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Here In The Long And Solemn Dark – Examination Of “Global Elitism”

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Giordano Bruno / Neithercorp Press – January 2, 2010

Inherent in every human being lurk the qualities that make us capable of indelible and enduring good, or astounding and catastrophic evil. Many of us struggle with these natural inborn psychological dualities every day of our lives. With the help of conscience; the ever present voice of the unconscious which guides us towards balance, many of us survive the internal battle without inflicting too much damage on the innocent bystanders around us.

I used to believe that all people endured this same struggle equally, that everyone wanted to eventually achieve that ever elusive self awareness that cuts through the fog of life and makes us feel whole. I believed that all men who committed terrible crimes and injustices against others did so out of ignorance and blindness. Surely, they had lost their way, and did not fully understand the implications of their actions. This did not make them any less responsible, but could they not be redeemed? Had they not let their own shadows run wild in the daylight without knowing the consequences? Weren’t all of us, even the worst of us, deep down still striving to do what was right?

In this belief I must now admit, if I am to remain true to my conscience, I was terribly mistaken…

What I did not comprehend when I was younger was that not all men struggle against the dark corners of their own hearts. Some men revel in them. Some men embrace their failings, their hatred and their envy, their vicious desire for control over their environment and those in it, and they do it deliberately, completely aware of the imbalance and pain they are inflicting on others. Where I see weakness of character, they see untapped strength; the strength of cold and unrestrained malevolence. They were not “victims” of their own ignorance. These men had traversed the River Styx and glimpsed the mythological gates of hell, the psychological barrier between saints and madmen. They stood at the edge of reason and truth, looked out into the nightmarish abyss at the back of their own psyches, and liked what they saw!

If there was ever anything closer to the definition of “evil,” I have not heard of it.

This methodology, this philosophy of embracing one’s darker nature, is ever present in an organized group of people we have come to label “Global Elites.” They have existed in various forms for centuries but their goals have always been the same. In this article, we will examine some of the early influences that gave birth to the elitist philosophy, as well as some possible explanations as to why they do what they do.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Yet another incredible historical examination of the mindset of the self-appointed “global elite” and the sociopathic mindset of the self-important indulgance they have rationalized as their “right” throughout history at the expense of humanity… – SJH

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AGENDA 21: Obama’s $250 Million ‘Plan’ To Brainwash Your Children

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Cassandra Anderson / Infowars – January 7, 2010

On January 6, 2010, Obama proudly unveiled his “Innovative Agenda”. Financed by Public- Private Partnerships, the goal is to train over 100,000 elementary school math and science teachers. The Intel Foundation has committed to spending $200 million dollars to this venture, with 4 other companies providing another $50 million dollars.(1)

The mainstream media’s spin on this story was that this is a gift to increase American children’s test scores. And most people believe this is a wonderful investment in the future and don’t understand the real intention behind the “gift”, with strings attached.

Do you think that depopulation of the planet is wonderful?

Do you think that the destruction of individual rights and the Constitution is wonderful?

Do you think that clearing humans from 50% of America’s landscape is wonderful?

Anytime you here the phrase “Public- Private Partnership”, you can be sure that a corporation or foundation is benefiting, as PPP’s are the tool of fascism. The “Private” component of the PPP is the money partner and is always interested in profit and power. When they couple with the government (the Public component of the PPP), the benefit is enforcement of policies, tax breaks, fees, etc. Please find out more by watching Joan Veon’s videos featured on InfoWars December 3rd.(

After doing a little research on Intel’s website and its affiliation with the EPA and the United Nations, the implications are clear: Intel is preoccupied with the global warming hoax and intends to institute Agenda 21 Sustainable Development by indoctrinating children through education.

Lori Wigle, Intel’s Eco- Technology General Manager and “Green Queen” went to the Copenhagen convention and wrote in her blog that technology could provide a structure for people to telecommute from home so that “ultimately we may need fewer roads”.(2) Remember that the collectivists’ agenda is to concentrate people in cities and remove them from the land. If there are no roads, the land becomes ‘off-limits’.

Further, Intel’s Corporate Responsibility Director, Michael Jacobson, glorifies the alliance between Intel and the United Nations in his blog regarding the United Nations Global Compact.(4)

The United Nations Global Compact is based on the Rio Declaration of Environment and Development from 1992, and IS Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. Soft language is used, but the underlying message is that an international governing body should regulate all things concerning human interaction with the environment.(5) The man made global warming hoax is one of the biggest weapons of propaganda and legal action that the collectivists use.

Lastly, education is a tool that the globalists use to promote their programs, and is clearly documented in their own materials. For example, California’s Assembly Bill 32 (Cap & Trade), the final report states, “ARB will also rely on partners throughout the state to develop and display options for curricula that will enhance the K-12, community college, trade technical training programs, and programs at four-year colleges.” (page 102)(6)

The Good News: Being forewarned is being forearmed. You can teach your children about “Climategate” and get other parents involved. You can educate the educators and become more involved in what your child learns.


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2010 Predictions From Beyond: All Quotes From ‘The Sedona Journal’

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2010 Predictions

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Interesting video put in perspective with quotes from The Sedona Journal’s December 2009 edition. Keep in mind the source, however, take note of their prediction at 1:47 into the video… 🙂 – SJH   

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True: Are You Awake?

