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Suspicious “Items” Were Headed For Chicago Religious Institutions

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October 29, 2010: Chicago CBS Editor’s / Chicago CBS – October 29, 2010

Updated October 29-31, 2010 – SJH

CHICAGO (CBS) – Authorities stopped two cargo planes with suspicious packages onboard, after learning the items were being sent from Yemen to synagogues in Chicago. Federal officials say two packages from Yemen that were rigged in some way were found on cargo planes. One was a UPS plane stopped in the UK. The other was a FedEx plane stopped in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A U.S. official told CBS News both planes were searched in response to a specific warning that they were carrying suspicious packages addressed to synagogues or Jewish centers in Chicago.

The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago was notified of the situation at 10:30 a.m. Friday, and officials there are “taking proper precautions,” said associate vice president Linda Haase. The organization is also advising local synagogues to take precautions, Haase said. Meanwhile, CBS News reports all UPS flights have been grounded. A law enforcement source tells CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine the word is out to synagogues in Chicago not to accept UPS packages from east of New York. They are asked to call Chicago Police if any delivery is attempted.

FBI spokesman Ross Rice added that while there are no identifiable or specific threats to the Chicago area, all churches, synagogues and mosques in the area are being warned to be vigilant for unsolicited or unexpected packages, especially those originating from overseas locations. Authorities say the UPS plane was headed to Chicago from Yemen, and had on-board an ink toner cartridge that looked like it had been converted into a bomb (pictured above). The plane was stopped in the UK Thursday night, CNN reported.

U.K. officials discovered that the toner cartridge had been manipulated and found wires attached to it and white powder. Tests on the device came back negative for explosives, according to a law enforcement official who also spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the investigation. The UPS plane was held at East Midlands Airport, near Nottingham, England. Police and emergency workers examined the package and lifted the security cordon by mid-morning, but Leicestershire Constabulary later said officers were re-examining it “as a precaution.”

Sarah Furbank, a passenger who was about to board a plane out of East Midlands Airport, said that she had noticed an increased security presence. There were “quite a few police cars round the edge” of the airport, Furbank told The Associated Press. “Apparently there was an incident earlier according to staff but they didn’t go into detail.” Additional information is not known about the FedEx plane in Dubai.

President Barack Obama was notified of the potential terrorist threat Thursday evening, and “directed U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Homeland Security, to take steps to ensure the safety and security of the American people, and to determine whether these threats are a part of any additional terrorist plotting,” according to a statement from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

“The president has received regular updates from his national security team since he was alerted to the threat,” Gibbs added. President Obama is set to make a statement on the incident at 3:15 p.m.

Other cargo planes around the U.S. and the world were also searched as a precaution because they carried packages originating in Yemen. Specifically, law enforcement officials packages on two cargo planes in Philadelphia and one in Newark, N.J. One of the flights to Philadelphia was coming in from Paris. The other from Cologne, Germany, and was scheduled to go on to Louisville, Ky.

Police also stopped a UPS truck with a package on New York’s Queensboro Bridge into downtown Manhattan. Some experts said the incident might have been a dry run to test security on cargo planes.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: This is a fucking joke! Does anyone actually believe this manufactured booga booga? This is clearly a false flag pre-election reminder that Yemen is in Israel’s, thus their compliant slaves in America’s crosshairs! Mossad, MI6, CIA, FBI and the IDF are comically lacking in creativity.

Let’s ponder a few fundamental questions: Who tipped off the intelligence agencies around the world to these “suspicious items” if no bomb sniffing dogs were alerted? Who else but these very same intelligence agencies could orchestrate such an obvious production? Now reports have come in that bomb material has been found in Dubai that allegedly originated in Yemen to give “creedence” to this worldwide false flag “terrorism” alert…

CNN News

Sky News

Don’t worry, America! President Barry Soetoro will keep you safe from Osama bin Dead and Al CIA-da… – SJH


UPDATE ———————————– October 29, 2010 UPDATE ———————————– UPDATE

Obama Issues Fake Terror Alert On Eve Of Elections

Corporate Media On High Alert Over “Manipulated” Toner Cartridge On UK Plane

Barack Obama Accused Of Exaggerating Terror Threat For Political Gain 


UPDATE ———————————– OCTOBER 30, 2010 UPDATE ———————————– UPDATE

 Yemen Says UPS Planes Never Take Off Or Land In It

Suspicious Package To U.S. Not From Yemen; Yemenia Air Cargo Director

Yemen Officials: Packages Didn’t Come From Yemen

TTR UPDATE: When this story first broke yesterday here in Chicago, WBBM 780 AM radio reported that Jewish Synagogues were the target. Shortly thereafter, the Chicago Police had announced that all religious institutions were targeted and warned Churches, Synagogues and Mosques to be on the alert.

The Chicago Police also reported that the FBI said tests on the suspicious packages had all come back negative for any bomb explosive materials and posed no immediate threat. Then, Obama contradicts this in his speech.

Bomb Scare Is BS

Now, all that is being regurgitated by the corporate presstitutes incessantly is that indeed explosives had been detected and that the packages were specifically mailed only to Jewish institutions here in Chicago via Yemen. However, as the above reports confirm, no packages left Yemen on UPS or DHL in the past 48 hours– SJH


UPDATE ———————————– October 31, 2010 UPDATE ———————————– UPDATE

 Yemen Insists No Packages Sent 48 Hours Prior To Toner Bomb Hysteria

Inside Story: The Cargo Plane Bomb Plot

TTR UPDATE: Now that the cargo plane myth has blown up (pun intended) in their faces, the US government and corporate media whores have again changed their fairy tale to say that the planes carrying the “suspicious items” where flown on passenger airlines. As I stated within hours of this story breaking, the entire charade is a fabricated fraud and nobody with a critical thinking mind believes a fucking word of it! More booga, booga…

Mail Bombs In Dubai Sent On Two Passenger Planes

Yemen Official: Woman Arrested Didn’t Mail Bombs, Released On Bail,0,3143705.story

With that, I conclude my ongoing weekend coverage of this now entirely discredited “terrorism” hoax… – SJH 

Link to original article with video below…

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