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Oil Spill Threatens To Choke Off Gulf Region’s Economic Recovery

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June 6, 2010: FOX News Editors / FOX – June 3, 2010

Just as the economy was starting to turn around, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is threatening to crush the regional industries that rely on coastal waters to survive. 

The tourism, fishing, energy and shipping economies tied to the Gulf are all expected to take a colossal hit from the spreading leak, which may not be plugged until August. While images of oil-soaked wildlife give a glimpse into the potential environmental impact of the worst oil spill in U.S. history, the economic damage could be just as devastating. 

The Obama administration is pledging to protect the coastal communities and hit up BP for all recovery costs — it sent BP a “preliminary bill” Thursday for $69 million to reimburse taxpayers for cleanup costs and has started a Small Business Administration program to provide low-interest loans to coastal businesses while they await BP compensation.

Click here to view White House’s letter to BP.

But the question remains whether the oil giant will be able to cover the extent of the economic damages and whether the federal government may be forced to step in to provide aid. “This’ll set things back for some time,” David Yoskowitz, socio-economics chairman with the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, said of the coastal economy. The Harte institute did an early analysis of the impact last month that put the annual damage at $1.8 billion. The center is working on a new estimate now. “The $1.8 billion is just the tip of the iceberg,” Yoskowitz said. The law caps economic damage liability for companies like BP at $75 million. Yoskowitz speculated that BP will probably end up paying more than that but said more aid may be needed. “It’s going to depend upon what BP steps up and offers to do. … If they don’t, then you have to look to the various government entities to do that,” he said. 

The affected industries in the Gulf region are worth billions of dollars, and they’re already starting to feel the squeeze. A recent Texas A&M University study estimated that the oil, tourism, fishing and shipping economies in the region are worth $234 billion a year — with the U.S. accounting for two-thirds of that. Since the spill, new offshore drilling in the region has been shut down, tourism reportedly has declined and fishing has been halted in a swath of waters bigger than 88,000 square miles. That’s more than one-third of federal waters in the Gulf. 

Nathaniel Karp, chief U.S. economist for the Birmingham-based BBVA Compass bank, released a study early last month estimating the total economic impact to the region at $4.3 billion. He, too, is working on new numbers and said the estimate will surely rise. Asked what the new estimate might look like, he said: “That’s a scary number.” 

The Democratic Policy Committee put out a snapshot last week pegging the Louisiana commercial fishing economy at $2.4 billion and the Florida tourism industry at $60 billion. The document said economic damage “will be significant,” citing reports of 70 percent declines in hotel occupancy along the Florida panhandle over Memorial Day and other signals that tourists are being spooked. 

Karp explained that the impact will be huge on the Florida panhandle if the situation worsens because of its dependence on tourism. “The region will suffer,” he said. “Even if you manage to clean what your eyes can see in front of you, if people don’t feel safe it’s going to be very difficult to bring them back,” he said. 

The economies were already on shaky ground. Florida’s jobless rate was 12 percent in April. Mississippi’s was 11.5 percent. The situation sets the stage for an aggressive fight by politicians and communities to get BP to cough up as much as possible. Though by law the liability cap for economic damages is set at $75 million, that cap is lifted if BP is nailed for negligence — and investigations are under way. The government can also dip into an industry-backed fund — called that Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund — to pay out up to $1 billion for “removal costs or damages.” 

The White House insists it will go after BP’s piggy bank. “The president is well aware of the pain and suffering that this accident is causing,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday. “We will hold BP responsible throughout this process.” 

Aaron Saunders, spokesman for Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, said the senator’s office will be “holding BP’s feet to the fire.” “The senator expects BP to pay every penny of the cleanup and related damages,” he said. 

