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“Rachel Corrie” Carries Foreward Gaza Freedom Flotilla Movement

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June 3, 2010: Davi Barker / SF Muslim Examiner – June 3, 2010

Details about the Freedom Flotilla captured by Israeli warships in international waters continue to develop. Many in the international community are describing the incident as an act of piracy, others as an act of state terrorism. The six vessels that were seized were only the first wave of what is shaping up to be an ongoing Flotilla Movement intent on breaking through Israel’s naval blockade to deliver humanitarian aid to the suffering people of Gaza.

The MV Rachel Corrie, named for the American activist who was crushed by Israeli bulldozers in 2003, was originally intended to be the first ship to reach the coast of Gaza but unexpected mechanical problems forced her to stay behind.

Now, fully repaired, she is more determined than ever to deliver her humanitarian cargo to the shores of Gaza. The six Malaysian and five Irish peace activists aboard (Including 1976 Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire) expressed grief for those killed aboard the Turkish Mavi Marmara when Israeli storm troopers descended from helicopters and opened fire on its passengers. They have asked the international community to continue putting pressure on Israel, and asked Israel to allow their safe passage to Gaza.

Now more are joining the Floitlla Movement. Three more ships departed from Malaysia on route to Palestine that were not part of the original fleet. There are also reports that Turkey intends to launch a second wave of support, possibly accompanied by Turkish naval escorts.

The MV Rachel Corrie is currently waiting in the Mediterranean for the passenger ship Challenger II also delayed by similar mechanical problems. The two ships will take aboard additional activists and journalists making a second attempt to cross the blockade. They are expected to arrive in Gaza sometime before Monday.

Israel has pledged to intercept the vessels if they do not change their course, or submit to an inspection, although the cargo was already inspected for contraband before leaving Ireland. According to an Israeli Naval Commander speaking to the Jerusalem Post, “Next time we’ll use more force.” Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen has said that there will be “most serious consequences” if the Irish passengers on board are harmed . Relations between Ireland and Israel are already strained after it came to light that Israel had forged Irish passports in order to assassinate members of Hamas in Dubai last January.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: If Israel attacks the Rachel Corrie, this could indeed spark a world war… – SJH

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