sale of war weapons in the history of the United States: $5 billion for the bristling, burgeoning Indian military, currently waging war on millions of its own people in Kashmir and the poverty-devastated state of central India, where the despair is so deep that suicide among the poor is epidemic.

Five billion dollars could have transformed the lives and futures of millions; instead it will go into the pockets of a few American war profiteers — who will of course spread the wealth around to their favorite politicians … such as Barack Obama, the leading recipient of war industry money in the 2008 campaign, outdoing even that old soldier and ardent militarist, John McCain.

And of course the Indian arms deal comes hot on the heels of the largest transaction of death-machinery in American history: Obama’s $60 billion war-profiteering bonanza with Saudi Arabia, one of the most suffocatingly repressive and inhumane regimes on the face of the earth.

But the Peace Laureate doesn’t care about that. He knows what is truly important — and it isn’t the blighted lives of the Saudi people, or all those affected by the corruption and extremism that the Saudi royals have spread around the world (with the connivance, cooperation — or at the command of — the bipartisan American power structure). What matters most to the progressive paragon of peace is the sixty billion dollars stuffed into the coffers of his militarist backers.

If Obama wins re-election in 2012, it will not be because he “made a mid-course correction” or “learned the lessons” of the 2010 vote or “moved to the center” or any such witless expectoration of conventional wisdom. It will be because his militarist backers have judged his arms deals and Terror War operations sufficiently profitable to justify his retention. As is always the case with the War Machine that rules us, follow the money — and the blood.


While Obama peddles the tools of death and destruction in India, others are taking a different approach. At the London Review of Books, Tariq Ali recently provided the context for a short, powerful piece by Arundhati Roy on speaking truth to – and about — power… First Ali:

Arundhati Roy is both loathed and feared by the Indian elite. Loathed because she speaks her mind. Feared because her voice reaches the world outside India and damages the myths perpetrated by New Delhi regardless of which party holds power. She often annoys the official Indian Left because she writes and speaks of events for which they are either responsible or of which they dare not speak. Roy will not allow her life to be subjugated by lies. She never affects a courage or contempt she does not feel. Her campaigns against injustice are undertaken with no view to either fame or profit. Hence the respect awarded her by the poor, ordinary citizens, who know the truth but are not allowed a voice in the public sphere. The authorities can’t buy her silence. One of the few voices in India who has spoken loudly against the continuing Indian atrocities in Kashmir, she is now being threatened. If she doesn’t shut up they’ll charge her with sedition, aping their colonial masters of yesteryear. Her response to those who would charge and imprison her is a model of clarity, conviction and refusal to compromise.”

And here is that response, in full, from the Times of India:

“I write this from Srinagar, Kashmir. This morning’s papers say that I may be arrested on charges of sedition for what I have said at recent public meetings on Kashmir. I said what millions of people here say every day. I said what I, as well as other commentators have written and said for years. Anybody who cares to read the transcripts of my speeches will see that they were fundamentally a call for justice. I spoke about justice for the people of Kashmir who live under one of the most brutal military occupations in the world; for Kashmiri Pandits who live out the tragedy of having been driven out of their homeland; for Dalit soldiers killed in Kashmir whose graves I visited on garbage heaps in their villages in Cuddalore; for the Indian poor who pay the price of this occupation in material ways and who are now learning to live in the terror of what is becoming a police state…

“Yesterday I traveled to Shopian, the apple-town in South Kashmir which had remained closed for 47 days last year in protest against the brutal rape and murder of Asiya and Nilofer, the young women whose bodies were found in a shallow stream near their homes and whose murderers have still not been brought to justice. I met Shakeel, who is Nilofer’s husband and Asiya’s brother. We sat in a circle of people crazed with grief and anger who had lost hope that they would ever get ‘insaf’—justice—from India, and now believed that Azadi—freedom— was their only hope. I met young stone pelters who had been shot through their eyes. I traveled with a young man who told me how three of his friends, teenagers in Anantnag district, had been taken into custody and had their finger-nails pulled out as punishment for throwing stones. In the papers some have accused me of giving ‘hate-speeches’, of wanting India to break up. On the contrary, what I say comes from love and pride. It comes from not wanting people to be killed, raped, imprisoned or have their finger-nails pulled out in order to force them to say they are Indians. It comes from wanting to live in a society that is striving to be a just one. Pity the nation that has to silence its writers for speaking their minds. Pity the nation that needs to jail those who ask for justice, while communal killers, mass murderers, corporate scamsters, looters, rapists, and those who prey on the poorest of the poor, roam free.” – Arundhati Roy – October 26, 2010 

Arundhati Roy: Wars For Corporate Globalization 2008

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: How is that Fantasy Football League working out for you this year? – SJH 

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Obama Defends Insane QE2 Take Down Of Dazed Global Economy

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November 8, 2010: Kurt Nimmo / – November 8, 2010

In response to China and Russia complaining about the insanity that is QE2, Obama has defended the Federal Reserve.

