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Pedophilia In The Catholic Church: Coverup Operation At Vatican?

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March 31, 2010: Mike Whitney / Global Research – March 31, 2010

Pope Benedict should do everyone a favor and resign. By hanging on, he’s just making matters worse. Who does he think he’s fooling anyway? Everyone knows that he was involved in the sex-scandal cover up. Does he really think that a few papal apologies will make a difference?  He was in charge and knew everything that was going on. That makes him responsible. His best option now is to “man up” and face the consequences. He needs to arrange a press conference, tell the truth, and resign. End of story.

It’s clear that the problem isn’t going to go away. In the last week, three more incidents have surfaced adding more fuel to the fire.  In Wisconsin, Father Lawrence Murphy abused as many as 200 boys at a Milwaukee school for the deaf. One of the victims, Arthur Budzinski, has been all over TV telling his story and blaming the pope. It’s pretty heart-wrenching stuff, too. According to Budzinski’s daughter Gigi:

“The pope knew about this. He was the one who handled the sex abuse cases. So, I think he should be accountable, because he did nothing.”

This is bad. Anyone can see that the Vatican was shuffling predators from one spot to another trying to keep the details out of the news.  Maybe Benedict thought he was doing the right thing? Maybe he thought he was just being loyal or protecting the church from litigation? Who knows what he thought; it’s beside the point. The bottom line is that people’s lives have been ruined and someone has to pay.

Here’s another bombshell which appeared in the Associated Press last week:

“In a signed statement last year, the 67 former pupils at a school for the deaf in Verona described sexual abuse, pedophilia and corporal punishment from the 1950s to the 1980s. They named 24 priests, brothers and lay religious men at the Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf.

One victim, Alessandro Vantini, told the AP last year that priests sodomized him so relentlessly he came to feel “as if I were dead.”

“How could I tell my papa that a priest had sex with me?” Vantini, 59, said through a sign-language interpreter. “You couldn’t tell your parents because the priests would beat you.” (“Sex abuse scandal in US, Italy taints papacy”, Nicole Winfield, AP)

67 victims here, 200 victims there; this is industrial-scale sex abuse, a veritable pedophile conveyor belt!

Naturally, the Vatican has circled the wagons and is lashing out at the media. But it’s a hopeless cause. As the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger (as Benedict was known at the time)  took steps to silence priests who wanted to reveal  what they knew. In a 2001 letter to the bishops, Benedict “ordered them to keep sexual abuse allegations secret under threat of excommunication – updating a noxious church policy… that both priests accused of sex crimes and their victims “observe the strictest secret” and be “restrained by a perpetual silence.” (Washington Post)

This is obstruction of justice, and Benedict should be prosecuted. No man is above the law; not even the pope. Religious freedom isn’t license to rape children.

Benedict’s letter helps to illustrate a larger point, too. It shows that the sex abuse scandal isn’t really about sex abuse at all. It’s about the people in positions of authority who violated the public’s trust. That’s the real story. It’s about people who pretend to be “spiritual advisers”, but don’t even do the right thing when a child is sexually molested. And, these are the people who are giving advice on issues like homosexuality and birth control?

Benedict has also been implicated in a German case involving Father Peter Hullermann who was suspended from his duties but then, allowed to return to work “without restrictions” as a priest in Munich, even though a psychiatrist described him as a potential danger.

According to the New York Times: “In September 1979, the chaplain (Hullermann) was removed from his congregation after three sets of parents told his superior, the Rev. Norbert Essink, that he had molested their sons, charges he did not deny, according to notes taken by the superior and still in Father Hullermann’s personnel file… “Reports from the congregation in which he was last active made us aware that Chaplain Hullermann presented a danger that caused us to immediately withdraw him from pastoral duties.” Hullermann was allowed to return to his parish work on Feb. 1, 1980. He was finally convicted in 1986 of molesting boys in Bavaria.

Can you see a pattern here? These are more than isolated incidents. It’s like some gruesome papal crime-ring; Ratzinger’s Sopranos.