Adele Morris, policy director for climate and energy economics at the Brookings Institution, said she “can’t imagine” BP will be limited to paying just $75 million in economic damages. But she said the regional economies will nevertheless be hit hard while the issue is being litigated. “There’s no question that this adds insult to injury for some already-suffering state and local economies,” she said.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Pay very close attention to Florida Senator Bill Nelson’s call for military intervention for “command and control” in the above interview. Why? Because it is beginning to look like the military and FEMA are gearing up for a mass evacuation of up to 50 million people from the Gulf coast regions. Was Katrina a beta test for just such a scenario? Check the links below from rather reliable sources for more information on this unfolding and dangerous development… – SJH

Red Alert! Possible Battle Hardened Troops Or Guard Arrive In Gulf

Operation Deadly Tide – Forced Evacuation Of 40 Million People From The Gulf Coast

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Israeli War Crimes: From USS Liberty To The Humanitarian Flotilla

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June 6, 2010: James Petras / Global Research – June 5, 2010

Introduction:  Israel Crimes on the High Seas

On June 8, 1967, two squadrons of Israeli warplanes bombed, napalmed and machine-gunned the US intelligence-gathering ship, USS Liberty, in international waters, killing 34 US sailors and wounding another 172.  The assault took place on a sunny afternoon, with the US flag and identifying markers clearly visible.  The Israelis targeted the antennae to prevent the crew from broadcasting for help and shot up the lifeboats to ensure no survivors.  There were, however, survivors who rigged up an antenna and radioed their distress, a call for help that reached Washington D.C.  In an unprecedented act of betrayal, President Johnson, in close liaison with powerful American Jewish Zionist political backers, covered up the mass murder on the high seas by issuing orders first to recall Mediterranean-based warplanes from rushing to assist their besieged comrades, then threatening to court-martial the survivors who might expose the deliberate nature of the Israeli assault and finally by repeating the Israeli line that the attack was a matter of mistaken identity, a lie which numerous military leaders later rejected.

Almost to the same day, 43 years later, on May 31, 2010, Israeli warships, helicopter gun ships and commandos assaulted a convoy of humanitarian ships carrying ten thousand tons of aid to Gaza in international waters.  Prior to the aid mission Turkish authorities had examined the passengers and the ship to ensure no weapons were on board.  The Israelis never the less came on board shooting and clubbing the unarmed passengers, killing up to19 and wounding dozens.  Despite subsequent Israeli and Zionist claims to the contrary no weapons were found, apart from sticks used by some of the victims attempting to fend off the murderous premeditated assault planned, directed and defended by top Israeli leaders and the entire leadership of the major Zionist organizations in the US and elsewhere.  The invading Israeli storm troopers systematically destroyed all cameras, videos and tape recorders that had documented their savage assault, in order to subsequently spread their brazen lies about their being subject to armed resistance.

The World Response

Within hours of Israel’s bloody act of piracy, nations, political leaders, human rights organizations and the vast majority of the international community condemned the Israeli state for its violation of international law.  Turkey, Spain, Greece, Denmark and Austria summoned their Israeli Ambassadors to protest the deadly assault.  The Financial Times, (June 1, 2010) referred to the Israeli assault as a “brazen act of piracy … hurtling into lawlessness” rooted in its “illegal blockage of Gaza”.  Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan called the Israeli assault an act of “state terrorism” which would have “serious consequences”.  Israel’s attacks on ships flying Turkish, Greek and Irish flags on the high seas were described by legal experts as an “act of war”.  The UN Security Council, NATO and the Secretary General of the UN demanded Israel cease its aggression, while tens of thousands of demonstrators marched denouncing Israel’s blatant act of state murder and wounding of pacifists, humanitarians and protestors from 60 countries.  UN experts demanded that Israeli leaders “must be held criminally responsible”.  Only the Obama regime refused to condemn the Israeli act of state terror, merely expressing “concern and regret”.  The Israeli state defended its murderous assault, promised more in the future and insisted on maintaining its blockade of Gaza, even after the US suggested it might be loosened.

The Israeli Defense of Piracy and State Terror

As news of the Israeli massacre slipped out and the international community reacted with horror and anger, the Israeli government “sought to flood the airwaves with their versions of events … more importantly, the authorities ensured that their narrative gained early dominance by largely silencing the hundreds of activists who were on board during the attack” (Financial Times, June 2, 2010, p2.).  The Jewish state held all the prisoners alive, wounded and dead incommunicado, seized their mobile phones and prohibited any interviews, barring all journalists.  Like most terrorist states, the Jewish state wanted to monopolize the propaganda media.  The Israeli propaganda machine via its state sponsored journalists and news media employed several ploys typical of totalitarian regimes.

