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History Channel Validates Chemtrails, HAARP, And Weather Warfare

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History Channel Documentary Validates Chemtrails And Weather Warfare

Airs July 25, 2009 At 4pm

The Tonka Report Editor’s Note: This is just the beginning of my renewed assault on educating the people about Chemtrails. For 10 years I have been investigating, researching, educating, posting, writing, and doing radio interviews concerning this continuous bio-chem assault on all of humanity without our consent, yet funded by our tax dollars.

To my continual dismay however, very few people can actually wrap their minds around this blatant crime of genocide being executed right above their own heads that are apparently buried so deep in the sand of willful ignorance that they can no longer see reality whatsoever. That is the epitome and shame of cowardice, denial, and fear!

Well folks, here is just one recent example for all of you out there that need to be coddled and reassured by the government controlled mainstream media that what is happening is really actually happening. Why would they do this? Because the Genie is out of the bottle due to our relentless efforts to expose the truth. You still think we’ve been making this shit up?! – Tonka

Michael Savage Predicts A Staged Reichstag (False Flag) Attack Soon

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Savage Predicts A Staged Reichstag Like Attack Very Soon!

United Airlines Destroys A Musician’s Guitar And Refuses To Pay – The Musician Writes A YouTube Smash And United Lost $180,000,000

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Eddie Wrenn / Mail Online – July 24, 2009

When airlines damage or lose their passenger’s luggage, they normally – perhaps grudgingly – end up paying back compensation of a few hundred pounds. But United Airlines are much more out of pocket in this case. The company has lost 10per cent of their share value – a massive $180million – after being blamed for damaging a musician’s guitar. Canadian singer Dave Carroll composed United Breaks Guitars after his Taylor acoustic was damaged at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. His song has become a YouTube hit with nearly four million views in 10 days.

In the music video, Carroll relates his story, of how in spring 2008 he was travelling to Nebraska when other passengers exclaimed: ‘They’re [the baggage handlers] throwing guitars down there!’ Sure enough, his Taylor guitar had been smashed.

United Breaks Guitars

Link to entire article below…–shares-plunge-10.html;jsessionid=E414B62C0D4BE0EA47584633745A19A0

Written by Steven John Hibbs

July 24, 2009 at 3:59 pm

The Mystical 7 Secret Society: A History – The Origins And Rituals Of College Fraternities Reek Of The Religion And Rites Of Freemasonry

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Benjamin Wyatt-Greene / Wesleyen History Project – 2002 Archive

Original Mystical 7

Original Mystical 7

The definitive “Cyclopaedia of Fraternities,” first published by Albert C. Stevens in 1907 contains a short, two-line entry: “The Mystical 7, which is now thought to be dead, was in some respects one of the most remarkable and most ambitious college societies in the country.”1 Confusion over whether the Mystical Seven Society is dead has continued for well over a century and controversy still exists as to what present-day organization represents its legitimate philosophical heir, with histories occasionally being re-interpreted and re-written to support competing claims. However the relevant fact that emerges from research is that the Mystical 7 played an active part in a number of the major philosophical and educational movements of the 19th century and spawned and influenced a number of organizations and societies, some of which continue to exist today. Records exist detailing the correspondences and inner workings of the society, but its larger historical and philosophical progression has never been objectively catalogued in any detail. It is this wider scope which I am trying to explore and I would therefore refer readers to my end notes, my bibliography, and the Wesleyan University Archives if they wish to research specific traditions and symbols within the normal functionings of the society.

The beginnings of the Mystical 7, and most American college fraternities, can be traced to the influence of Freemasonry in early American society. Freemasonic influence had peeked directly after the revolution, and a few Greek Letter societies, including Phi Beta Kappa at William and Mary in 1776, and Kappa Alpha at Union College in 1825, were formed in rough emulation of the Masonic structure.2 The pivotal Morgan incident of 1826, where a group of Freemasons were suspected of killing a member of their lodge who threatened to publish society secrets, lead to an outbreak of antimasonic propaganda and heralded in a decade of widespread suppression of masonic lodges. One of the results of this suppression was that many of the condemned masonic secrets, rituals, and structures were published for the first time in the mainstream press.3 The unintended consequence of this informational watershed was that a number of otherwise ignorant citizens became educated in and interested in exploring the traditions of Freemasonry. Chief among these interested parties were groups of students in the young and burgeoning American college system.4 The antimasonic suppression and exposition had been strongest in New York and New England, and it was accordingly in these areas that the first neo-masonic orders were founded once the ferocity of the antimasonic rhetoric began to cool in the mid 1830s.

The Mystical 7 was the first major college secret society to be formed after the Morgan Incident.

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Written by Steven John Hibbs

July 24, 2009 at 3:08 pm

Lou Dobbs Engages The Debate Regarding Obama’s Birth Certificate

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Dobbs Tells Roland Martin To Pipe Down During Obama Birth Debate

Written by Steven John Hibbs

July 24, 2009 at 2:44 pm

Media Propaganda And The Chemical Dumbing Down Of America

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The Sad Truth To Why Most People May Not Wake Up!

Pfizer To Pay Tens Of Millions For Deaths Of Nigerian Children In Drug Trial Experiment – Sound Familiar To The Previous Article?

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David Guteirrez / Natural News – July 24, 2009

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has agreed to pay $75 million to settle a class action lawsuit filed against it by Nigerian parents who claim the company caused harm to their children by using them as guinea pigs in a nonconsensual, unlicensed drug trial.

The case began in 1996, when Pfizer needed a human trial to gain approval for its new antibiotic Trovan. When an epidemic of meningitis, cholera and measles broke out in Kano, Nigeria, the company quickly put together a research team and flew them to that country. Pfizer set up a tent right near the medical station where Doctors Without Borders were giving free treatments and recruited 200 children to participate in an unlicensed drug trial.

Parents say they were not told that proven medications were being distributed only yards away, that their children were being enrolled in a drug trial, or that animal studies had suggested that Trovan could cause liver and joint damage

Eleven of the 200 children in the study died, and parents claim that others suffered from brain damage, organ failure and other severe side effects.

The case broke when Pfizer researcher Juan Walterspiel, who had been schedule to take part in the trial but was left behind, wrote a letter to Pfizer’s then chief executive William Steere, saying that the Kano study was “in violation of ethical rules.”

“Some of the children were in critical condition and most of them malnourished, which made oral absorption even more unpredictable,” he wrote. “At least one died after a single oral dose.”

Class action lawsuits were filed against the company in a variety of jurisdictions in Kenya and the United States, while various levels of the Nigerian government also filed their own lawsuits against the company.

The current settlement comes in a class action suit filed in Nigeria. In addition to a pending class action suit in the United States, Pfizer may still face criminal prosecution in Nigeria. In January 2008, a Nigerian judge issued arrest warrants for several top company officials after they failed to appear in court.

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