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Dead Whale And “Thousands” Of Dead Fish Near Venice, Louisiana

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September 14, 2010: Editors / – September 13, 2010

VENICE, La. – Thousands of fish and a dead whale on Monday were found dead at the mouth of a shipping channel in Venice. Species include crabs, sting rays, eels, drum, speckled trout and red fish.

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser, who sent in the pictures below, said there is no testing going on to determine if it’s from the oil spill, although the northern Gulf of Mexico has suffered from a persistent dead zone of low oxygen, blamed on nutrient rich runoff from the Mississippi River.

Nungesser said this is different because usually the kills happen to only one or two species of fish. One University of Georgia scientist who found oil at the bottom of the Gulf said she hasn’t seen convincing data that connects the oil and the fish kills, but that studies need to be done to determine what’s going on.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: I think that we can all be assured by our benign US government and eco-friendly BP that nearly 5 million barrels of oil and over 2 million gallons of highly toxic Corexit illegally poured and sprayed into the Gulf of Mexico had absolutely nothing to do with this mass murder of sea life– SJH

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The World Must Attack Iran Now Says Former Mossad Chief Yatom

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September 14, 2010: Jason Ditz / – September 12, 2010

Speaking today at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism conference, former Mossad chief Danny Yatom urged the international community to come together and form a joint air force led by the United States to launch massive air strikes across Iran.

Sanctions are not enough, I am hopeful that the world will come to its senses,” Yatom noted. Coming to its senses, it seems, is a euphemism for starting a massive war that is bound to spread across virtually the entire Middle East.

Yatom served as head of Mossad from 1996 to 1998, and also served as a member of Israeli parliament under the Labor Party. He resigned from politics in 2008 citing his lack of confidence in the Olmert government.

Yatom made comments a year ago (nearly to the day) in an interview with Russia Today, in which he doubted that a peaceful resolution was possible with Iran. He declared at the time that it was “prohibited” for the world to allow Iran to continue its civilian uranium enrichment but said there was still time for diplomacy. Now, he seems to have jumped on the bandwagon for a military strike, and seems not to even mention the possibility of further diplomacy.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: I guess the real question here is, are you going to allow your children to murder more innocent human beings and/or then die for the Zionist regime of Israel?! – SJH

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