Israeli storm troopers invading the ship were turned into victims and the humanitarian pacifists were turned into aggressors.  “Israeli Soldiers Met by Well-Planned Lynch Mob” (Jerusalem Post, March 31, 2010); “Israeli Soldiers Attacked” (IDF, March 31, 2010).

Israel’s act of piracy in international waters was declared legal by a Professor Sabel of the Hebrew University.

The humanitarian organizers were accused of having ties to terrorists according to Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon, though no evidence was presented (Ha’aretz, May 30, 2010).  The organizers including the Turkish human rights group accused by Ayalon were cleared by the Turkish intelligence agency, the military and the Erdogan government, a member of NATO and for many years (in the past) a collaborator with the Israeli Mossad.  The other 600 plus human rights volunteers, included pacifists, parliamentarians, former diplomats, as well as current members of the Israeli parliament.

While dozens of human rights people were shot, killed and maimed, Israeli propagandists doctored video releases portraying one of the Israeli assailants on the deck, cutting out the preceding sequence of attack (Financial Times, June 2, 2010, p. 2).

The Israeli sea and airborne assailants were described as the victims of a “Brutal Ambush at Sea” (Ynet News, June 1, 2010).

The terrorized human rights workers were accused of being a “lynch mob”, attacking the Jewish commandos who were firing automatic rifles wildly across the deck and at cornered victims.  The few courageous individuals who fought back to stop the murderous attack were slandered by the Zion-prop, which itself is as monstrous as the crimes they perpetrated.

Once the Israeli propaganda machine started spewing out its gutter lies, the entire leadership of the Zionist Fifth column swung into action … first and foremost in the United States.

The US Zionist Power Configuration:  In Defense of the Massacre

Just as the entire leadership of the 51 principle American Jewish organizations defended every Israeli war crime in the past, from the bombing of the USS Liberty, to the Occupation of the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza so too did these most honorable apologists repeat verbatim the lies of the Israeli state regarding the assault of the humanitarian flotilla.

The Daily Alert (May 31 – June 2, 2010), the official public propaganda organ of the Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations, published every scurrilous Israeli state lie, about the Israeli commandos being ‘lynched’, ‘attacked’ and the human rights victims being responsible for the death of their comrades … at the hands of Israeli commandos.  Not a single deviation, not a single word of criticism.  Not even a single mention of even the superficial Israeli critics who faulted the execution, the use of deadly weapons, the assault in international waters, and the public relations fiasco.  The vast majority of Israeli Jews and organized Zionists in the US supported the bloody massacre and were opposed by a small minority who has no access to the mass media.  Zionist control over the mass media was once again demonstrated by the reporting through “Israel’s eyes” (FAIR, June 1, 2010).  Essentially the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, CBS, NBC presented the Israeli commandos attacking the humanitarian boat as being … “assaulted and beaten” (Washington Post, June 1, 2010).  The New York Times gave credence to the Israeli claim that its act of piracy on the high seas was legal (NY Times, June 1, 2010).  For the US mass media the problem is not Israeli state terror, but how to manipulate and disarm the outrage of the international community.  To that end the entire Zionist Power configuration has a reliable ally in the Zionized Obama White House and US Congress.

The Obama Response to Israeli State Terror

There is only one basic reason why Israel repeatedly commits crimes against humanity, including the latest assault on the humanitarian flotilla: because it knows that the Zionist Power Configuration, embedded in the US power structure, will ensure government support, in this case the Obama White House.

In the face of the world-wide condemnation of Israel’s crime on the high seas, and calls from the international community for legal action, the Obama regime absolutely refused to criticize Israel. A White House spokesman said “The United States deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding the tragedy” (AFP May 31, 2010).  An act of state terrorism does not evoke “regrets” – it normally provokes condemnation and punishment.  The power which caused “loss of life and injuries” has a name – Israel; the persons who suffered death and injuries during the Israeli assault – have a name – humanitarian volunteers.  It was not simply a “loss of life” but a well planned premeditated murder which is openly defended by Prime Minister Netanyahu and his entire Cabinet.  The “circumstances” of the murders are clear:  Israel assaulted an unarmed ship in international waters, opening fire as they boarded the ship.  The Obama regime’s obscene political cover-up of a deliberate criminal act in violation of international law is evident in his description of a serial homicide as a ‘tragedy’.  Premeditated state terror has no resemblance to a tragic noble ruler forced by circumstances into a criminal act against their closest allies.

