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Flight 253 False Flag ‘Incident’ Will Be Exploited To Renew Patriot Act

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Prior to the underwear bomber incident on Christmas, the House of Representatives tabled legislation to “reform” the Constitution nullifying the Patriot Act. On December 16, nine days before the patsy Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was delivered to the airport in Amsterdam by his handler, Congress decided to shuffle the law off into the New Year…

Many of the Patriot Act provisions were set to expire on January 1st. David Kravets wrote for Wired at the time:

Under Wednesday’s action, the NSL-reform [National Security Letters] vote is also delayed until the New Year. And the three expiring provisions will remain in force at least through February. The extension came as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) balked at a Senate plan to include Patriot Act amendments into a $636 billion Pentagon funding measure, saying doing so would create “revolt on the left.”

In fact, the so-called “left” in Congress is as dedicated to implementing the government’s control grid as the “right.” The only difference is that Democrats engage in more hand-wringing over the legislation.

So-called liberal Democrats have pushed for renewal of the police state law, including the former Saturday Night Live comedian Al Franken, now a Democrat from Minnesota.

“Heightened terrorist activity in recent days and months — from the attempted bombing of a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day to the shootings at Fort Hood, to the murder of a Saudi Arabian border guard by Yemeni insurgents, reveal that our need for robust intelligence gathering tools has not diminished since 9/11,” declared Republican Congressman Dan Lungren on December 31.

The false flag terror operation above Detroit will be used to squelch any opposition to renewing the Patriot Act in February. Funny how things work.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: And tragic, willfull ignorance on behalf of a population of blinded idiots, I might add. As a footnote, this is being done to limit our travel capabilities in order to further collapse the economy and isolate us…  Wake Up!! – SJH

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United States And UK Close Yemen Embassies Over Al-Qaeda Threats

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Anne Gearan and Lee Keath / Associated Press – January 3, 2010

SAN’A, Yemen – Western embassies in Yemen locked up Sunday after fresh threats from al-Qaida, and the White House expressed alarm at the terror group’s expanded reach in the poor Arab nation where an offshoot apparently ordered the Christmas Day plot against a U.S. airliner.

President Barack Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, cited “indications al-Qaida is planning to carry out an attack against a target” in the capital, possibly the embassy, and estimated the group had several hundred members in Yemen. Security reasons led Britain to act, too; it was not known when the embassies would reopen.

The U.S. is worried about the spread of terrorism in Yemen, a U.S. ally and aid recipient, Brennan said, but doesn’t consider the country a second front with Afghanistan and Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.

As to whether U.S. troops might be sent to Yemen, Brennan replied: “We’re not talking about that at this point at all.” He pledged to provide the Yemeni government with “the wherewithal” to take down al-Qaida.

Britain and the United States are assisting a counterterrorism police unit in Yemen as fears grow about the increasing threat of international terrorism originating from the country.

The Obama administration claims that the suspect in the plot against the Detroit-bound plane was trained and armed by the al-Qaida affiliate in Yemen. Brennan blamed a series of what he called lapses and human errors in U.S. intelligence and security defenses for allowing a Nigerian man to board the plane with explosives. He tried to detonate them as the aircraft approached Detroit on Dec. 25, (2009).

The Transportation Security Administration announced Sunday that, starting Monday, passengers flying into the United States from Nigeria, Yemen and other “countries of interest” will be subject to enhanced screening techniques, such as body scans and pat-downs.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: And the prevaricator’s (MSM/NWO) insanity marches on in 2010! – SJH

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Obama And Afghanistan: America’s Drug-Corrupted War(s) – Deja Vu

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Professor Peter Dale Scott / Global Research – January 1, 2010

The presidential electoral campaign of Barack Obama in 2008, it was thought, “changed the political debate in a party and a country that desperately needed to take a new direction.”[1] Like most preceding presidential winners dating back at least to John F. Kennedy, what moved voters of all descriptions to back Obama was the hope he offered of significant change. Yet within a year Obama has taken decisive steps, not just to continue America’s engagement in Bush’s Afghan War, but significantly to enlarge it into Pakistan. If this was change of a sort, it was a change that few voters desired.

Those of us convinced that a war machine prevails in Washington were not surprised. The situation was similar to the disappointment experienced with Jimmy Carter: Carter was elected in 1976 with a promise to cut the defense budget. Instead, he initiated both an expansion of the defense budget and also an expansion of U.S. influence into the Indian Ocean.[2]

As I wrote in The Road to 9/11, after Carter’s election:

It appeared on the surface that with the blessing of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, the traditional U.S. search for unilateral domination would be abandoned. But… the 1970s were a period in which a major “intellectual counterrevolution” was mustered, to mobilize conservative opinion with the aid of vast amounts of money… By the time SALT II was signed in 1979, Carter had consented to significant new weapons programs and arms budget increases (reversing his campaign pledge).[3]

I noted further that the complex strategy for reversing Carter’s promises was revived for a new mobilization in the 1990s during the Clinton presidency, in which a commission headed by Donald Rumsfeld was prominent.[4]