A few weeks ago, Benedict issued an apology to Catholics in Ireland for decades of cruelty and abuse. In the papal communique Benedict opined, “I can only share in the dismay and the sense of betrayal that so many of you have experienced on learning of these sinful and criminal acts and the way Church authorities in Ireland dealt with them.”

Benedict’s comments are predictably insincere. He knew exactly what was going on. As Catholic theologian, Hans Kueng points out:

“There was not a single man in the whole Catholic Church who knew more about the sex-abuse cases than him, because it was ex officio (part of his official role)… “He can’t wag his finger at the bishops and say, you didn’t do enough. He gave the instruction himself, as head of the Congregation of Doctrine of the Faith, and repeated it as Pope.”

Sinead O’Connor, Irish musician and abuse-victim, was so incensed by Benedict’s fake empathy, she wrote a fiery article for the Washington Post where she said:

“Irish Catholics are in a dysfunctional relationship with an abusive organization. The pope must take responsibility for the actions of his subordinates. If Catholic priests are abusing children, it is Rome, not Dublin, that must answer for it with a full confession and a criminal investigation. Until it does, all good Catholics… should avoid Mass. In Ireland, it is time we separated our God from our religion, and our faith from its alleged leaders.”

This case goes way beyond the sleazy details of one man’s repeated attempts to conceal the criminal activities of serial molesters and child rapists. The real issue is whether people in positions of power are to be held accountable  for their actions and whether the law really applies to everyone equally and without exception. That’s what’s at stake here.  Ratzinger needs to be indicted, prosecuted and – if found guilty – sentenced to prison.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: And the chances of the Pope being legally held accountable for these crimes are about as good as the CRU climate scientists being found guilty who were just cleared of any wrongdoing in a one day hearing… Zero!SJH 

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ClimateGate: British Committee Clear CRU Scientists Of Any Fraud

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March 31, 2010: Mark Matheny / Sic Sempter Tyrannis – March 31, 2010

In an article from FOX, British investigaters have cleared the Climate Gate scientists of any wrongdoing. “The House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee said Wednesday that they’d seen no evidence to support charges that the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit or its director, Phil Jones, had tampered with data or perverted the peer review process to exaggerate the threat of global warming — two of the most serious criticisms levied against the climatologist and his colleagues,” stated the article.

This “finding” comes shortly around the time Senator John Kerry, a Skull and Bones Member, who also is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, stated “In the wake of health care’s passage, we have a strong case to make that this can be the next breakthrough legislative fight,” and “Climate legislation is the single best opportunity we have to create jobs, reduce pollution and stop sending billions overseas for foreign oil from countries that would do us harm.”

An article in AFP on March 22, 2010 stated, “After a hard-fought victory on health care reform, President Barack Obama’s allies in Congress are pledging to move forward on climate change — but some environmentalists remain skeptical.

Twenty-two Democratic senators have signed a letter calling for climate legislation within the year, although some observers question whether the White House will want another divisive vote as November midterm elections approach.

Senator John Kerry, the chief architect of climate legislation, said White House officials can now “pour their energy and attention” into the issue after Sunday’s down-to-the-wire vote on expanding health care coverage.”

Could it be that the UN, U.S. and many NGOs are now in the process of damage control and media preparation in order to make way for carbon taxes? Apparently this seems to be the case. The Commitee, according to the same article, as far as they were able to ascertain, stated “the scientific reputation of Professor Jones and CRU remains intact,” and were at the conclusion that nothing contained in the 1000 plus leaked e-mails, or the controversy brought about by them challenges the global consensus that ”global warming is happening and that it is induced by human activity.”

Although the evidence of global warming has been refuted by thousands of credible scientists, the powers that are, (and who want more power) have decided to once again ignore sound evidence and public consent that global warming is a bogus sham (or just a bunch of hot air?), and have now decided to force climate legislation on us! – just as they did in the National Healthcare Bill!

It goes to show that once again, there is a deaf ear on Capital Hill, and that it will take literally millions of America’s voices to make them hear us say – NO MORE TYRANNY!

