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Arctic Ice Expanding And Thickening Contrary To Global Warmists

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September 21, 2010: CO2 Insanity Editor’s / CO2 – September 21, 2010 

Yes you read right. To all those who want to believe all the warmer propaganda like “the ice is melting” or “soon there will be no ice in the Arctic” and other cute little phrases designed to scare those global warming bucks right out of your wallet into someone else’s bank account, please go look at this one from Real Science.

As you can plainly see the ice is getting thicker, not thinning faster than Kojak’s hair.

Polar Bears will not be drowning, the Walruses will not be beaching themselves due to lack of ice (which by the way is normal and not something to get over-excited about) and the Arctic Fox probably doesn’t need to go on the endangered species list because of that old faux global warming. All you warmers please take a deep breath and say, oops! Please go to the source below for all the information…

Source: Real Science

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: I can hear Howard Cosell’s infamous call now, “Down goes, Frazier…”  

George Foreman vs Joe Frazier [HD] – 1973

And yes, I actually watched this classic fight on live network television back in 1973… What?! – SJH 🙂

Link to original article below…

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