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Global Banksters Throw A Trillion Dollars Down NWO Rabbit Hole

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May 10, 2010: Kurt Nimmo / – May 10, 2010

The EU apparatchiks are in crisis mode. European Union boss Jose Manuel Barroso told us not to worry, though. They’re on it.

“This morning’s agreement will ensure that any attempt to weaken the stability of the euro will fail,” said Barroso today as the EU threw around a trillion bucks at the cancer spawned by the Greek debt crisis. “We have stated that we will do whatever is necessary to defend the stability of the euro,” he said with an actor’s confidence.

Barroso’s confidence game is designed to trick investors into thinking the eurozone with its fresh influx of IMF money is back on the road to good health. Instead it is like Max Factor smeared on a terminal cancer patient. Don’t expect CNBC or the market talking heads with their dizzy snake oil salesman demeanor to tell you the truth. The so-called “nuclear option” now underway will only prolong and ultimately intensify the global economic crash.

Barroso and the EU apparatchiks are throwing more fiat money down a yawning rat hole. Europe is mimicking the Federal Reserve in its effort to throw money at the inevitable collapse of the bankster edifice. “As we have long expected, Bernanke is now willing to sacrifice the dollar at any cost to prevent the euro unwind. This is nothing than a very short-term fix, whose half life will be shorter still than all previous ones,” notes Zero Hedge.

“This may very well still turn out to be the shortest and most futile trillion dollar bailout in history yet,” predicts the ever prescient Tyler Durden.

Of course it will be shorter. The latest scheme is a palliative designed to make us think central bankers, the IMF, and EU apparatchiks along with the mighty Federal Reserve are bending over backwards to save the economy. In fact, the plan is to deliberately wreck the global economy and usher in authoritarian world government.

The debt crisis is an engineered affair that will move from Greece to Spain and Portugal and beyond. Call it Lehman Brothers II, an effort to undermine economic health and stave off any hope of recovery. Debt, debt, and more debt. That’s how the globalists play the game. Eurozone countries with “outsized deficits and an unsustainable debt trajectory” will require the sort of austerity medicine that has Greeks in the street in pitched battles with the cops.

The devaluation bottom is now within reach. Get ready for your purchasing power to go down the tubes along with your standard of living. Prepare yourself for IMF austerity. Get ready to be merged into the New World Order and world government. Get ready for carbon taxes, value added taxes, and more wealth confiscation schemes. Our only hope is to tell the bankster cartel to shove their snake oil where the sun does not shine.

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The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: People have two options, either bend over and grab your ankles or stand up like free men and women and face the enemy… – SJH

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