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Reported Ukrainian “H1N1 Swine Flu” Cases Now Tops Over 1 Million

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Recombinomics – November 9, 2009

1,031,597 Influenza/ARI  –  52,742 Hospitalized  –  174 Dead

The latest update for Ukraine includes more than 1 million reported cases (see map).  The fatalities have jumped from 155 to 174 and almost 53K have been hospitalized. The biggest jump in fatalities was in Lviv, where reported deaths rose from 63 to 74.  However, the largest jump in cases was in Kiev, raising concerns that the infections were spreading east.

The increase in cases and deaths continue to support a genetic change in the H1N1 virus.  However, there have been no updates on samples which were sent to London over a week ago. 

The sequence silence continues to increase concerns that the large number of cases and deaths in Ukraine is linked to changes, which may involve the receptor binding domain in general and position 225 in particular.

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The Tonka Report Movie Review: The Men Who Stare At Goats ~ [B-]

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Steven John Hibbs / The Tonka Report – November 9, 2009

Having the day off as Tropical Storm Ida sped north through the Gulf of Mexico toward the Panhandle of Florida, bypassing the Central coast and leaving us with nothing more than some wind, rain and clouds, I was tuned in to The Alex Jones Show.

While listening, AJ was interviewing Jon Ronson who wrote the book that the new movie The Men Who Stare At Goats was based upon. In the middle of the interview I had to run an errand and happened to look up at the marquee of The Beach Theater as I passed by in my car and noticed that the movie was actually premiering there. So I went to see it.

To be honest, the movie was not all that great. However, the satirical way in which real information was both subtly infused and sometimes right in your face, was clever indeed. Would I see it again? Probably not. Is it worth a matinee look? Sure… – SJH  

 The Men Who Stare At Goats: Trailer

BLACKOUT: U.S. Military Personnel Banned From H1N1 Vaccine Sites

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Allen McDuffee / The Huffington Post – November 9, 2009

If you want to draw attention to a problem, try hiding it. That’s the strategy of several military bases when it comes to the H1N1 vaccine.

Shortly after the Pentagon announced that all Armed Services personnel would soon be facing a mandatory H1N1 vaccination program, I started receiving email from soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors because of a previous story I had written on the anthrax vaccine. Mandatory vaccine programs are a sensitive subject in the military, so it’s not a huge surprise that swift and visceral reactions to the program gained speed.

With a vaccine that was so new and little known about it, like many Americans, troops were heading to the web to find answers to their very legitimate questions — not only for themselves, but for their families who have the option of receiving the vaccine on base. What they found instead is that several websites and blogs with key information asking critical questions had been blocked from their viewing.

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Associated Press (AP) Brazenly Declares War On Alternative Medicine

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Mike Adams / Natural News – November 7, 2009

(NaturalNews) The Associated Press has declared war on alternative medicine, publishing a series of stories attacking everything from nutritional therapies to bioidentical hormones. These stories, which are syndicated across thousands of websites around the world, are prefaced with the following highly-opinionated “Editor’s Note”: “Ten years and $2.5 billion in research have found no cures from alternative medicine. Yet these mostly unproven treatments are now mainstream and used by more than a third of all Americans. This is one in an occasional series examining their use and potential risks.”

What this note reveals is an extraordinary bias against natural medicine from the start. It’s clear from the claim of “examining their use and potential risks” that the Associated Press isn’t even looking for potential benefits of natural medicine. They’re just looking to discredit it. And the part about “Ten years and $2.5 billion in research have found no cures” is factually incorrect.

To be more accurate, the statement should have said “Ten years and $2.5 billion in research by pharmaceutical researchers who don’t even know how to study something holistically have found no cures that they are willing to publicly acknowledge.”

Because, in reality, natural medicine has provided the populations of the world with countless cures spanning thousands of years of indigenous use by billions of people. Oh, but wait… the Associated Press doesn’t count that. The only evidence they will consider is “proof” provided by researchers on the payroll of the criminally-operated pharmaceutical industry and rubber-stamped by a corrupt, racketeering U.S. Food and Drug Administration that unquestionably pushes a pro-pharma agenda at the expense of public health.

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Ron Paul: Universal Health Care Bill Could Finally Kill The U.S. Dollar

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Paul Joseph Watson / Prison Planet – November 9, 2009

If the Obama administration keeps its promise in guaranteeing not to raise taxes to pay for universal health care, the only way to cover the costs will be for the Federal Reserve to print even more money out of thin air, a process that will kill the dollar and lead to lower living standards for all Americans, warns Congressman Ron Paul.

In his weekly Texas Straight Talk telephone update, Dr. Paul said that Saturday night’s passage of the health care bill in Congress will lead to a further devastation of the American economy and the greenback.