Global warming is a scam to further erode sovereign boundaries of nations, and to further destroy property rights, as well as individual freedoms.  The House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee may have found these scientists and the CRU not guilty of wrong doing, but We The People find both the Global Warming supporters, and all who are pushing to enslave us through it – GUILTY!

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: The sky is green, the grass is blue, and yellow submarines are flying through the air… – SJH 

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FOX News Trawls Infowars Then Reports Alex Jones To Authorities

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March 31, 2010: Paul Joseph Watson / Prison – March 31, 2010

For anyone who thought Fox News would offer any kind of alternative to the fever pitch media demonization campaign being run by the likes of CNN and MSNBC against conservatives, libertarians, and anyone angry at the passage of Obamacare – think again. It turns out that Fox News has been spending its time trawling the comments section of looking for any excuse to shop Alex Jones in to the authorities.

That’s right – amidst thousands of political websites and millions of comments left on articles and forums across the entire spectrum of the world wide web, Fox News decided to target Alex Jones’ websites for a Nazi-style denunciation campaign in an effort to have the powers that be crack down on Infowars and shut down their competition.

“Hundreds of comments were posted in response to an incendiary story on, the radical far-right Web site owned by radio host Alex Jones. The story, entitled, ‘The Cost Of Defying Obamacare: $2,250 a Month And IRS Goons Pointing Guns At Your Family,’ focused on the ‘increasing militarization of the IRS’ and its expansion of powers under the new health care law,” writes Fox News’ Jana Winter, adding that a “federal probe has been launched into the comments”.

In a separate Fox News article about an investigation into comments allegedly posted on by an individual calling himself “ACA,” we learn that it was Fox News itself who reported the comments to authorities.

“ACA,” the husband of a military servicewoman living on a Tennessee Naval base, had his weapons seized and is under scrutiny by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as a result of alleged threats he made to kill police officers and other government officials.

“This action was taken after inquired about the online comment,” states the article. The Fox News story is posted in the “Terror” section of the website, an effort to link Alex Jones and to terrorists.

So in actual fact Fox News is paying its employees to search through the thousands of comments Infowars receives each day that even our own moderators cannot properly keep up with, in a desperate effort to find any hint of violent rhetoric as an excuse to turn in Alex Jones to the authorities, in some kind of bizarre thought police/Nazi denunciation campaign.

Fox News isn’t interested in Neo-Nazi and white supremacist websites that openly call for violence on a daily basis, nor do they care about the hundreds of comments that can casually be found on any day of the week underneath You Tube videos calling for Obama to be assassinated – no – they’re only interested in sifting through mountains of comments on websites owned by Alex Jones that might be perceived as violent.

Anyone who listens to the Alex Jones Show will know that Jones repeatedly denounces violence on a daily basis and constantly urges people to follow the non-violent principles of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. This can hardly be considered a political doctrine of the “radical far-right,” as Fox frames it.

Unlike Fox News, whose lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq led to the slaughter of over a million people, we have no interest whatsoever in falling into the government’s trap by promoting violence.

Unlike Fox News, who aggressively push for Iran to be bombed on a regular basis, an attack that would slaughter 16-20 million people, we do not want to see anyone killed.

Behind every so-called “patriot” spouting violence you will find a federal informant. Just as OKC bomber Timothy McVeigh was directed by an FBI agent, so were the members of the Hutaree militia arrested this past weekend. Precisely as we predicted on Monday, it turns out that the group had been infiltrated by an undercover FBI agent named Thomas William Piatek.

As we have highlighted in every other major terror bust in the U.S., planned violence is always provocateured by a federal informant who has penetrated the group, providing the excuse for the bust and allowing the media to enjoy more grist for their endless fearmongering about how we need to give up our rights because terrorists are everywhere.

While scaremongering about Americans turning to violence in response to the passage of Obamacare, the government itself funds double agents like Hal Turner to pose as patriots, telling them directly to spout violence and threaten to kill federal judges.

Let us be clear – unlike the government, we don’t pay people to make violent threats against public figures, and unlike Fox News we don’t allow our media platform to be used to disseminate baseless propaganda that leads to the violent slaughter of millions of innocent people.