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Jonathan Elinoff / New World Order Report – January 6, 2010

After reading the article released by, I decided to update and revise their sloppy work.  Their article had only 7.  I can name 33 and I am planning on releasing a revised list soon with up to 50.  The article I was insulted to read by the lack of information can be viewed here, but don’t waste your time, all of that is in this article and more.

Most people can’t resist getting the details on the latest conspiracy theories, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. At the same time, many people quickly denounce any conspiracy theory as untrue … and sometimes as unpatriotic or just plain ridiculous.   Lets not forget all of the thousands of conspiracies out of Wall Street like Bernie Madoff and many others to commit fraud and extortion, among many crimes of conspiracy.  USA Today reports that over 75% of personal ads in the paper and on craigslist are married couples posing as single for a one night affair.  When someone knocks on your door to sell you a set of knives or phone cards, anything for that matter, do they have a profit motive?  What is conspiracy other than just a scary way of saying “alternative agenda”?  When 2 friends go to a bar and begin to plan their wingman approach on 2 girls they see at the bar, how often are they planning on lying to those girls?  “I own a small business and am in town for a short while.  Oh yeah, you look beautiful.”

Conspiracy theory is a term that originally was a neutral descriptor for any claim of civil, criminal or political conspiracy. However, it has come almost exclusively to refer to any fringe theory which explains a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by conspirators of almost superhuman power and cunning.  To conspire means “to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or to use such means to accomplish a lawful end.”  The term “conspiracy theory” is frequently used by scholars and in popular culture to identify secret military, banking, or political actions aimed at stealing power, money, or freedom, from “the people”.

To many, conspiracy theories are just human nature.  Not all people in this world are honest, hard working and forthcoming about their intentions.  Certainly we can all agree on this.  So how did the term “conspiracy theory” get grouped in with fiction, fantasy and folklore?  Maybe that’s a conspiracy, just kidding.  Or am I?

Skeptics are important in achieving an objective view of reality, however, skeptism is not the same as reinforcing the official storyline.  In fact, a conspiracy theory can be argued as an alternative to the official or “mainstream” story of events.  Therefore, when skeptics attempt to ridicule a conspiracy theory by using the official story as a means of proving the conspiracy wrong, in effect, they are just reinforcing the original “mainstream” view of history, and actually not being skeptical.  This is not skeptism, it is just a convenient way for the establishment view of things to be seen as the correct version, all the time, every time.  In fact, it is common for “hit pieces” or “debunking articles” to pick extremely fringe and not very populated conspiracy theories.  This in turn makes all conspiracies on a subject matter look crazy.  Skeptics magazine and Popular Mechanics, among many others, did this with 9/11.  They referred to less than 10% of the many different conspiracy theories about 9/11 and picked the less popular ones, in fact, they picked the fringe, highly improbable points that only a few people make.  This was used as the “final investigation” for looking into the conspiracy theories.  Convenient, huh?

In fact, if one were to look into conspiracy theories, they will largely find that thinking about a conspiracy is associated with lunacy and paranoia.  Some websites suggest it as an illness.  It is also not surprising to see so many people on the internet writing about conspiracy theories in a condescending tone, usually with the words “kool-aid,” “crack pot,” or “nut job” in their articulation.  This must be obvious to anyone that emotionally writing about such serious matter insults the reader more than the conspiracy theorist because there is no need to resort to this kind of behavior.  It is employed often with an “expert” who will say something along the lines of, “for these conspiracies to be true, you would need hundreds if not thousands of people to be involved.  It’s just not conceivable.”

I find it extremely odd that the assumption is on thousands of participants in a conspiracy.  I, for one, find it hard to believe any conspiracy involving more than a handful of people but the fact remains that there have been conspiracies in our world, proven and not made up, that involved many hundreds of people.  It’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of fact.

One more thing to consider, have you noticed that if the conspiracy is involving powerful interests with the ability to bribe, threaten or manipulate major institutions (like the mafia, big corporations or government) then don’t you find it odd when people use one of those as the “credible” counter-argument?  What I mean is, if you are discussing a conspiracy about the mafia, and someone hands you a debunking article that was written by the mafia, it doesn’t seem like it would take rocket science to look at that with serious criticism and credibility.  This is the case with many conspiracies.  In fact, I am handed debunking pieces all the time written in many cases by the conspirators in question.  Doesn’t this seem odd to anybody else but me?

While intelligent cynicism certainly can be healthy, though, some of the greatest discoveries of all time were initially received (often with great vitriol) as blasphemous conspiracy theories — think of the revelation that the earth was not the center of the universe, or that the world was not flat but actually round.

What follows are some of these most shocking modern conspiracy theories that turned out true after thorough investigation by our society.  Some through congressional hearings, others through investigative journalism.  Many of these, however, were just admitted to by those involved.  These are just 33 of them, and I still had a long list of others to add.  There are a total of 33 in this article.  Many of these are listed with original and credible news clips on the matter, as well as documentaries…

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Continue on! Excellent article with accompanying videos– SJH 

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Written by Steven John Hibbs

January 7, 2010 at 12:27 am