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A Dead Bin Laden Warns Of Imminent Attack In Latest Fabrication!

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January 25, 2010: Kurt Nimmo / Infowars – January 25, 2010

In a patently absurd follow-up to the made-over Osama by the Justice Department (using the face of an Italian communist), the CIA and Defense Department linked propaganda unit IntelCenter has released yet another Osama audio tape. IntelCenter was caught adding its logo and that of As-Sahab to the same layer of a purported al-Qaeda video, according to Neal Krawetz, a researcher and computer security consultant. The As-Sahab Foundation for Islamic Media Publication is said to be al-Qaeda’s media production house.

“Osama bin Laden’s word choice in the latest audio message attributed to him is seen as a ‘possible indicator’ of an upcoming attack by his Al-Qaeda network, a US monitoring group warned Sunday,” reports AFP.

The phrase “Peace be upon those who follow guidance,” appears at the beginning and end of messages “released in advance of attacks that are designed to provide warning to Al-Qaeda’s enemies that they need to change their ways or they will be attacked,” said IntelCenter.

Audio releases were Osama bin Laden’s normal vehicle for statements, with video statements having been very rare since September 11, 2001, according to IntelCenter.

In 2002, scientists in Switzerland indicated that an audio tape attributed to Osama bin Laden was a fake. Researchers at the Dalle Molle Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence, in Lausanne, said the message was recorded by an impostor. The CIA and Pentagon stopped using video to propagate the al-Qaeda myth after the Fat Bin Laden video and the Grecian Formula video were widely criticized and easily debunked. Recent video tapes show images of Bin Laden before he died in late 2001.

The IntelCenter is painfully aware that anybody who pays attention understands Osama is dead. “Consequently, audio messages are the rule, not the exception, and thus speculation as to health or anything else merely because the message is in audio form and not video does not hold up to analytical scrutiny,” the propaganda front explained.

The SITE Intelligence Group, a sister organization staffed with ardent Zionists, quoted the dead CIA asset on September 25 (2009). In that fabrication, Osama supposedly told European countries to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan. The warning came prior to Obama’s announcement to increase the number of troops in the country in early December (2009).

Earlier this month, the FBI was caught with its pants down when it used the image of a Spanish communist leader as a template for a new image of the dead al-Qaeda frontman. The westernized Osama in the sloppily constructed montage was designed for audiences in the United States and Europe.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Right on cue leading into the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver… – SJH

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