Fox News’ ludicrous agenda to frame Alex Jones and Infowars as instigators of violence is a blatant ploy to chill free speech, characterize opponents of Obamacare as violent thugs, and demonize us as extremists that should be silenced through the power of the state – thereby pushing the same rhetoric constantly invoked by their so-called “liberal” adversaries over at CNN and MSNBC.

This proves once again that while some of its hosts, people like Glenn Beck, masquerade as great defenders of conservatives and libertarians, Fox News itself is hell bent on joining the rest of the establishment media in framing Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters and patriots as violent radicals and even terrorists.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Here again the establishment is using fear in an attempt to extinguish free speech… – SJH

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Americans Fear Totalitarian ‘ObamaCare’ Could Result In Violence

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March 31, 2010: Kurt Nimmo / – March 31, 2010

Rasmussen Reports released a poll on Monday indicating more than half of those surveyed are “concerned that those opposed to President Obama’s policies will resort to violence, up 10 points from last September.”

As should be expected in the highly divisive and polarized political climate in the U.S. — a climate encouraged by the government and corporate media — a split in the results falls along party lines.

“Seventy-one percent (71%) of Democrats are at least somewhat concerned that Obama’s policies will trigger a violent reaction. Fifty-six percent (56%) of Republicans are not concerned while unaffiliated voters are almost evenly divided on the question,” reports Rasmussen.

“Democrats in particular have raised the specter of possible violence following their passage of a national health care plan that has been consistently opposed by most voters. They raised similar concerns following the angry congressional town hall meetings last August when voters complained about the health care plan and other expensive Obama initiatives.”

Another poll shows that a majority of Americans want Obamacare repealed. “One week after the House of Representatives passed the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats, 54% of the nation’s likely voters still favor repealing the new law.”

Most voters, according to the poll, are not taken by the rhetoric of Democrats. Only 17% of all voters believe the plan will achieve one of its primary goals and reduce the cost of health care. Most (55%) believe it will have the opposite affect and increase the cost of care.

A Washington Post poll produced similar results. “Americans overwhelmingly see the new health care law as a major shift in the direction of the country, but they remain as deeply divided today over the changes as they were throughout the long congressional debate,” write Jon Cohen and Dan Balz.

“The health care debate galvanized the country to a remarkable extent. About a quarter of all adults say they tried to contact their elected representatives in Congress about health care in recent months, including nearly half of those who say they are ‘angry’ about the changes. In general, opponents of the measure were more than twice as likely as supporters to say they had made the effort.”

A CNN poll conducted on March 22 showed that 59% of respondents opposed the bill, and 56% believed the bill gave the federal government too much power.

Democrats in Congress ignored overwhelming opposition and passed Obama’s “historic” legislation, thus demonstrating the federal government does indeed have too much power.

“Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the health care overhaul signed into law last week costs too much and expands the government’s role in health care too far,” a USA Today/Gallup poll shows. “Those surveyed are inclined to fear that the massive legislation will increase their costs and hurt the quality of health care their families receive.”

Obamacare “scares at least half of this deeply divided nation. They should be scared,” writes one blogger. He points out the obvious: Obamacare will increase an already unsustainable national debt significantly.

Obama has increased the national debt over $2 trillion since he took office. The debt now stands at $12.6 trillion. On the day Obama took office it was $10.6 trillion. “President George W. Bush still holds the record for the most debt run up on his watch: $4.9 trillion. But it took him over four years to rack up the first two trillion dollars in debt. It has taken Mr. Obama 421 days,” reports CBS News.

CBS quotes official numbers that are demonstrably inaccurate, however. “Washington’s Enron-style accounting is now so widespread and so deeply ingrained, the nation could be bankrupt and not even know it,” writes the August Review. “The national debt is at least five times bigger than official tallies… Almost every number coming out of Washington has been thoroughly massaged and greatly distorted, almost always with a bias toward sweeping the dirt under the carpet and sugarcoating the truth.”

