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Grisly ‘Skull And Bones’ Relic Is Set To Be Auctioned Off By Christie’s

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Kurt Nimmo / Infowars – January 9, 2010

In February of 2009, descendants of the Native American, Geronimo, sued Skull and Bones for stealing the Apache leader’s remains. On the 100th anniversary of his death, Geronimo’s great-grandson Harlyn Geronimo filed a federal lawsuit against the notorious secret society. Geronimo said his family believes Skull and Bones members took some of the remains in 1918 from a burial plot in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and have displayed them in their New Haven clubhouse. It is said Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W., personally led the raid on Geronimo’s grave.

Now the art and auction house Christie’s is selling more remains from Skull and Bones. “Grisly trophies from Yale University’s mysterious Skull and Bones society, whose members include former president George W. Bush, are to go on auction in New York this month,” reports Agence France-Presse. “The human skull and two large bones are estimated to sell for between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars on January 22 at Christie’s,” located on Rockefeller Plaza in New York.

“The symbolism of the skull and cross bones is synonymous with this group as its name is derived from the symbol itself,” explains a page on Christie’s website.

The Order of Skull and Bones is also known as “The Brotherhood of Death.” It became the American version of the Thule Society (Thule-Gesellschaft) in Germany. The Thule Society was instrumental in the foundation of the Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei (German Workers’ Party) which later became the NSDAP (Nazi Party). It had members from the top echelons of the party, including Rudolf Hess and Alfred Rosenberg. Thule members practiced Satanism and a form of “sexual magic” derived from a lodge of which Aleister Crowley was a member. Crowley was the foremost worshiper of Satan in the 20th Century.

60 Minutes in 2004 – Skull and Bones

Adolf Hitler was obsessed with the occult and the Thule Society. His SS was a military death cult that swore allegiance to him and emblazoned their uniforms with the  Totenkopf symbol (a “death’s head” symbol that California governor and son of a Nazi Arnold Schwarzenegger proudly wears).

Research published in the book Fleshing Out Skull & Bones: Investigations into America’s Most Powerful Secret Society by Kris Millenarian reveals that Skull and Bones was intimately involved in financing Hitler.

Bonesman Averell Harriman worked with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen to fund and support Hitler. Thyssen wrote a book entitled  I Paid Hitler. Prescott Bush, the grandfather of president George W. Bush, was a business partner with Harriman and instrumental in the Nazi funding network.

According to research conducted by the late Antony Sutton, the Bonesman Harriman was also a prime supporter of the Soviets with finance and diplomatic assistance, at a time when such aid was against State Department regulations. The Order of Death had a key post in a Soviet bank, Ruskombank, Sutton reveals. During his time at the Hoover Institute Sutton wrote a major study entitled Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, detailing how the West played a major role in developing the Soviet Union from its very beginnings up until at least the 1970s.

Professor Sutton – Skull and Bones Secret Society: Part 1

It was revealed during the 2004 election that both George W. Bush and John Kerry are members of the Yale University Skull and Bones death cult. The late Tim Russert asked Bush and Kerry if they could talk about their membership in the Brotherhood of Death. Both responded by saying they would not talk about Skull and Bones because it is secret. Soon thereafter the story fell off the corporate media radar screen.

The Order of Skull and Bones was founded by William Huntington Russell in 1832 after he returned from studies in Germany. Russell was the heir to a vast opium empire. In 1856, with several other Bonesmen, he incorporated Skull and Bones as the Russell Trust, later the tax-exempt Russell Trust Association. (Throughout the 20th century, the Russell Trust Association listed the New York City headquarters of Brown Brothers Harriman as its address.)

Skull and Bones initiation rights include simulated murder, kissing of a skull, and chants about death and the devil. Bush and Kerry underwent the macabre Skull and Bones occult initiation process that also includes ritual chants about Satan and death. “There is a devil, a Don Quixote and a Pope who has one foot sheathed in a white monogrammed slipper resting on a stone skull. The initiates are led into the room one at a time. And once an initiate is inside, the Bonesmen shriek at him,” author Alexandra Robbins (Secrets of the Tomb) told Morley Safer.