The Vietnam War as a Template for Afghanistan

It is as if Washington had emerged with only one objective from America’s failure in Vietnam: the urge to do it again and get it right. But the principal obstacle to victory in Afghanistan is the same as in Vietnam: the lack of a viable government to defend. The importance of this similarity has been stressed by Thomas H. Johnson, coordinator of anthropological research studies at the Naval Postgraduate School, and his co-author Chris Mason. In their memorable phrase, “the Vietnam War is less a metaphor for the conflict in Afghanistan than it is a template:”

It is an oft-cited maxim that in all the conflicts of the past century, the United States has refought its last war. A number of analysts and journalists have mentioned the war in Vietnam recently in connection with Afghanistan. Perhaps fearful of taking this analogy too far, most have backed away from it. They should not—the Vietnam War is less a metaphor for the conflict in Afghanistan than it is a template. For eight years, the United States has engaged in an almost exact political and military reenactment of the Vietnam War, and the lack of self-awareness of the repetition of events 50 years ago is deeply disturbing.[5]

Many of the common features of an unpopular corrupted government have been well summarized by Johnson and Mason. In their words, quoting Jeffrey Record, “the fundamental political obstacle to an enduring American success in Vietnam [was] a politically illegitimate, militarily feckless, and thoroughly corrupted South Vietnamese client regime.” Substitute the word “Afghanistan” for the words “South Vietnam” in these quotations and the descriptions apply precisely to today’s government in Kabul. Like Afghanistan, South Vietnam at the national level was a massively corrupt collection of self-interested warlords, many of them deeply implicated in the profitable opium trade, with almost nonexistent legitimacy outside the capital city. The purely military gains achieved at such terrible cost in our nation’s blood and treasure in Vietnam never came close to exhausting the enemy’s manpower pool or his will to fight, and simply could not be sustained politically by a venal and incompetent set of dysfunctional state institutions where self-interest was the order of the day.[6]

If Johnson had written a little later, he might have added that a major CIA asset in Afghanistan was Ahmed Wali Karzai, brother of President Hamid Karzai; and that Ahmed Wali Karzai was a major drug trafficker who used his private force to help arrange a flagrantly falsified election result.[7] This is a fairly exact description of Ngo dinh Nhu in Vietnam, President Ngo dinh Diem’s brother, an organizer of the Vietnamese drug traffic whose dreaded Can Lao secret police helped, among other things, to organize a falsified election result there.[8]

This pattern of a corrupt near relative, often involved in drugs, is a recurring feature of regimes installed or supported by U.S. influence. There were similar allegations about Chiang Kai-shek’s brother-in-law T.V. Soong, Mexican President Echevarría’s brother-in-law Rubén Zuno Arce, and the Shah of Iran’s sister. In the case of Ngo dinh Nhu, it was the absence of a popular base for his externally installed presidential brother that led to drug involvement, “to provide the necessary funding” for political repression.[9] This analogy to the Karzais is pertinent.

An additional similarity, not noted by Johnson, is that America initially engaged in Vietnam in support of an embattled and unpopular minority, the Roman Catholics who had thrived under the French. America has twice made the same mistake in Afghanistan. Initially, after the Russian invasion of 1980, the bulk of American aid went to Gulbeddin Hekmatyar, a leader both insignificant in and unpopular with the mujahedin resistance; the CIA is said to have supported Hekmatyar, who became a drug trafficker to compensate for his lack of a popular base, because he was the preferred client of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), which distributed American and Saudi aid.

When America re-engaged in 2001, it was to support the Northern Alliance, a drug-trafficking Tajik-Uzbek minority coalition hateful to the Pashtun majority south of the Hindu Kush. Just as America’s initial commitment to the Catholic Diem family fatally alienated the Vietnamese countryside, so the American presence in Afghanistan is weakened by its initial dependence on the Tajiks of the minority Northern Alliance. (The Roman Catholic minority in Vietnam at least shared a language with the Buddhists in the countryside. The Tajiks speak Dari, a version of Persian unintelligible to the Pashtun majority.)

According to an important article by Gareth Porter…

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Incredible historical account! Keep reading, folks… – SJH

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Americans Want To Be Slaves – Exchanging Our Liberty For ‘Security’

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Adam Murdock, M.D. / – January 3, 2010

Are Americans willing to trade their freedoms for a false sense of security?

This is the crucial question that must be answered before a successful struggle for liberty can be fought and won. If it is shown that the majority of Americans will readily trade their freedoms for a fake carnal security then the cause has already been lost.

Let us just examine a few of the events of the last two months to see where America sits on the major issues of our day.

Recently, we were made aware of the attempt to bring down a transatlantic flight by the ‘underwear bomber’. While the facts remain unclear about the events surrounding the attempted bombing, what is clear is the attempt to use the event as a catalyst for further draconian security measures. This includes proposals for and in some cases imposition of mandatory body scanning for all passengers. In fact, the Netherlands announced that they will body scan all passengers as a result of the incident. In the US, the cry from neo-con Republicans has been to adopt just such a policy here. In addition, the TSA seized the opportunity to try to turn the airplane into a virtual prison camp.