“ObamaCare is a bad deal made to look good through funny accounting,” writes Evan Newmark for The Wall Street Journal. “Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wisc.) puts the real cost on ObamaCare at $2.3 trillion. That is a lot of money — especially in a country that already has $13 trillion in debt.” (Again, the actual debt is much higher.)

Obamacare will cost 50 times what the AIG bailout cost. It will cost six times the $400 billion that will end up squandered on Fannie and Freddie. Obamacare will raise taxes significantly and wreck future GDP. It will impoverish your children and grand children who will owe a massive debt to the bankers.

Democrats are oblivious to all of this. Instead, they whine about irate and even obscene phone calls and emails sent to Congress by outraged Americans. Republicans hope to exploit it so they can be the Tweedledum party in control after the next dog and pony show.

Fox News, supposedly a bastion for “conservative” Republicans, has run two articles over a period of 24 hours claiming that anti-IRS forces are mustering on Alex Jones’ website, Hysteria created by Fox News, the corporate media, the Southern Poverty Law Center and numerous “liberal” blogs and websites over the last few weeks has now resulted in a government investigation of

Makes sense. The bankers and globalists own both political parties and control the corporate media. Establishment foundations fund and call the shots for many so-called liberal websites and blogs., Prison, and a handful of other patriot websites are the only information sources out there telling the truth.

Here is the truth: Obamacare is about banker debt. It is designed to destroy the United States under the smoke screen of soft and squishy “yes we can” humanism. Democrats and Republicans will not tell you this. The New York Times and the cherished Operation Mockingbird crown jewel, the Washington Post, will not tell you this. The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times will nibble around the edges, but they will not level with you either.

The American people, in ever increasing numbers, are beginning to learn the truth through truth telling alternative news websites and many are mobilizing in response. That is why the establishment is attempting to take down Alex Jones and It has nothing to do with blather mouths and irrational comments on Jones’ websites — that is common fare across the internet. The establishment is desperate to take down the truth in any way they can. False flag attacks and violence pinned on their enemies are the preferred methods.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: As William Wallace in Braveheart commands as the British army advances, “Hold! Hold! Hold…”SJH

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The United States Biometrics Identity Management Agency – BIMA

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March 31, 2010: Steven Aftergood / Secrecy News – March 29, 2010

As of last week, there is now a U.S. Government national security agency called the Biometrics Identity Management Agency (BIMA). It supersedes a Biometrics Task Force that was established in 2000. Though nominally a component of the Army, the biometrics agency has Defense Department-wide responsibilities.

“The Biometrics Identity Management Agency leads Department of Defense activities to prioritize, integrate, and synchronize biometrics technologies and capabilities and to manage the Department of Defense’s authoritative biometrics database to support the National Security Strategy,” according to a March 23 Order (pdf) issued by Army Secretary John M. McHugh that redesignated the previous Biometrics Task Force as the BIMA.

Biometrics is generally defined as “a measurable biological (anatomical and physiological) [or] behavioral characteristic that can be used for automated recognition.”

“Biometric data [are] normally unclassified,” according to a 2008 DoD directive (pdf). “However, elements of the contextual data, information associated with biometric collection, and/or associated intelligence analysis may be classified.”

“Biometrics-enabled Intelligence [refers to] intelligence information associated with and or derived from biometrics data that matches a specific person or unknown identity to a place, activity, device, component, or weapon that supports terrorist / insurgent network and related pattern analysis, facilitates high value individual targeting, reveals movement patterns, and confirms claimed identity.”

“Biometrics is an important enabler that shall be fully integrated into the conduct of DoD activities to support the full range of military operations,” the 2008 directive stated.

“Every day thousands of [biometric] records are collected and sent to the Department of Defense (DOD) Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) to store and compare against existing records,” a 2009 DoD report (pdf) said. “The technology is improving such that a submission from theater [e.g., in Afghanistan] can be searched in the DOD ABIS and a response sent back to theater in less than two minutes.”

“Realtime positive identification of persons of interest enables Coalition forces to target, track, and prosecute known or potential adversaries,” the DoD report said.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Further evidence of the government’s advance towards a National ID card or microchip implant… – SJH

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