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The Media Worships LeBron James As The United States Collapses

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July 11, 2010: Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes / – July 8, 2010

Editor’s note July 11, 2010: The video below has gone viral on YouTube with over 350,000 views since it was posted on July 8, 2010.

Alex Jones gives the ‘inside scoop’ on NBA basketball MVP LeBron James’ pivotal trade decision…

…err, I mean, rather breaks down how society has become obsessed with celebrity culture and has taken its eye off of important world events, allowing corruption and total global domination to take root.

While LeBron announces his move to Miami, the mindless sports fans of America have all essentially ignored larger problems.

Here are people by the tens of thousands begging LeBron James to stay on their team, yet these same people won’t even go out and protest the looting by the Federal government, the banker bailout or even the BP oil spill.

Yes, modern Bread and Circuses – endless ballgames, television and gossip about celebrity birthday parties – has driven our culture to embrace the meaningless, while reducing our consciousness to mindless drivel. America – once the greatest cradle of imagination and wealth has fallen to a land of virtual morons who look up to decadent system-icons instead of leaders who could drive our future to greatness once again…

Alex Jones

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Meanwhile, the entire world was riveted to a meaningless soccer match today as the world economy collapses; unemployment skyrockets; world war is on the horizon; the Gulf of Mexico is dying; our food, water and air are being poisoned; and the Obama administration is engaged in open treason against the state of Arizona. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of tyranny descending on humanity like a hammer on the nail driving the coffin lid shut! – SJH

Link to original article below…

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