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Troops Deployed To Evacuate 50 Million Residents In Gulf Region?

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June 7, 2010: Kurt Nimmo / – June 7, 2010

Mississippi’s governor Haley Barbour is not about to let oil washing up on the state’s beaches ruin the tourism industry. “The truth is we have had virtually no oil,” Barbour told Fox News Sunday. “We’ve had a few tar balls but we have a few every year” because of natural seepage in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s all the fault of the damn media, Barbour insists. “The biggest negative impact for us has been the news coverage,” he grumbled.

On June 1, however, the media reported that oil from the BP gusher had indeed washed up on Mississippi’s beaches. “Oil from the BP Gulf of Mexico gusher hit beaches in Alabama and Mississippi for the first time Tuesday. It’s definitely not the kind of news the states wanted to deliver with the start of the summer beach season newly underway,” NPR reported last week.

Or rather it is not the sort of news Barbour wants to accept even though he admitted last week Petit Bois Island, a barrier island near the Mississippi-Alabama border, had been hit by the oil. Barbour has compared the slick to the thin sheen of oil commonly found around ski boats. Meanwhile, also on Sunday, the Intel Hub website reported rumors of a federal troop deployment in Louisiana.

Shepard Ambellas, who reported on a mass grave site at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Cemetery in Phoenix, Arizona in 2009, reports possible “battle hardened troops” or National Guard outfitted in full battle gear and body armor have been seen moving into Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Ambellas writes: As of 12:00 PM CST, possible battle hardened troops or National Guard, in full battle gear and body armor have been seen moving into the area. Fully armored HUMVEES with 50 Cal active gun turrets are reportedly arriving on scene as well. All troops and vehicles are in woodland patterns. Black trucks with red letters displaying “Disaster Relief Team” have also arrived. FEMA contractors and mobile facilities are present. The Crisis Management Corp. is reportedly present as well. Our reporters see no visible sign that the troops are National Guard at this time. They reported the troops looked “battle hardened”.

Ambellas and the Intel Hub believe the deployment is the “first step in a massive coastal evacuation that could potentially disperse 40-50 million people.” Rumors concerning a massive evacuation have persisted since the beginning of the oil leak in late April.

Maryann Tobin, writing for the the Albuquerque Examiner on May 9, (2010) stated FEMA “and other government agencies” have prepared to evacuate the Tampa Bay area ahead of a “controlled burn of surface oil in the Gulf of Mexico.” Tobin did not cite sources.

On May 4, up to 17,500 U.S. Army National Guard troops were mobilized by the Pentagon “to help various states with the oil spill,” according to the Associated Press. “Defense Secretary Robert Gates has granted requests to send troops of up to 6,000 by Louisiana, 3,000 by Alabama, 2,500 by Florida and 6,000 by Mississippi.” It is interesting to note the large number of troops deployed to Mississippi. As noted above, Mississippi’s governor Haley Barbour states oil is not a problem in the state.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: I have been reporting on this subject in a round-about way for a few days now with video interviews, article links and my personal comments attached to previous articles that are listed below. This is a developing situation so stay tuned for further updates to verify authenticity-SJH 

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Bilderberg 2010 – Disarm Americans And Create UN Welfare State

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June 7, 2010: Paul Joseph Watson / Prison – June 7, 2010

As part of Bilderberg’s agenda to “Europeanize” America and turn it into a socialist welfare state wherein its citizens are completely dependent on the government, the elite are celebrating President Obama’s support for a UN small arms treaty, which many fear could be used to impinge on the right to keep and bear arms.

According to Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker, elitists were celebrating one of their scant victories at the annual meeting this year, namely the fact that President Obama has promised to support a United Nations small arms treaty that could represent an end run around the second amendment.

By encapsulating the gun grab within a treaty, the Obama administration could claim that no Senate approval is needed to authorize any such move against the right to bear arms – although whether a treaty trumps the Constitution is a very murky area of debate.

Congressman Paul Broun warns that, “With willing one-world accomplices in Washington, D.C., gun-grabbers around the globe believe they have it made.” Broun characterizes the U.N.’s Small Arms Treaty as “nothing more than a massive, GLOBAL gun control scheme.”

The treaty would force national governments to acquiesce to a global gun registry, while strengthening licensing procedures so as to make it almost impossible for a citizen to legally purchase a gun. It would also ban the private sale of semi-automatic weapons and ultimately lead to the confiscation and destruction of all “unauthorized” firearms owned by citizens.

American Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton echoes Broun’s warning, explaining that the treaty appears to be aimed at the international arms trade yet in reality, “the real agenda is domestic firearms control”.

“I think it was clear from the outset that the Obama administration would move in this direction. The only thing that’s surprising is that it’s taken this long,” said Bolton.

If the elite are to implement their stuttering “post-industrial revolution” with crippling austerity measures, consumption taxes, and mass unemployment with any success, then 100 million armed Americans are going to provide somewhat of a stumbling block. Bilderberg’s desire to see the middle class eviscerated and replaced with a servile, destitute and dependent population mandates that private gun ownership in the U.S. be outlawed just as it is in most European countries.

Cynics have claimed that the treaty will only apply to terrorists or those who force children to enlist as soldiers. However, since the federal government has repeatedly made clear that it considers gun owners, libertarians, tea party activists and basically anyone who is politically active as a likely domestic terrorist under the MIAC report and others, Americans would be remiss not to be concerned about the activities of an organization that symbolizes its agenda in the form of a huge anti-gun statue which it proudly displays in the middle of New York City.

Indeed, if the UN’s anti-gun statue was supposed to represent a symbol of peace as the organization claims, why does it depict not a weapon of war but a mere handgun? This is clearly the UN giving the middle finger to the Constitution and the second amendment, and any attempt by the globalists to act on this attitude should be a massive cause for alarm.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: And the American people should catagorically refuse to acquiesce to any foreign entity that infringes upon the sovereignty and the Constitution of the United States of America! SJH

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