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US National Guard Training For Riot Control And Mass Detentions!

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June 17, 2010: Mac Slavo / SHTF Plan and Public Intelligence – June 15, 2010

In a previous story we noted that Reports Surfacing of Multi-State National Guard Mobilizations.

Further information made available after our report, much of which was published in the comment section by contributors who scoured the web for more information on the subject, suggests that the report was true and that national guard units had indeed been called up for training and possible deployment for domestic emergencies.

With the BP oil leak heating up (literally), there is a distinct possibility of noxious fumes and toxic hurricanes hitting our coasts over the coming months. Because there is minimal research on the subject available to the public, it is difficult to establish what is or is not a threat. Nonetheless, we advise those of our readers on or near the coast to remain aware of any developments regarding the possibility of emergencies or evacuations in their areas.

For those who may think we are overreacting to the possibility that the federal government would respond to an emergency, specifically mandatory evacuations on the gulf coast with the use of National Guard troops, we direct you to the article below, brought to our attention by Worldwide Wake Up Now and originally published at Public Intelligence.

In the event of a mass evacuation event, be it on the Gulf coast or as a result of an earthquake, chemical attack, biological attack, or other national emergency, we fully expect National Guard troops to be deployed. There will be mass chaos, violence, rioting, and looting, and local law enforcement simply will not have the capability to handle such a disaster.

The National Guard trains specifically for this, as depicted in the following article…

Vigilant Guard 2010 Riot Control, Detention Drills

by Public Intelligence

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Hey Jimmy Z (see comment section), are you paying attention?! – SJH

Link to entire article below…

2 Responses

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    Steven…thought this might be interesting. I, now, work for a company that submits the necessary documentation that companies need to do federal contract work. The FAR (subpart 19.5) initially sounded like a WONDERFUL idea, but if you read into some of the exeptions, Federal Prison Industries, Inc. gets prefferential treatment in the aquisitions of services and products! INSANE. This company is almost ALL profit, tax exempt, and when they want to expand, BoP picks up the tab! Our tax dollars go to the BoP, who then pays for the electricity, water, and expansion projects for FPI. FPI, then, turns around and sells their products to the government for FAR more than the average textile company sells for on the open market. FUCK THIS….I WANT A GUN AND AN ISLAND!


    June 17, 2010 at 9:08 am

  2. 19.503 Setting aside a class of acquisitions for small business.
    (a) A class of acquisitions of selected products or services, or a portion of the acquisitions, may be set aside for exclusive participation by small business concerns if individual acquisitions in the class will meet the criteria in 19.502-1, 19.502-2, or 19.502-3(a). The determination to make a class small business set-aside shall not depend on the existence of a current acquisition if future acquisitions can be clearly foreseen.

    (b) The determination to set aside a class of acquisitions for small business may be either unilateral or joint.

    (c) Each class small business set-aside determination shall be in writing and must—

    (1) Specifically identify the product(s) and service(s) it covers;

    (2) Provide that the set-aside does not apply to any acquisition automatically reserved for small business concerns under 19.502-2(a).

    (3) Provide that the set-aside applies only to the (named) contracting office(s) making the determination; and

    (4) Provide that the set-aside does not apply to any individual acquisition if the requirement is not severable into two or more economic production runs or reasonable lots, in the case of a partial class set-aside.

    (d) The contracting officer shall review each individual acquisition arising under a class small business set-aside to identify any changes in the magnitude of requirements, specifications, delivery requirements, or competitive market conditions that have occurred since the initial approval of the class set-aside. If there are any changes of such a material nature as to result in probable payment of more than a fair market price by the Government or in a change in the capability of small business concerns to satisfy the requirements, the contracting officer may withdraw or modify (see 19.506(a)) the unilateral or joint set-aside by giving written notice to the SBA procurement center representative (or, if a procurement center representative is not assigned, see 19.402(a)) stating the reasons.

    19.504 Inclusion of Federal Prison Industries, Inc.
    When using competitive procedures in accordance with 8.602(a)(4), agencies shall include Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (FPI), in the solicitation process and consider a timely offer from FPI.


    June 17, 2010 at 12:28 pm

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