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Matt Simmons: Dead At 68 – The Man, The Myth, And The Mystery

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August 9, 2010: Steven John Hibbs / The Tonka Report (TTR) – August 9, 2010

Matt Simmons – peak oil  propononent; advocate of the Club of Rome policies; member of the Council on Foreign Relations; energy advisor to George W. Bush; member of the National Petroleum Council; and founder and chairman emeritus of Simmons & Company International – was found dead at his Maine home August 8, 2010 from conflicting reports of either drowning in his pool or from a heart attack. This confliction may rule out any detection of poisoning.

Simmons had recently made controversial headlines by debunking and exposing the US government and BP’s assessments and outright lies concerning the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil disaster, by not only detailing the fact that there are two wells in question, but the real estimates of oil spewing into the Gulf.

Matt Simmons was clearly an insider of the global elite as is illustrated by his affiliations above. Considering the preliminary conflicting reports concerning the cause of death, is this another Dr. David Kelly style murder of an insider turned whistleblower? Because this already has all the earmarks of a covert assassination… Why?

The Tonka Report Gulf Of Mexico Archives: 

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: There comes a time in most people’s lives when they hit a point that the deception is no longer worth the money. It is those who have absolutely no conscience remaining that we all must ultimately apprehend as a moral society and bring to justice… – SJH  

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