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Afghan Bomb Attacks Sacrifice Another 21 US Troops In 48 Hours!

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August 31, 2010: Ben Farmer / London Telegraph – August 31, 2010

Twenty-one American troops have been killed in Afghanistan since Friday in one of the bloodiest periods of the summer.

A series of bomb attacks have badly hit US troops in eastern and southern Afghanistan in the past 48 hours. The death toll among the NATO-led coalition has reached 484 this year and is predicted to far surpass 2009’s total of 521. Deaths have risen consistently each year since 2001.

Meanwhile, the Afghan police and civilians have suffered far higher casualties. The coalition blames the rise in troop deaths partly on the influx of reinforcements, which is allowing commanders to target previously untouched insurgent safe havens where rebels are mounting stiff resistance.

Gen. David Petraeus, senior US and NATO commander in the country, warned last week that fighting would “get harder before it gets easier”. In two of the most deadly recent incidents, three Americans died in eastern Afghanistan in one bomb attack on Tuesday, and five died in a single bomb attack in the south on Monday. Military spokesmen would not say if the bombs hit vehicles or foot patrols.

Homemade bombs using old shells or homemade explosives and hidden in roads, tracks, walls, streams and buildings have become the Taliban’s favoured weapon. Their use has sparked an arms race with foreign troops’ evolving tactics and/or relying on more heavily armed vehicles and mine detectors to try and avoid them.

Afghanistan: 14 US Troops Killed In 3 Days

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: How many innocent Afghanistan men, women and children have been mercilessly slaughtered by the US-NATO forces’ illegal invasion since 2001? Does anyone really know?!

“According to the U.N. report, 1,271 Afghans died and 1,997 were injured – mostly from bombings – in the first six months of the year [2010].”


Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro will tell America tonight that the combat faze in Iraq has ended after the slaughter of over 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians and the displacement of over 4,000,000 more as the country now lay in imperialistic tatters. All on our dime, folks! Be sure to watch closely tonight from the newly decorated Oval Office (again on our dime) as CIA puppet Obama’s teleprompter inevitably weaves the nefarious word sacrifice seamlessly into his latest occult-zionist war propaganda as the sacrifice count continues to escalate, both abroad and at home. And invariably, the master teleprompter Manchurian president will end his speech with some cryptic version of “God bless, America!” – (Ahem!)… God bless, America? As we are now?!  – SJH

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