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Oil Spill Tragedy Of Historic Proportions: Reaches Lake Michigan?

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July 30, 2010: Deborah Dupre’ / Human Rights Examiner – July 29, 2010

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: WGN radio (Chicago) reported this morning that oil spilled in the Kalamazoo River has now reached Lake Michigan! – SJH

Michigan’s Kalamazoo River oil “spill,” believed to be over one million gallons, is possibly leading the nation toward both tragedy and dictatorship with military powers of historic proportions under Obama’s National Emergency he declared,  now with American troops poised for urban duty and Canadian troops on 72-hour stand-by.

This latest “spill” is possibly a military leap not for mankind, but for the New World Order that it serves. Why the delayed response? Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is “sharply criticizing efforts to contain the spill” and warning of a “tragedy of historic proportions” if oil reaches Lake Michigan, only some 80 miles downstream according to AP. The oil is almost half-way there. (Detroit News)

The United States remains under the National Emergency that President Obama declared after the government manipulated H1N1 swine flu ‘pandemic’ data, as Dr. Mercola and NVIC’s Barbara Loe Fisher alerted Americans. 

At any moment, under today’s National Emergency, President Obama could dismiss certain regulations and much more, such as quarantine of large numbers of people. (See: Ron Paul address to Americans: National Emergency increases president powers, D. Dupre, Examiner, October 29, 2009)

U.S. combat troops were stationed on U.S. soil to “assist” with civilian vaccinations, Since the Gulf oil and Corexit poison operation began, the stated reason for U.S. troop active duty build-up in the Deep South and Costa Rica is to address drug traffic.

Oil gushing from the underground pipeline connecting the U.S. to Canada poses a new emergency health threat, one involving all life in the area, including human. It increases the probability that presidential powers under the National Emergency will be used. 

Warnings issued to Kalamazoo and surrounding area residents are that “this oil is highly toxic with benzene, a carcinogen, and to stay away from the water – the fumes are strong apparently – and not even to try to help wildlife,” according to Kalamazoo resident, Dr. Joetta Carr. Workers on the scene are very “tight-lipped” according to an Examiner reliable source there.

Time will soon tell whether the Michigan oil spill is yet another step towards the U.S.-backed aim of a New World Order through the Defence Department’s Full Spectrum Dominance.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Again, WGN radio (Chicago) reported this morning that oil from the spill has indeed reached Lake Michigan! – SJH

TTR UPDATE 1: I’m still waiting and searching for confirmation to collaborate the WGN report. Nothing further has been said concerning the oil reaching Lake Michigan– SJH

TTR UPDATE 2: WGN has now just reported that oil has not reached Lake Michigan… – SJH 

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