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Anti-Establishment Fervor Is A Hammer Blow To Washington Elite

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September 15, 2010: Paul Joseph Watson / Prison – September 15, 2010

Amidst the defeat of two more establishment Republicans by Tea Party candidates last night, a new Rasmussen poll shows that anti-incumbent challenger Sharron Angle is now tied with Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and stands a good chance of ousting him in November, which would represent a massive blow to the Washington elite.

Angle’s popularity is excelled by Kentucky’s Rand Paul, who has taken a commanding lead over Democrat Jack Conway after trouncing establishment Republican Trey Grayson back in May. Mirroring Paul’s success, Delaware Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell defeated nine-term Republican Michael Castle last night, despite a last minute GOP rush to help him save his seat. After the result, Republican insider Karl Rove attacked O’Donnell’s character and derided her as a “nut,” in a transparent example of how the neo-con establishment is panicked at genuinely grass-roots candidates who have not been co-opted by the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, another Tea Party-backed newcomer, Carl Paladino, easily won New York’s Republican gubernatorial race, beating establishment candidate Rick Lazio. Given the burgeoning success of anti-establishment candidates in recent months, one wonders when the system will turn to its rigged voting machines and shady back-handers in order to counter what is increasingly looking like a peaceful revolution conducted via the ballot box.

With the establishment so vehemently discredited, repeated smear attempts against anti-incumbent candidates like Rand Paul have not only completely failed, they have in fact boosted the target of the smear. With the corporate media having lost its power to destroy political careers, the only weapon the establishment has left is vote fraud. Races where one candidate has a clear lead, such as Rand Paul, will be hard to manipulate, but closely fought contests like that between Angle and Reid will be wide open for abuse and dirty tricks.

A Rasmussen poll of likely voters in Nevada found that Angle and Reid were tied at 48% apiece, suggesting that Angle has the momentum going into the midterms having been 3 per cent down on Reid just two weeks ago. The establishment has constantly attacked Angle and framed her views as “extremist” in a similar manner to how they tried to discredit Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina.

Angle has closely identified herself with the Oath Keepers organization, a non-partisan association of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters, who have sworn to not obey unconstitutional orders such as gun confiscations, warrantless searches and mass incarceration. Angle has also publicly opposed the fluoridation of water supplies, attacking sodium fluoride as a deadly poison and voting against its use.

With a new CNN poll showing trust in government has sunk to just one in four Americans, the ground has never been more fertile for anti-incumbent success. However, this makes the establishment all the more dangerous, and don’t be surprised if we witness an “October surprise” that is exploited to demonize all Tea Party candidates as extremist radicals who have no place in government.

What the nature of that surprise will be remains to be seen, but it would be naive to think that the system is just going to stand aside and allow its servants to be ousted by people like Paul, O’Donnell, and Angle, who have vowed to take America back from the elite and restore constitutional principles.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Also look for the corporate presstitutes to step up their defamation campaign against the Tea Party and other anti-establishment candidates. Either way, the sleeping giant is awakening and the natives are restless– SJH 

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