What is most troubling about the whole event is the seeming willingness of Americans to accept the official story without questioning and to submit themselves to any measure deemed necessary by our “benevolent” government. Now that President Obama is in power, the civil liberties fire that once was burning bright among some on the left has now smoldered, leaving few to oppose the new liberal/Neo-con fascism.

What evidence do we have that any of these measures will actually make us safer? Indeed, this supposed terrorist had no passport and was on the terrorist watch list. While a simple passport check would have stopped this individual, now the rights of the rest of us will be sacrificed to a needless bureaucracy, which will prove to be just as inept. It may be that Americans will be forced into “clothes-free” airport zones where government workers will examine every crook, crevice, and orifice of your body. How long Americans will suffer this indecency is unknown. What is known is that these measures will not make us safer.

While the “underwear bomber” event was used to stroke our fears about external threats, two other recent issues of much greater significance are meant to play on our fear about the intrinsic weakness of mankind.

The first revolves around the insecurity all of us have over the health of our bodies. Some would claim the government can somehow guarantee you carnal or rather physical security from your own body. What is true, however, is that we will all decay and die whether we like it or not. No power on earth can prevent this from happening. Yet, what has been proposed with the health care reform measures now before congress and the senate is that government should become our health stewards by providing universal healthcare. The implied rationale is that these measures will somehow address our health security. Unfortunately, the truth is that these measures will only guarantee you the opportunity to stand in lines and in most cases will be detrimental to your health and hence your health security. Services that once could be readily obtained through the free market system will be removed in lieu of budgetary restraints. Americans will be turned into hapless and powerless sheep, begging for any ounce of health mercy that a faceless bureaucracy will see fit to grant them. The right to healthcare gained by a few will come at the expense of the right to healthcare for the rest.

There is no greater example of the fallacy of this socialist healthcare utopia than the death of the actress Natasha Richardson in Quebec, Canada last year. She likely died because of the socialized healthcare system in Canada. The government of Quebec had decided that medical helicopters were too expensive. As a result, instead of being transported by helicopter, Natasha was driven by ambulance to the nearest hospital a couple hours away. This wasted time was enough to seal her fate.

Despite the ample evidence of the dystopian healthcare provided by socialized healthcare systems, Americans seem more and more willing to buy into the media hype about the supposed greatness of healthcare in Cuba, Canada, and Europe. Never before have the forces of socialist America been so close to realizing their dream of converting America into a suburb of western Europe.

The final and most nefarious onslaught on our liberty has arisen with the attempt to transfer our national sovereignty to a world government over the issue of carbon emissions. Indeed, our very breath has been turned into a toxin needing to be regulated in order to save the planet. The more breaths, the more toxin. Not surprisingly, this has led to calls for world population control from some in China, Europe, and Canada.

The fake science used to justify the man-made global warming agenda was recently revealed as a concoction of climate change scientists to serve their own self interest. Yet, Americans continue to believe more in gloss and glamour than in science and common sense. Unfortunately, the result will be that the American sense of compassion will be turned on its own head. The third world will be starved into carbon compliance and American ingenuity will be turned into funding industrial de-industrialization.

More and more Americans are convincing themselves that they are vermin and need to be exterminated. They will happily put GPS carbon trackers on their vehicles, smart carbon-limiting power meters in the their homes, LCD light-bulbs in their reading rooms, bikes in their garages, and government camera carbon monitoring systems in their homes just so that they can be ‘cool’ and feel like they are doing something for Al Gore and the movement. Nobody seems to care about the substance anymore; it is the image that counts.

What these examples reveal is that America has become more and more a country filled with cowardly yes-men, rather than people with courage to stand up for conviction. They have lost the fire of freedom and substituted the frost of a fake consensus. Unfortunately, the American ideal has faded in the minds of many. Many no longer know what they are throwing away. It is only when it is gone that they will wake up and realize that the noose is already too tight for escape.

It behooveth those that have been warned to warn their neighbors. My prayer is that we may have the courage to become active purveyors of truth.

Adam Murdock, M.D., Founder of The Freemen Institute,

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The American Idiot – Just What Will It Take To Awaken The Sheeple?

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Hijacked Nation

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: A sad yet accurate account of “The American Idiot”. SJH

DOCUMENTARY: “Reel Bad Arabs — How Hollywood Vilifies A People”

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Russia Today

This groundbreaking documentary dissects a slanderous aspect of cinematic history that has run virtually unchallenged from the earliest days of silent film to today’s biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Featuring acclaimed author Dr. Jack Shaheen, the film explores a long line of degrading images of Arabs – from Bedouin bandits and submissive maidens to sinister sheikhs and gun-wielding “terrorists” – along the way offering devastating insights into the origin of these stereotypical images, their development at key points in US history, and why they matter so much today.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: Outstanding documentary exposing the propaganda portrayed in the media throughout history to achieve government and corporate agendas in the Middle East! SJH