Washington, pressed to participate at a UN Security Council meeting, spent 10 hours eliminating all references to Israel’s illegal criminal act, ending in a resolution which merely calls for an “impartial” investigation, with Washington pushing for an Israeli investigatory committee.  To the world at large, including the Turkish government, the Obama regime and the US government, by refusing to condemn Israel, are “accomplices to a mass murder”.

To understand why the Obama regime brought shame and infamy to itself in the eyes of the world, one need look at the Zionist composition of the Obama White House and, equally important, the direct power and access that the principle Jewish-Zionist organizations have over the US political system.  In the week preceding Israel’s announced assault on the humanitarian flotilla, (pro-Israel) Jewish leaders met with over a third of US senators to pressure them to pass harsher sanctions on Iran by June. Among the key operatives attending were the Jewish Federation of North America, AIPAC and the rest of the Israeli Fifth Column (Jewish Telegraph Agency, May 26, 2010).  The following day a squadron of leaders from the Jewish Federations flew into Washington to meet with top Obama administration officials, to ensure that the White House and Congress did not in any way or form publicly express any criticism of Israel’s settlement policy.  No doubt the Zionist apologists for Israeli war crimes extended their agenda to include no public criticism of the Israeli assault on the flotilla.  Rahm Emmanuel, top US Presidential aide, was in Tel Aviv as a guest of top officials of the Israel Defense Force a few days before the IDF launched the assault, no doubt having filled Rahm in on the details.  The Israeli-American aide to Obama no doubt assured the war criminals of Washington’s unconditional political and military support for Israel’s acts of aggression.

From within the Obama Administration and without, the aggressive pressure from the 51 principle organizations of the American Zionists have guaranteed Israeli war criminals immunity from any War Crimes Tribunal, or even serious political condemnation by the UN Security Council.  The Zionized White House’s tactic is to deflect attention from immediate consequential condemnation let alone sanctions, hoping that over time, aided by the blanket mass media apology in the US, the mass indignation and protest overseas will gradually wither away.  Obama and his Zionist cohort are already in a belly crawl mode with Israel.  Part of Rahm’s mission to Israel was to hand Netanyahu an invitation to the White House, during the week of the slaughter at sea.  The only reason Netanyahu did not come to Washington was because he rushed back to Israel to buttress the Foreign Office’s defense of the slaughter in the face of world-wide outrage.  But in a phone conversation, Obama promised Netanyahu a prompt new invitation – assuring the Jewish statesman that violating international laws and bloodying dozens of humanitarian activists is of no consequence, especially since it insures continued financial support by Obama’s Zionist backers.

Like Lyndon Johnson with the cover-up of the USS Liberty, Obama’s apology of Israel’s war crimes, is the price for ensuring the backing of billionaire Zionist financiers and media moguls, the tens of thousands of pro-Israel Jews and the 51 President of the Major American Jewish Organizations.

In the face of Washington’s complicity with Israeli war crimes, the only road is to intensify the world-wide boycott, disinvestment and sanctions campaign against all Israeli products, cultural activities and professional exchanges.  Hopefully, the Islamic led mass protests will find echo in the wider anti-Zionist Christian and Jewish communities – especially, when Israeli apologists for state terror make public appearances.  Even more important each and every Israeli involved in the mass assault should be subject to criminal prosecution wherever they visit.  Only by making the Israelis understand that they will pay a high price for their serial homicides and violations of international law will reason possibly enter their political narrative.  Only by moving beyond symbolic protests, like recalling diplomats, and taking substantive actions, like breaking relations, will the international community isolate the perpetrator of state terrorism.  All Americans should send loud and clear to President Obama –NEVER AGAIN.  Otherwise, with the Zionist Power Configuration active 24/7, the Obama regime, true to the Zionist agenda, will once again focus attention on attacking Iran.  Israel’s action today with US complicity is a prelude of the kind of deadly force it has in store for sabotaging the recent Turkey-Brazil-Iran diplomatic agreement.