Only members of the elite and their chosen minions are  allowed to the join the death cult. Former members include president William Howard Taft, Percy Rockefeller (director of Brown Brothers Harriman, Standard Oil, and Remington Arms), Averell Harriman (founding partner in Harriman Brothers & Company and former Secretary of Commerce), Henry Luce (co-founder of Time-Life Enterprises), president and former CIA director George H. W. Bush, and a handful of other Senators, media magnates, bankers, Supreme Court justices, and powerful and influential people. Austan Goolsbee, staff director to and chief economist of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, is a member.

“I think Skull and Bones has had slightly more success than the mafia in the sense that the leaders of the five families are all doing 100 years in jail, and the leaders of the Skull and Bones families are doing four and eight years in the White House,” Ron Rosenbaum, author and columnist for the New York Observer, told CBS News in 2003.

How this macabre relic of the global elite ended up at the world’s leading art business and auction house is not explained. Instead of considering the skull the sacred remains of some poor and nameless soul and treating it accordingly (it should be buried with the rest of the body), Christie’s casually describes it as a piece of “Important American Furniture.”

Not that we should be particularly surprised. In addition to a fascination with Satanism, the elite have long had a sickly obsession with “death art.” The Christie’s offering — a human skull turned into a grisly ballot box — is simply more evidence.

For the ruling elite of the sort invited to partake in the Order of Death, we are all little more than furniture.

Skull and Bones Exposed – Alex Jones: Part 1

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Be sure to watch the subsequent parts to the appropriate videos posted above. Skull and Bones has long been exposed as an elite Satanic death cult… – SJH

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U.S. & NATO Expand Afghan War To Horn Of Africa And Indian Ocean

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Rick Rozoff / Global Research – January 8, 2010

In parallel with the escalation of the war in South Asia – counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan and drone missile attacks in Pakistan – the United States and its NATO allies have laid the groundwork for increased naval, air and ground operations in the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Aden.

During the past month the U.S. has carried out deadly military strikes in Yemen: Bombing raids in the north and cruise missile attacks in the south of the nation. Washington has been accused of killing scores of civilians in the attacks in both parts of the country, executed before the December 25 Northwest Airlines incident that has been used to justify the earlier U.S. actions ex post facto. And, ominously, that has been exploited to pound a steady drumbeat of demands for expanded and even more direct military intervention.

The Pentagon’s publicly disclosed military and security program for Yemen grew from $4.6 million in 2006 to $67 million last year. “That figure does not include covert, classified assistance that the United States has provided.” [1]

In addition, “Under a new classified cooperation agreement, the U.S. would be able to fly cruise missiles, fighter jets or unmanned armed drones against targets in the country, but would remain publicly silent on its role in the airstrikes.” [2]

On January 1 General David Petraeus, the chief of the Pentagon’s Central Command, in charge of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as operations in Yemen and Pakistan, was in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad and said of deepening military involvement in Yemen, “We have, it’s well known, about $70 million in security assistance last year. That will more than double this coming year.” [3]

The following day Petraeus was in the capital of Yemen where he met with the country’s president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to discuss “continued U.S. support in rooting out the terrorist cells.” [4]
White House counterterrorism adviser (Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism) John Brennan briefed President Barack Obama on Petraeus’ visit to Washington’s new war theater and afterward stated “We have made Yemen a priority over the course of this year, and this is the latest in that effort.” [5]

The alleged terrorist cells in question are identified by U.S. and other Western governments as being affiliated with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). However, on January 4 CNN reported that “A senior U.S. official cited a rebellion by Huti [Houthi] tribes in the north, and secessionist activity in the southern tribal areas” as of concern to Washington. [6]

The Houthis’ confessional background is Shi’a and not Sunni Islam and the opposition forces in the south are led by the Yemeni Socialist Party, so attempts to link either with al-Qaeda are inaccurate, self-serving and dishonest.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: More and more it looks like we are sliding down the inevitable rabbit hole towards World War III. Continue reading for a truly comprehensive account of what is transpiring… – SJH

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Xe Services (Blackwater) Aims For A $1 Billion Afghani Contract Deal

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Associated Press – January 9, 2010

An Iraqi traffic policeman inspects a car destroyed by a Blackwater security detail in al-Nisoor Square in Baghdad, Iraq, on Sept. 25, 2007.

