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APF’s Plan To Operate Montana Prison Complex Has Been Terminated

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Paul Joseph Watson / Prison Planet – October 10, 2009

The saga of American Police Force and its plans to take over a $27 million dollar detention facility in Hardin Montana came to an end last night with the announcement that the deal was terminated, as the Governor of Montana slammed local officials for becoming “part of the conspiracy” by continuing their dealings with known criminals and con men such as Michael Hilton.

As we reported last week, the deal seemed destined to fail following revelations that the founder of APF, Michael Hilton, was a career criminal who had operated under 17 different aliases, spent three years in prison and still has $1.1 million in outstanding civil judgments against him. This prompted the Governor of Montana to launch an investigation into both APF and local officials.

“Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer upbraided Hardin officials for first striking a deal with what he called “con men” and then defending American Police Force after Hilton’s history emerged,” reports the Associated Press.

“They became part of the conspiracy. They became apologists,” he said of Peterson and others involved in the deal.

Schweitzer added that Hardin residents “need some people to represent them that have some business skills, that are honest and have integrity.”

As we stressed repeatedly, the refusal of local officials to admit that they were engaged in wrongdoing was never going to do anyone any favors. The hostile response that we received for merely emphasizing the fact that Hilton was a career criminal was indicative of locals living in denial of the fact that making deals with convicted con men was always going to turn sour.

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