The Congressman highlights the fact that the health care reform package is already twice as expensive as originally forecast and that estimates of past health care spending programs have been off by as much as 100 per cent, “So there is no telling what the actual cost will be,” states Paul, adding that government intervention has always been expensive and historically has routinely led to waste, fraud and abuse.

Paul labeled the bill “completely unconstitutional” and accused Washington of “torturing the numbers” rather than facing the truth and warned, “If health care reform does indeed pass, we should not be under the illusion that it will be free, they will have to get the money from somewhere.”

Dismissing claims that the government will get the money from cutting wage fraud and abuse, noting that this was intrinsic to government programs, Paul said that if the administration doesn’t raise taxes and premiums, “This can only then put more pressure on the Fed to print the money out of thin air,” resulting in an even greater acceleration in the weakening of the dollar.

“This new monumental pressure could very well be the straw that will break the dollar’s back,” warns Paul.

“Foreign creditors are already nervous about continuing to invest in the U.S. because of our skyrocketing debt – the explosion of debt that is certain to accompany the enactment of this national health care bill can only add to that nervousness,” said the Congressman.

Paul concluded by warning that a government takeover of health care will take a flawed system and make it “immeasurably worse”.

Listen to Dr. Paul’s comments via the You Tube clip below…

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New Report: Ukraine Fatalities Increase To 155 With No End In Sight

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Recombinomics – November 9, 2009

Kiev, Ukraine

969,247 Influenza/ARI

48,972 Hospitalized

155 Dead

The above numbers represent the latest figures from Ukraine. The increases over the weekend have slowed, but it is unclear if this reduction in the rate of increases is due to an improving situation, or just fewer reports received because of the weekend.  Although Lviv still has a wide lead in all categories (see map), including 155,895 cases, the city of Kiev is now up to 60,366 and when combined with the 47,802 cases in the Kiev Oblast, the Kiev city/oblast has increased to more than 100,000 cases, which is higher than any oblast, other than Lviv.  The low number of deaths there, 5, may just be a trailing number, since the largest increases in Kiev were in the past few days.

Poland is now reporting schools with high absenteeism, although media reports and government comments continue to cite contributions from seasonal flu, even though all countries in Europe are reporting seasonal flu levels at less that 1% of flu positives.  Worldwide, seasonal H1N1 has been crowded out, and low levels of H3N2 in eastern Asia are rapidly declining, suggesting the H1N1 swine flu will be the dominant influenza A in humans for years or decades.

The lack of a more detailed report on the sequences generated by Mill Hill continues to cause concern.  Initial reports suggested there was no reassortment or anti-viral resistance markers identified, but reports did not exclude small changes, including acquisition of receptor binding domain changes such as polymorphisms at HA position 225 (D225E, D225G, and D225N).  D225N was linked to the global expansion of amantadine resistant H3N2, and D225G was isolated from lungs of fatal cases in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well as pandemic isolates from 1918 (A/New York/1/1918) and 1919 (A/London/1/1919).

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Can Scientists Make A Space Elevator? Is It Another Tower Of Babel?

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Doug Gross / CNN – November 5, 2009

NASA Concept Image

“The question Artsutanov asked himself had the childlike brilliance of true genius. A merely clever man could never have thought of it — or would have dismissed it instantly as absurd. If the laws of celestial mechanics make it possible for an object to stay fixed in the sky, might it not be possible to lower a cable down to the surface, and so to establish an elevator system linking earth to space?” — Arthur C. Clarke, 1979, “The Fountains of Paradise”

(CNN) — It sounds like science fiction. And it was.

Now, 30 years after “2001” author Arthur C. Clarke wrote about an elevator that rises into outer space, serious research is happening all over the world in an effort to make the far-fetched-sounding idea a reality.

The benefits of a fully realized elevator would make carrying people and goods into space cheaper, easier and safer than with rocket launches, proponents say, opening up a host of possibilities.

Restaurants and hotels for space tourists. Wind turbines that provide energy by spinning 24 hours a day. A cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly way to launch rockets.

Scientists envision all of the above — possibly within our lifetimes.

“Space elevator-related research is valid, but there are hurdles to overcome,” said David Smitherman, a space architect at NASA’s George C. Marshall Space Flight Center.

This week in the Mojave Desert, three teams of engineers are competing for $2 million offered up by NASA for anyone who can build a prototype of an elevator able to crawl up a kilometer-high tether while hauling a heavy payload.

“We haven’t had any winners yet, but we truly do expect to have at least one winner, probably more [this year],” said Ted Semon, spokesman for The Spaceward Foundation, which has run the competition for the past several years.

Most models for an elevator into space involve attaching a cable from a satellite, space station or other counterweight to a base on Earth’s surface.

Scientists say inertia would keep the cable tight enough to allow an elevator to climb it.

The inspiration for researchers to pursue a space elevator started, as many scientific advances have, in the fantastical world of science fiction.

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Written by Steven John Hibbs

November 9, 2009 at 1:47 am