WASHINGTON – Blackwater Worldwide’s legal woes haven’t dimmed the company’s prospects in Afghanistan, where it’s a contender to be a key part of President Barack Obama’s strategy for stabilizing the country.

Now called Xe Services, the company is in the running for a Pentagon contract potentially worth $1 billion to train Afghanistan’s troubled national police force. Xe has been shifting to training, aviation and logistics work after its security guards were accused of killing unarmed Iraqi civilians more than two years ago.

Yet even with a new name and focus, the expanded role would seem an unlikely one for Xe because Democrats have held such a negative opinion of the company following the Iraqi deaths, which are still reverberating in Baghdad and Washington.

Xe eventually lost its license to operate as guardian of U.S. diplomats in Iraq and the State Department, with Clinton at the helm, elected not to rehire the company when the contract expired in 2009. Delays in getting a new company in place led to a temporary extension of the State contract.

A federal judge on New Year’s Eve dismissed criminal charges against five of the Blackwater guards, citing repeated missteps by federal prosecutors. The Iraqi government has vowed to pursue the case, a new strain on relations between the U.S. and Iraq.

Xe on Wednesday reached a settlement in a series of civil lawsuits in which dozens of Iraqis accused the company of cultivating a reckless culture that allowed innocent civilians to be killed. On Thursday, however, two former Blackwater contractors were arrested on murder charges in the shootings of two Afghans after a traffic accident last year.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Considering the long history between the CIA and Blackwater (Xe Sevices), my money is on them securing the deal!SJH

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Houston Police Department Now Using Drones To Spy On Americans!

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KPRC Channel 2: Houston, Texas

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: How long before they begin firing missiles from these drones to kill innocent civilians as is done in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen?SJH

Billionaire Contrarian Investor Sees Economic Crash Coming In China

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David Barboza / The New York Times – January 8, 2010

James S. Chanos built one of the largest fortunes on Wall Street by foreseeing the collapse of Enron and other highflying companies whose stories were too good to be true.

Now Mr. Chanos, a wealthy hedge fund investor, is working to bust the myth of the biggest conglomerate of all: China Inc.

As most of the world bets on China to help lift the global economy out of recession, Mr. Chanos is warning that China’s hyperstimulated economy is headed for a crash, rather than the sustained boom that most economists predict. Its surging real estate sector, buoyed by a flood of speculative capital, looks like “Dubai times 1,000 — or worse,” he frets. He even suspects that Beijing is cooking its books, faking, among other things, its eye-popping growth rates of more than 8 percent.

“Bubbles are best identified by credit excesses, not valuation excesses,” he said in a recent appearance on CNBC. “And there’s no bigger credit excess than in China.” He is planning a speech later this month at the University of Oxford to drive home his point.

As America’s pre-eminent short-seller — he bets big money that companies’ strategies will fail — Mr. Chanos’s narrative runs counter to the prevailing wisdom on China. Most economists and governments expect Chinese growth momentum to continue this year, buoyed by what remains of a $586 billion government stimulus program that began last year, meant to lift exports and consumption among Chinese consumers.

Still, betting against China will not be easy. Because foreigners are restricted from investing in stocks listed inside China, Mr. Chanos has said he is searching for other ways to make his bets, including focusing on construction- and infrastructure-related companies that sell cement, coal, steel and iron ore.

Mr. Chanos, 51, whose hedge fund, Kynikos Associates, based in New York, has $6 billion under management, is hardly the only skeptic on China. But he is certainly the most prominent and vocal.

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Written by Steven John Hibbs

January 9, 2010 at 12:55 pm