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The Lying Game: How We’re Prepared For Another War Of Aggression

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John Pilger / – September 30, 2009

In 2001, the Observer in London published a series of reports that claimed an “Iraqi connection” to al-Qaeda, even describing the base in Iraq where the training of terrorists took place and a facility where anthrax was being manufactured as a weapon of mass destruction. It was all false. Supplied by US intelligence and Iraqi exiles, planted stories in the British and US media helped George Bush and Tony Blair to launch an illegal invasion which caused, according to the most recent study, 1.3 million deaths.

Something similar is happening over Iran: the same syncopation of government and media “revelations”, the same manufacture of a sense of crisis. “Showdown looms with Iran over secret nuclear plant”, declared the Guardian on 26 September. “Showdown” is the theme. High noon. The clock ticking. Good versus evil. Add a smooth new US president who has “put paid to the Bush years”. An immediate echo is the notorious Guardian front page of 22 May 2007: “Iran’s secret plan for summer offensive to force US out of Iraq”. Based on unsubstantiated claims by the Pentagon, the writer Simon Tisdall presented as fact an Iranian “plan” to wage war on, and defeat, US forces in Iraq by September of that year – a demonstrable falsehood for which there has been no retraction.

The official jargon for this kind of propaganda is “psy-ops”, the military term for psychological operations. In the Pentagon and Whitehall, it has become a critical component of a diplomatic and military campaign to blockade, isolate and weaken Iran by hyping its “nuclear threat”: a phrase now used incessantly by Barack Obama and Gordon Brown, and parroted by the BBC and other broadcasters as objective news. And it is fake.

On 16 September, Newsweek disclosed that the major US intelligence agencies had reported to the White House that Iran’s “nuclear status” had not changed since the National Intelligence Estimate of November 2007, which stated with “high confidence” that Iran had halted in 2003 the programme it was alleged to have developed. The International Atomic Energy Agency has backed this, time and again.

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What Is The American Police Force And What Is It Doing In Montana?

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Doug Stanglin / USA Today – October 1, 2009

A secretive California outfit called the American Police Force is taking over the 2-year-old, never-used prison in Hardin, Montana, that was briefly considered a possible spot for Guantanamo prisoners.

The story has many twists and turns. We recommend you read The Billings Gazette article for a primer on the story. KULR TV, of Billings, Mont., The Missoulian, and Talking Points Memo are also on the case.

APF’s website, which has been periodically unavailable (click here for a recent cache of their site), says it “leverages the talent and expertise of their extensive global network to provide local, regional, and national security solutions to the United States Government and other clients who are in need of customized private investigative services.”

Here’s its website pitch:

“Whether you are suspicious about a cheating spouse or concerned about a personal threat, APF’s team will employ their experience to fulfill your domestic investigation needs.”

In one odd twist, Becky Shay, a reporter for the Billings Gazette who has reported extensively on the Hardin Prison, quit her job and is now a spokeswoman for the group in Hardin. Except that she now mainly has “no comment” when pressed about what is going on.

Some other unusual wrinkles:

— Mercedes SUVs belonging to APF began showing up recently in town with magnetic decals that said “City of Hardin Police Department,” but later removed them.

— APF, which has mentioned using the facility for military training, refuses to offer any specifics until after a contract to take over the prison is signed.

— Albert Peterson, vice-president of Hardin’s tax-supported economic development arm that built the prison two years ago says people will be “shocked” when they learn the high-quality of the person who will be running the operation, The Gazette reports. “I did my background checks and my homework, and they’re legit,” he said, but won’t reveal the name.

–Peterson says APF hopes to begin filling the prisoner with inmates early next year, but neither he nor APF will say where the prisoners are coming from.

— The Gazette quotes local officials as saying “they have reason to believe” that APF is a spinoff of a “much larger security company that has contracts around the world.”

— Montana Rep. Bob Ebinger has joined other lawmakers in seeking questions from Hardin officials about the unusual deal. “Always when things are secretive, you end up getting everybody — on both the right and the left — making suppositions about what’s going on,”  Ebinger, a Democrat, tells the Great Falls Tribune.

— But KULR says APF’s founder, Michael Hilton, has a extensive criminal record and has “spent six years in a California prison.” The Missoulian says court records show he also uses the aliases Midrag Ilia Dokovitch, Midrag Ilia Dokovich and Michael Miodrag.

— And, for what it’s worth, the APF logo is almost identical to the symbol on the state flag of Serbia.

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: The Serbians are reknowned as being some of the most notorious and deadly mercenaries in the world. The company APF is affiliated with is Blackwater, now known as XE…  – SJH 

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American Propaganda And The Ignorance Of An Apathetic Population!

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Steven John Hibbs / The Tonka Report – October 1, 2009

After being subjected to the mainstream media as my only source of information for five days while I was relocating and awaiting for my internet to be reconnected, I am absolutely nauseated from the concerted and constant mantra of propaganda being spewed out of the airwaves of this fascist government run cesspool we once called America the Great.

Even more disturbing, are my experiences talking to people during this time and the ignorance of the truth and their lack of understanding of any reality that they displayed as they in turn spewed out the same identical propaganda like mynah birds regurgitating the lies being drilled into their convoluted minds day after day after day from every major media source all working in unison. Think we’re going to war with Iran? Remember Iraq?

Immediately after 9/11 eight years ago, I wrote that Afghanistan would be invaded first, then Iraq, followed by Iran once they were flanked on both sides. After the first two predictions have been fulfilled, Iran is again being demonized in the media like never before just like Iraq was back in 2002 before the illegal U.S. invasion in 2003 based on lies to the American people about so-called “weapons of mass destruction”. Sound familiar? No? How about Afghanistan right after the government conspiracy of 9/11!

Are we to now slaughter 1.2 million Iranians like we have in Iraq based on lies while funded by our tax dollars and paid for by the lives of our children? What do you think God thinks about this ignorance and apathetic disease infecting our society as innocent people are systematically murdered around the world by American hegemony while you watch American Idol or play fantasy football or watch porn or do whatever insignificant thing it is that you do to distract yourselves from the truth?

Can you live with this on your conscience? If so, may God have mercy on your pathetic souls! This country is dead, and you can be assured that there will be no future for any of us unless you all pull your collective heads out of your narcissistic asses and wake the fuck up to reality!

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