“U.S. President Barack Obama defended the Federal Reserve’s policy of printing dollars on Monday after China and Russia stepped up criticism ahead of this week’s Group of 20 meeting,” reports Reuters today.

“I will say that the Fed’s mandate, my mandate, is to grow our economy. And that’s not just good for the United States, that’s good for the world as a whole,” Obama said during his extravagant trip to India.

Should we be surprised that Obama’s mandate is the same mandate of the international banksters that own the Federal Reserve and have pawned it off for nearly a century as an agency of the U.S. government? No, of course not. Barry Obama is a script-reader for the global elite. He will read anything that scrolls across his teleprompter.

As Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse noted last week, many economists now believe that the Federal Reserve has crossed the Rubicon by announcing another wave of quantitative easing.

“Have we now reached a point where the Federal Reserve is simply going to fire up the printing presses and shower massive wads of cash into the financial system whenever the U.S. economy is not growing fast enough? If so, what does that mean for inflation, the stability of the world financial system and the future of the U.S. dollar?” writes Snyder.

It means the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. It means another round of completely insane and suicidal debt ultimately owed to banksters.

According to the financial talking heads in the corporate media, printing money out of thin air and creating astronomical debt piled upon previously astronomical debt will stimulate the economy and get things working again. “The sad truth is that the Federal Reserve is not trying to build an economic recovery on solid financial principles. Rather, what the Federal Reserve envisions is an ‘economic recovery’ based on new debt creation,” writes Snyder.

“If 1.8 trillion dollars didn’t work before, why does the Federal Reserve think that 900 billion dollars is going to work now? This new round of quantitative easing will create more inflation and will cause speculative asset bubbles, but it is not going to fix what is wrong with the economy. In fact, it will make things worse, far worse, for the average citizen…

“Most Americans have absolutely no idea how fragile the world financial system is right now. Once the rest of the world loses faith in the U.S. dollar and in U.S. Treasuries this entire thing could completely unravel very quickly.”

In short, the situation is the exact opposite of what Obama says it is. After the Fed prints around $600 billion and uses it to purchase government bonds, the skids will be greased for a fall of the global economy. China and Russia know this. And this is why they are complaining at the G20 about the insane QE2 death spiral about to take place.

Ron Paul : This Monetary System Can’t Last!

Ron Paul believes QE2 represents the beginning of the end of the Federal Reserve system. “I think the Fed will self-destruct,” Paul told CNBC (see video above). “People will desert the dollar. I think the Chinese are hinting that already. They are not wanting our dollars as much as raw materials. This is a deeply flawed monetary system. Here we have a small group of people who can create $600 billion with the stroke of a pen…

“I don’t know where people are coming from to think that this can work. What really astounds me is how tolerant the people are, the people in Congress and the financial market, where did this authority come from? Now somebody outside of the government can spend trillions of dollars and not think anything about it. It doesn’t work, it’s a failure. And next year it will be more. Bernanke is very clear on what he is going to do — he is going to create money until he gets economic growth and there is no evidence to show that just creating money causes economic growth.” Failure or engineered financial implosion?

In the meantime, you’ll have to endure Barry Obama. Not only Barry, but his groomed apologists like potty-mouth “comedian” Bill Maher and the globalist Fahreed Zakaria, who is now a prized asset of that crown jewel of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, Time Magazine. In response to an exaggeration on the exact amount of money the American tax payer will be forced to shell out at gunpoint in order to pay for Barry’s jaunt to India, Maher said the internet is contributing to a devolution of reality, as John Byrne of Raw Story puts it.

“Do you think the right wing lives in a bubble?” Maher asked a panel, including Zakaria. “Or a mental institution?” added Fahreed in response to “right wing” criticism of Barry’s trip and his policies – the policies of the global elite – in general.

No, the mental institution is on the Potomac. It is excused and rationalized by the likes of Maher, Zakaria, and Paul Krugman of the New York Times, the latter who never saw a global bankster he did not want to embrace.

“Krugman is exactly the opposite of a free market economist,” Ron Paul told CNBC. “I would think by now he would have been totally discredited and it’s tragic — I pray every night that his views will just disappear because what he wants to do is more of the bad stuff… He is leading the intellectual charge for the total destruction of the dollar. I don’t see how he has any credibility whatsoever.” Ditto Maher and Zakaria…

Fareed Zakaria On Bill Maher

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Meanwhile, the primary reason for Obama’s extravagant visit to India on the taxpayer’s dime is to facilitate the 6th biggest arms deal in US history – SJH

Real Reason For Obama’s Trip To India: The Sixth Biggest Arms Deal In U.S. History

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