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WikiLeaks Release 391,832 Damning Iraqi War Log Files To Media

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October 23, 2010: Jason Ditz / – October 22, 2010

It was several days after the previously reported Monday release, and earlier than some more recent indications, but WikiLeaks finally released its 391,832 “war logs” files from the Iraqi War.

As with the previous leak, The Guardian was at the forefront with a major, well-organized web release.

The document dump is by far the largest release of classified war documents in American history, and centers around field reports detailing civilian killings, friendly fire incidents, and killings of insurgents who were trying to surrender. The documents revealed 15,000 previously unreported killings, and underscored that the military actually had been keeping track of civilian deaths, despite claims that no such counts were being made.

Another major revelation surrounded a standing order that existed ordering US military personnel not to investigate the rampant torture by Iraqi security forces. Officials had pled ignorance about what Iraqi officials were doing to detainees but the ignorance was “by design.” Al-Jazeera reported that the order not to probe the torture came from Gen. Sanchez.

According to WikiLeaks’ twitter, the documents were made available in advance to “TBIJ, IBC, Guardian, Spiegel, NYT, Le Monde, Al Jazeera, Chan4, SVT, CNN, BBC,” all of which are expected to release coverage related to it. Al-Jazeera is running an hour-long special beginning at 5:00 PM Eastern. Below is a list of the coverage so far from these sites, more will be added as they are available…

The interactive: Every death mapped

The story: How US ignored torture

The deaths: 15,000 previously unlisted

Grim toll at Iraq’s checkpoints

Men who tried to surrender killed

‘No further action’ – US order on abuse

How friendly fire became routine

No answer for deaths of journalists

Apache helicopters kill 14 civilians

Serial abuse by coalition troops

Civilians in the crossfire

Crazy Horse’ and collateral damage

Reports Detail Iran Aid to Iraq Militias

Civilians Paid War’s Heaviest Toll

WikiLeaks Iraq FAQs: What the Logs Really Say

Beaten, Shocked, Eyes Gouged: Iraq Abuse, Wikileaked

Iraq War Logs: Wikileaks V Washington

Iraq War Logs: Seven Killed, Including Two Children, by Marines ‘Speeding Towards’ Checkpoint

Iraq War Logs: 200 Bullets Fired by Soldiers at Speeding Vehicle Kills Parents and Wounds Their Two Children

Chemical Weapons, Iranian Agents and Massive Death Tolls Exposed in Wikileaks

Iraq War Logs: UN Calls on Obama to Investigate Human Rights Abuses

Wikileaks: Iraq War Logs Claim British Soldier ‘Killed Iraqi Girl, 8, as She Played

WikiLeaks: Collateral Murder [Iraq]

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Meanwhile, the US government and mainstream corporate media whores cry about endangering American servicepeople to cover their blatant international war crimes– SJH

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