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Gulf Oil Disaster: Another Large Fish Kill Reported In Plaquemines

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September 17, 2010: AP News Editors / Associated Press via – September 17, 2010

POINTE A LA HACHE, La. – The latest raft of bloated fish found in Plaquemines Parish probably died for the same reason as one found six days earlier, low oxygen caused by high temperatures in shallow water, says Louisiana’s top fisheries biologist. Randy Pausina, assistant secretary for the Office of Fisheries in the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, said biologists went to check the fish kill at Bay Joe Wise on Friday, the day it was reported to his office. He expected a report Monday, and expected it to show the same cause as a fish kill reported Sept. 10 in adjacent Bay Chaland. “The hotter the water is, the less oxygen the water can hold,” Pausina said. Heat also speeds up plant and animal metabolism, so they need more oxygen. Fish trapped in shallow water use up its oxygen and suffocate.

Pausina noted that both bays are connected to a web of canals dredged for oil and gas operations. The fish found Thursday may have died and sunk in those canals, then floated out to the bay during high tides after decomposition gases filled their bodies, he said. Plaquemines Parish coastal zone director P.J. Hahn said Thursday that the fish covered at least one-fourth of a square mile, with oil visible among them. He said he wanted the area tested because it was affected by oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill.

The area is closed to fishing because of oil from the spill, but that doesn’t mean oil killed the fish, Pausina said. “Nobody’s doubting there’s oil in the marsh in those areas. That’s why there’s no harvest of fish in those areas,” he said. However, Pausina said, it can’t be smelled and chemical analysis of water from every closed waterway in the state finds hydrocarbon levels below both advisory levels and the usual levels from normal seepage.

Oily water is far from new, noted University of New Orleans biology professor James M. Grady, whose interests include ecology of freshwater and marine fishes. “Oil and oil sheen have been a part of our coastal waters since the state and local governments mortgaged the future of our coastal environments for the promises of oil riches,” he wrote in an e-mail. “Clearly, no prior spill approximated the BP disaster, but seeing something oily in our marshes can mean many things.”

The department checked regularly for BP oil on state waterbottoms throughout the summer and did not find any, said Olivia Watkins, a Department of Wildlife and Fisheries spokeswoman. Hahn also said Plaquemines has never had fish kills this frequent and this extensive until this year. That’s nonsense, Pausina said.

Both kills in the Bay Chaland and Bay Joe Wise were predominantly menhaden, also called pogie. “A pogie fish kill this size — a menhaden fish kill — it’s small,” he said. It would be significant if even 20 fish died because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. But menhaden are extremely sensitive, and it’s fairly common for 100,000 at a time to float up this time of year in south Louisiana’s shallow waters, Pausina said. Click here to see photos

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Hat tip to my friend and contact in New Orleans for sending this to me… Thankyou, Kim! Now, would anybody out there in their right mind eat the seafood from this area of the Gulf of Mexico after both the oil disaster and then subsequent illegal toxic dispersant contamination?

Who do you believe – the fishermen whose livelihoods depend on catching and selling safe, fresh seafood and now refuse to do so because it’s clearly not; or BP and the US government that perpetrated this crime and claim otherwise on both accounts?!

In order to illustrate the deceptive doublespeak propaganda of this AP report, consider the clever statement by AP where they proclaim, “Heat also speeds up plant and animal metabolism, so they need more oxygen.”

In the real world, plants process carbon dioxide from animals and then produce oxygen for animals! – SJH 

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4 Responses

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  1. Just hold on a second!….. I thought Corexit was supposed to be good for you!
    What really frustrates me is that they will do an investigation and find that it was just low O2, global warming or maybe even an new scary pandemic like the fish flu. Then they will come out with vaccine for it.

    Kirk J

    September 18, 2010 at 7:08 am

  2. I meant to say they will find conclusively that it was ONLY low O2 and had nothing to do with corexit.

    Kirk J

    September 18, 2010 at 7:30 am

  3. We need to start gettin in their faces and be more angry ,to stop them from fucking us around , cause frustration just won’t do it !

    I’m a peacefull individual that is starting to believe , that only the use of force to remove the rats of the ship will get the job done !

    Until then, no real result …!

    The worse part , more we wait to make a move , the harsher the recovery will be ( if recovery there is)!


    September 19, 2010 at 5:30 pm

  4. Gentlemen,

    I share your frustration. However, do not despair… You know the truth.

    Keep in mind that as we battle daily to open the minds of our family, friends, associates, and strangers, we must also remember that the ultimate battle to win is that of the souls of humanity. That is the final war to be fought…

    Warriors Of Christ

    On salted shores along the Dead Sea
    Deep in a secret cave
    Ancient scrolls were found
    Discovered by the dog of a young shepherd boy
    The Word of Truth

    Hidden away in the catacombs of the Vatican
    Where robes, red and black
    Wisk down darkened hallways
    Waving incense on stale air
    Behind the guise of ritual

    Many will claim to be a Christian
    But they are not!
    Like all the churches veiled in fear
    Blind are the fold of cults
    Serving traditions of man
    Raping the weakened masses
    Seducing lost and desperate souls
    With promises
    They know cannot be kept

    Read the Word!
    The age of the church is over
    So deceive the people with hallow redemption
    Drink the people into One World Government
    Drug the people into One World Religion
    Fulfill the prophesies of old and new
    The Book of Life must be opened soon

    Can you deny our God has written the fate
    For you and all who follow you?
    Can you defeat our God
    With weapons of man or UFOs?
    Can you destroy our God who created you?

    Fools of this world
    We draw our sword
    We are the Children of the Light
    We wear the seal of eternal Life
    Our helmet is set with the hope of salvation
    Our breastplate is forged by love and faith
    The shield we wield defends the Truth
    Our Sword is the Word of the Lord our God

    We are the Warriors of Christ

    Steven John Hibbs – Copyright 2002

    Peace and God bless… No Fear!!

    – SJH

    Steven John Hibbs

    September 20, 2010 at 1:02 am

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