[This is dedicated to the brave Turkish martyrs on the Mavi Marmara, May 31, 2010, and to the 34 murdered American sailors on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967 – all victims of an unrepentant criminal state – Israel.]

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Below is just a sampling of the worldwide outrage to Israeli international war crimes commited against the Palestinians, the Gaza Aid Flotilla, and for crimes in decades past

Anti-Israel Protest: Cape Town, South Africa

Anti-Israel Protesters Pelt US Consulate: Auckland, New Zealand

Anti-Israel Protestors Across Europe: Berlin, Germany

Anti-Israel Protesters Burn Israeli Flags: Dakar, Senegal

Anti-Israel Protests: Paris, France

Anti-Israel Protests: Athens, Greece

Anti-Israel Boycotts: New South Wales, Australia

Anti-Israel Protests Across Scandinavia: Stockholm, Sweden

Anti-Israel Protests: New York, New York

Again, this is just a sampling to give an indication of the outrage and the magnitude to which the people of the world now demand justice for the murderous crimes committed by the State of Zionism who in turn are directly sponsored and sanctioned by the United States of Israel… – SJH

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Bilderberg 2010: Conspiratorial Bilderberg Group Running Scared

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June 6, 2010: Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes / – June 6, 2010

Alex Jones breaks down the significant developments that have emerged from sources inside the 2010 Bilderberg meeting in Spain.

There is a contentious and urgent atmosphere behind the scenes of the secret meeting. Attendees are reportedly concerned about the potential collapse of the Euro, war with Iran and the rise of political dissent against world government.

Most urgent inside Bilderberg 2010 is the instability surrounding the Euro, which is threatening to unravel, and take the momentum for further regional integration and global currency with it.

More gravely, veteran Jim Tucker has told the Alex Jones Show that many attendees inside Bilderberg were very supportive of initiating the long-boiling war with Iran. According to inside sources, even a nuclear strike was not off the table.

Further, it was disclosed that many members declined to attend this year because public awareness has reached a significant enough level that political pressure has been put on figures who attend, perhaps for the first time ever. Many officials were ’scared’ of potential scrutiny.

The overall panicked atmosphere over economic issues during the previous year– most dramatically demonstrated by IMF riots in Greece– has signaled a loss of control, while public anger has spread globally. This year, Bilderberg is also concerned about significant protests outside its own meeting, as well as increasing media coverage of Bilderberg. Mainstream media outlets have begun taking notice: the Drudge Report is linking to coverage; Charlie Skelton has initiated a second year of coverage for the London Guardian; Russia Today has done extensive coverage; speakers are demanding answers about Bilderberg inside the European Parliament.

This attitude carries over to eyewitness accounts of conversation inside the hotel. A ranking member of the conference organizers– the secretariat employees working on behalf of the powerful group– were overheard by London Guardian reporter Charlie Skelton discussing the ’scary’ presence of one Alex Jones who bullhorned the meetings in both 2006 and 2008. These people also joined in lamenting the growing number of protesters who had begun surrounding the hotels across the world during recent years of the conference.

The popular uprising and political dissent via tea parties, “Truthers” and Bilderberg critics have, if nothing else, contributed to the rising tide of voters throwing out incumbents and demonstrating furious anger at both Wall Street and Washington. Part and parcel with this is the near-total failure of the globalists’ agenda for world government at Copenhagen, failure to pass Climate Change taxation schemes and the widespread rejection of phony “global warming” rhetoric and public anger over the cooked data exposed by the Climategate scandal last fall.

This meshes with the melancholy tone of former National Security Advisor and Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzeziski, who recently lamented before his audience at the Council on Foreign Relations that, for the first time in history, “Mankind is now politically awakened and stirring.” He further warned that the rise of China and other powers had forever compromised any hopes for a unipolar world hegemony dictated solely by the Anglo-American elite.

Bilderberg 2010: Final List Of Participants

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: As I’ve said many times over, knowledge is power. Everybody must get involved before a world war is unleashed so that the people don’t get fooled into participating in senseless carnage once again at the behest and desires of the criminal global elite intent on depopulation and a world government. There is no more time for complacency. There are no more excuses for ignorance… – SJH

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